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Chapter 2 Part 2

Eight months later…

“You got to push!” someone screamed “push sister push!”

Breathing hard, the witch knew it was time to deliver the baby. At first she was skeptical and worried, but as months went by she fell in love with the baby, Wondering if it would be a boy or girl. It was a risky choice, but one worth it. She will do anything for her baby.

“Push again!” someone said “it’s almost out!”

After a few more pushes, the baby was out. It cried loudly, and the witch had a smile on her face even though she felt tired.

“It’s a girl,” someone whispered.

The baby was handed over to its mother, she could see it was a wonderful girl. She was happy, she felt happy for the first time in her life. She didn’t know who the father was, and she never decided to look for him. All she wanted was to have her baby and enjoy her time with her.

Two weeks later…

“I can’t believe the baby has those eyes” someone said, as she held the baby in her arms “she will be a beauty.”

“I know, that’s why I’ll keep her out of peoples reach” the witch said, looking at her daughter.

The witch’s baby girl was a breathtaking beauty, nothing like anyone had ever seen before. Even though she was afraid, she only wanted her daughter to be safe and sound.

“Oh don’t be like that, this girl will need friends. Don’t lock her up.” the person said, frowning at the witch.

“I know… It’s just that I want her to have a normal life.” the witch said, smiling sadly “what if something happens to her?”

The witch knew her words could come true. She stopped moving and looked at the baby. The baby was born with a unique trait. That trait was what she feared the most.

“Nothing will happen to her, have a bit of faith” the person said, as she played with the baby.

The witch was afraid. She knew the moment the baby was born that it was going to be a powerful being. She wanted the baby to be safe, not to be hunted for what she was. After all she was a hybrid.

Hybrids were hated, hunted and feared. She had regretted what happened to her, but she didn’t regret having her baby. Life would be difficult and she didn’t know what awaited them.

“So what is her name? Do you have one already?” asked the person, who held the baby in her arms.

“Yes... her name will be SERAFIM” said the witch as she smiled.

As years went by, the girl named Serafim started growing into the beautiful girl she would become. Her mother was worried, because as she grew she noticed changes in her daughter. Fear and worry had the mother on alert always. She knew there would be a time when she would have to let go, but it wouldn’t be soon. The day she did let her go, she would be sure that her daughter had everything she needed to learn.

So far the mother hadn’t noticed anything strange in her daughter, only her beautiful eyes.

By now the mother and her daughter had moved to the city. She was afraid of her decision, but if she wanted help from “Him” she would need to be closer to him. After all, he was someone of importance.

Five years later…

“Let’s go, Serafim” the witch said.

It was the first time she was taking her daughter to a playground. She has been so afraid of showing her daughter in public, that she had kept her in doors all of the time. Her sister had warned her not to do it. “It may affect her daughter’s growth”, she said. Her selfishness was stronger than anything and she didn’t heed her sister’s words.

Her daughter had grown to be a quiet kid, she was five and she could barely say a complete phrase. The witch has also noticed that her daughter was depressed, she had seen how she wanted to play with the other small kids that were her neighbors.

So a week ago she passed by a small playground where kids her age were playing. There weren’t that many city people in the area, so she felt calm. She had seen the other kids play, and she decided to bring Serafim over to enjoy and meet new kids.

“Their would be no harm to it, right?” the witch thought to herself. She was skeptical, but she couldn’t continue being selfish.

“Ready?” the witch asked her daughter, as she held her hand. The small girl nodded her head.

The playground was fifteen minutes away from her home. She had bought a new small house in a nice neighborhood, in the city. Surrounded by nature was what she liked about it, also it was a

peaceful place.

As they walk, a couple of people would pass them, but no one would even take a look their way. She was holding the little girl’s hand, squeezing her hand lightly. The small girl looked at her mother, a small smile on her face.

She didn’t know how she would act once she met the other kids, But she hoped nothing would go wrong.

A man stood from afar, watching the witch and her daughter walk hand in hand to the playground. He had heard of the baby once it was born; but never decided to visit them.

He knew he had to keep an eye on them, especially the small girl. He knew what she was after all.

It’s been two weeks since the witch took her daughter Serafim to the playground. At first she was afraid. She didn’t know if she would like it or would love to make friends. After all she didn’t have any friends. What she didn’t expect was that once she started talking with the other kids, she would actually laugh and smile that much.

Her daughter’s complexion had changed completely, she looked happy now. After the first outing to the playground, the witch started taking her three times a week. Serafim was loving her play time with her new friends. The witch also noticed that the same four kids would go in the afternoon to play.

She felt happy, she could see her daughter’s happiness. She had never regretted her decision on bringing her to this place.

As weeks went by, Serafim started adapting to her surroundings and her new friends. The witch had also become friends with one of the kids’ mothers. Even though she had a friend, she still was aware that anything could happen at any time. She was a witch after all and coming to a city, was something a witch wouldn’t normally do.

Witches were feared by the different races. They had the power to kill and to control anyone or anything. Some witches were peaceful and some witches were not. After all, different covent’s were in war.

The witch wasn’t a normal witch either, she was someone with power and authority. A personwho had her own covent and knew about the deadly arts of black magic.


It’s been two months since Serafim started changing into a different kid. By now the witch had become calmer and trusting of her surroundings. So one day one of the mother’s kids, who was her friend, came to her home. Paying her a visit, she requested the witch to take her daughter Serafim for a play time with the kids.

The witch couldn’t take her daughter to the playtime, she had other plans already. The mother’s kid had offered herself on taking care of Serafim. It wasn’t an easy decision for the witch. Upon begging, she had decided to let Serafim to go to the playtime.

The next day came and the mother’s kid was on time, just like she said. The witch had been all morning nervous for Serafim, she had a bad feeling in her gut telling her not to let her go. Serafim had heard the conversation the day before making her aware that the witch had agreed.

She didn’t want to hurt or lie to her daughter. All she wanted was to protect her.

Saying her goodbyes and kissing her forehead, the witch watched as her daughter left with the other kids and the mother. She knew that she had urgent things to do, so there was no time to think of the issue. Turning around and closing her door, the witch walked away. Little did she know that today wasn’t going to be safe for her daughter…

The kids play happily. From afar the strange man stood, watching them with a smirk on his face. He was entranced by the little girl. He wanted to know more about her, study her. It had become evident he had a sort of attraction towards the kid.

Looking from afar, he saw two kids that he had never seen before approach the small group of four. The mother, who was in charge of the kids, was distracted speaking to another woman.

He kept his eyes on the kids, seeing what they would do. He saw Serafim go to a far area near some bushes to play with her doll. As he looked at the other side, one of the kids had moved towards Serafim.

Curious eyes focused on the two kids and what would happen. Standing up, he walked towards them. The strange men didn’t know why he started walking towards them, but he was being pulled like a moth to flame. Taking steady steps, not to be noticed. He saw as the kid approached Serafim and told her something. Serafim was frowning her small eyebrows and just looked at the boy. “Did the boy say something she didn’t like? ″ wondered the strange man

All this time, it was the first time Serafim was really serious. The stranger kept walking, somehow without looking he knew something bad might happen. He had a strange feeling.

“Stop it!” yelled Serafim, as she held her doll towards her chest.

“What’s with your eyes? You look like a freak!” said the other kid, as he crouched right in front of her.

The other kid looked like four years older than Serafim. He looked like he was from a wealthy family.

The strange men stopped right next to a tree. Careful so the kids don’t notice him. As he continued watching, the kid started pulling Serafim’s hair. The strange man didn’t like it at all. As the kid continues bullying Serafim, he suddenly notices a change in her. A strong aura was coming from her body, imposing, showing she was powerful.

Unexpectedly the kid didn’t notice, why?

Suddenly the kid had scratched Serafim’s face. Pure anger on the little girl’s face. What the strange man didn’t expect; happened. Raising her hand Serafim whispered something way too low for the stranger to understand. Suddenly a blue light emitted from her hand and the kid that was bullying her, flew across the playground and hit his back against one of the huge rocks that were for the kids to climb.

The stranger was left speechless, he felt baffled. Were his eyes deceiving him? A small girl of five years had used a magic spell and if possibly almost killed a kid that was four years older than her. Surprised in his face, he looked between the two kids. As he looked back at Serafim he noticed the small girl was about to pass out.

Moving quickly he ran over and reached his arm out around the girl and caught her on time. He stood there with Serafim in his arms. “Who are you?” asked the stranger out loud. He was still in awe. He could feel that a really strong power had been awakened in the girl. Picking her up, he walked towards the other kid. Kneeling down he gave a quick check up. The kid was unconscious and was bleeding from his head. The small impact didn’t kill him, but could have happened.

Using his power he healed the unconscious kid. Before he did the same with Serafim, he heard some shouting and footsteps heading their way. He had to go, so before leaving he found a spot and laid Serafim against the rock. As he stood up to leave, he turned around when a small voice asked “who are you?”

Frozen on spot, he glanced over his shoulder. Serafim was looking at him, with curiosity. The

moment he laid his eyes on her, he became speechless. The girl asked again who he was. Footsteps were coming their way quickly. Turning he walked back and kneeled right in front of her.

The stranger stared at her and smiled softly, he said “that you shouldn’t know. Now forget what happened and sleep.” Once the stranger said that, Serafim fell asleep.

Patting her head, he stood up and walked away, but before he disappeared he whispered “we shall meet again…”

Author note: first of all thank you for the support, this story is based on some previous event before the Sapphire Queen happened. so please remember to leave your comment or review on how you fell about it! XX

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