Serafim Prequel TSQ #1

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“Why do you look at me like that?” she whispered… “Because I desire you” he said, as he kissed her... Two souls, a vampire witch and a powerful man, who’s destiny's been marked. One by a power who can change the world as it’s known and another who bows to the love of his life. But all they can think of is the lust and desire they have for each other, without knowing what was in store for them. Will they be bound to be forever tied by destiny or will destiny had something in store for them? Join Serafim and her life through her Sapphire eyes.

Erotica / Mystery
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Chapter 1 Part 1

He leaves a note with his seal that demands a meeting immediately. Fear seizes her mind, what does a powerful man want with a person like her? As she makes her way up to his study she knocks softly, not knowing what prompted this meeting. Her mind races and her throat closes shut making it hard for her to breathe. She sees the door open, but she sees no one there, so she nervously steps in shaking as if she is walking into a life and death situation. Once she is inside, the door shuts suddenly and there he is a man with power and stature who commands armies as well as commands fear.

He grabs her by her throat and picks her up, pins her against the wall. Her eyes grow big as he pushes something and a section of wall cranks deeper into the wall and moves to the side. He steps inside and the wall cranks back into place swallowing the 2 people who step inside, as if the house was alive. He walks with her in his hand until he pins her against another wall in this room, then sets her down. She drops to her knees and is coughing trying to catch her breath. He grabs a fist full of hair and holds her head up with one hand while he undoes his pants with the other, and lets them drop to the floor.

She understands what she must do or else. No one says no to a powerful person such as he. But in reality, she wanted this, she wanted him.

He strokes his cock just inches from her face, as she watches it grow she is eager placing her both hand on legs and rubbing her hand up and down his inner thigh until she has permission to devour him. Once he sees an ounce of pre-cum, he guides her mouth to his shaft, letting her taste the intro of what is to come. Her tongue, as if it had a mind of its own, sticks out and goes directly for his clear sticky nectar, and follows it back to the small hole from which it came, only touching the tip of his hard rod with the tip of her tongue. He has never felt a sensation like this before. A tongue invading his cock’s opening, and very skilled he might add.

She cleans up his pre-cum by circling his cock’s opening, then she hears him tense up with pleasure as his fist tightens more in her hair. Once she felt him tense up, she opened her mouth and engulfed the tip of his cock completely and swirls her tongue around it making him loosen his hip this time, and with one hand he pets her head, while the other rests on his hip like Captain Morgan. Not being able to stand that for too long, his pet turned to a flat hand that rubs all over her head until it rests behind her head.

Then as if her mouth was a virgin he holds her head steady and pushes his cock in deep. Her gag reflex steps in immediately, as his cock knocks on the back of her throat, leaving her eyes to water from this sudden deep intrusion. He moves his arm from his hip, and moves it to the wall in front of him, shoulder high, supporting his lean in. Her hands are pushing against his waist to help stop the deep thrusting as he becomes a monster who craves sex.

After a quite a few thrusts, his cock wants to invade the second lips of a woman. So he stops on his last thrust in her mouth holding it in deep while her gags collapse on the tip of his cock, giving that mushroom head a tight squeeze making this man putty in her mouth. He withdraws his cock, drenched in pre-cum and her saliva, which is the best lubrication he likes. He treats her like his toy and places his hands under her chin and gets her to rise up with his motion so that she is standing.

He spins her around and pushes her against the wall as if she is being searched by the cops. He drags his flat hand down her back to the bottom of her dress and yanks it up over her hips, exposing her red lace thong. Gripping the thong with his hand, he rips it off as if he were a pit-bull dog. Exposing her flesh that is dripping with anticipation, and his cock that is drenched, he pulls her ass out so that her back is arched away from the wall, so he can have easy access to her pink slit. He introduces his cock to the new entrance of her body, rubbing it up and down her wetness before pushing in the tip.

She moans feeling the mushroom pop inside of her giving her that feeling of stretching her folds apart. She screams loud because of the sudden shock of being instantly full as he pushes all the way in with one thrust. He holds her with both arms around her waist with his hips pushed forward. Then he leans in and whispers, “Imagine if that were that sweet little virgin ass hole of yours”, thrusting slowly as he is massaging her insides, hitting every sensitive spot imaginable inside with barely any room for fluids to escape.

When he pulls out, her pussy makes an air sucking sound. Building up his orgasm with each thrust. He thrusts a few times and then pauses so as not to end his time with her quickly. She was enjoying every inch of this majestic man, with his impressive cock. He pulls out again letting his cock breath and calm down from her tight pussy that held his cock as if choking an enemy.

He spins her around and lifts her in his arms face to face and lowers her onto his cock. He enjoyed her delicious expressions on her face as he saw the effect he had on her. So he can relax her, he puts one arm at a time under her knees and holds her up so that if you were watching from behind, you would get a full view of his snake expanding her pussy lips making anyone in the room masturbate hard.

He lifts her up and down on his cock, walking the room. She holds onto his neck with one hand, reaching for other objects in the room to stabilize herself. She knocks over a 6’ tall lamp standing next to a reading chair. Thrusting in and out, making a white foam build up around the base of his cock. Then land near a desk, where he sets her down on top and holds her ass still slipping his thumb inside her anal bud. She flinches and her eyes open wide ,as his thumb stretches her other hole, making her orgasm rise.

Getting the reaction he wants from her starts to bring out the animal in him seeking what he wanted all along, not her love, but his own lust to be quenched. He shoves his thumb in just a bit more making her ass tighten around it, giving his orgasm more fuel. He pushes her back flat on the desk and lifts her legs up over his shoulders to get that nice hot deep thrust that hits the end of the tunnel in her past her folds.

Once in position, he closes his eyes, and he feels her body release extra lubrication from her orgasm. Coating his cock with her lust, he removes his thumb and starts pounding her pussy, making that sexy clapping noise along with her deep moan each thrust. Wanting her to scream, he smacks her ass hard, making her yell loud. Her noise is what pushes him over the edge. She is grabbing at things and waving her arms wrecking the desk of all items.

His explosion is coming and with force as he lifts her up, face to face, folding her in half. He buries his face in her neck , fucking like a mad man, feeling her legs shake from yet another orgasm. Right as he was about to explode, he bit her hard. Making her scream while fucking the shit out of her. The sexy feeling of exchanging liquids is a vampires biggest fantasy. Pumping her full of cum, and sucking her blood while she held on for dear life, hoping he didn’t drain her dry, but loving how hot his ropes of cum feel draining inside of her.

He held her a few more seconds until he had enough blood and released her. He sets her legs down, and pulls out of her letting the cum drip down her leg. He puts himself together, thanked her for her time, and then ordered her away from a private, messy, and wrecked sound proofed room. Leaving a trail of proof dropping on the floor all the way down the hallway and out the door of his huge house.

Three weeks later…

Walking down a roadway in the market of her town, she would walk without being noticed. Busy town people doing their daily business. No one looked at her, her face was covered by a black hood. Not saying a word, she walked towards a small shack that had a red wooden door.

Knocking twice at the door, she stood waiting for someone to let her in, quietly closing the door as she walked into the place. The small place looked like a bar with dim lights all over the place and the smell of alcohol in the air. A couple of people were seated having some drinks and discussing their business. No one looked at her.

She looked left and right wondering, “where was this person she is supposed to meet?” Walking to the end of the room, she noticed a man with a grey hood drinking some herbal tea in one of the tables.

“You’re late, I’ve been waiting for a while” said the hooded man, as he drank his tea.

Taking a seat, she didn’t look up. She was nervous, and his comment made her feel frustrated. She was late because she didn’t want any one to notice her or see her. She had a big issue and she knew somehow she had fucked.

“So why did you call me” the hooded man said, as he looked at her. “And stop hiding your face no one will recognize you here.”

Taking a deep breath she said “I need your help in something,” she whispered softly. “Something very serious happened… so please… help me.”

The hooded man could see she was nervous, her finger trembling. He was curious to know what happened to the witch that sat right in front of him, he would have to wait to know.

“Fine” the hooded man said, heaving a sigh. “What do you need my help for?”

Once the hooded man asked the question, the witch didn’t say a word. She sat in silence, fear in the air. She was worried that what she would say next would be heard by everyone in the place.

Taking a deep breath she said “I need you to check... if I’m pregnant.”

The hooded man just stared at her. The witch had laid her hand on the table so he could verify what she had requested him to do. The hooded man stared back and forth. He frowned as he tried to understand what the witch had asked him to do. He wanted to ask her if he had heard her wrong, but he could see the witch was impatient.

Taking her hand in his, he started checking her pulse. Not believing what he had discovered, the hooded man whispered an enchantment, a small blue light emitted from their united hands. He was amazed, in awe of what he had discovered. It felt like he found a treasure, but a cursed one. Surprised by what he finds, he let’s go of her hand.

“Who’s the father?” the hooded man asked, as he wiped his hand with a cloth.

“That… I don’t know” she whispered “I really don’t know.”

The hooded man couldn’t comprehend how she had done something like having sex and not know who the man was.

“What are you planning to do?” asked the hooded man. He knew what the baby was. He simply didn’t want to tell the witch. Taking his herbal tea he resumed his drinking.

“I will… keep it…” she said, as she looked at him with fear and doubt. “Thank you.”

Standing up to leave, she bows and whispers a goodbye. The hooded man stayed there wondering, if it was the correct thing to not tell her what her baby would be. What he discovered in her womb was not something anyone would want to know. He knew that her life wouldn’t be the same once that baby was born.

On another end of the room sat a person dressed in black, high ponytail, and with a beer in his hand. He smirked, a deadly yet sensual smirk. He had watched the exchange between the hooded man and the witch. Standing up he left some change on the table and walked away, he saw the witch leave and whispered “no worries, we shall meet soon…”

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