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Chapter 3

“Where the fuck is she?” asked a stranger, sounding angry. “We better find her and now!”

Running through the city market. She was laughing, her hair flowing in the wind, long and black looking like a horse’s mane. Her eyes shining under the sun rays, eyes that would make any man bow to her. She was happy with what she had done. She feared nothing, consequences or problems. Double crossing anyone she wanted to and getting away with it. Living for the thrill without a care in the world.

Stopping on a corner and out of breath, she looked back, no one was following her anymore. Arranging her dress, and fixing her hair, she looked around. She was three blocks from where she was going to meet him her first rendezvous of the night. Smirking she walked towards the mansion. Her head held high and chest out, she was a seductress and used her body to get what she wanted.

Walking inside the mansion she saw their was a party. She was asked for her coat from the doorman and directed over to the drink section where she ordered her a relaxing stiff drink. Then the host and his wife approached her inquiring of where she was from and what kingdom, she charmed her way with an elaborate lie of her background, but knowing she was there to seduce and trade her body for anything she desired.

After speaking with the couple, two keys were given 10 minutes apart to her, from servants of the house, by two separate people to meet in a certain room at a certain time. She was standing at the drinks counter smiling looking around the room. She looked around and noticed the head of the mansion smiling in a seductive way, and damn was he sexy. So she downs the drink rather quickly and heads down the corridor of the mansion to the first door that the key would fit. She slips in the room undetected and prepares for her first lover. In the vampire kingdom, sex is one way in which you take control or relax and boy did this 18 year old ever use this to her advantage.

She was standing naked facing the door posing knowing any minute her first lover would walk through the door and ravage her body. Just the thought of that makes her so wet that she starts feeling the liquid courage and starts playing without him. Her one hands are flat rubbing vigorously over her body, while the other slides between her legs as she leans against this massive California king bed post. She closes her eyes and focuses on her touch as she starts to build her orgasm, like she does most nights when she is alone.

As her legs begin to quiver from the feeling she feels a hand slide down her arm, startling her into her first orgasm that sends chills up her spine. She gasps as she closes her eyes with his hand on top of hers while she rubbed through her first orgasm. The man smelled of a musky cologne that added to her attraction of him. Without waiting until she had recovered, he lifted her up in his arms, and tossed her on the bed. Stripping his pants off quickly so that he can feel her pussy pulsing around his cock. He crawls on the bed between her legs and mounts her slipping his cock deep inside with one swift motion. Her mouth opens wide from the sudden stretch of her body as he starts to fuck her whispering; “Ever since you walked through that door, I had to have you, my cock hard needing to bury myself in your soft hot flesh”. He leans down to kiss her and she turns her head rejecting this intimate act, knowing it was only for 1 night.

A little upset his sweet intimate lovemaking turned into anger and lust as he decided to fuck her hard and without mercy. His arms reached down and wrapped around her knees pulling them up next to her face in the semi- lit room. Hitting her G-spot inside of her pussy, the Host decided to punish her by pounding the shit out of that spot as is she were just a common servant girl he fucks regularly.

Grunting and moans filled the air as this man rams his cock in deep so that she cries out not looking him in the eyes never giving her lips to her lovers. He lets one leg go, grinding deep into her hot sex cave knocking on her cervix inviting an orgasm to come out. He grabs her face and turns it toward him so he can see her eyes glaze over with lust as she bares her fangs with her mouth open. Knowing he is fucking her like a whore, he says; “you don’t want to look me in the eyes, fine, I will give you your wish.”

He withdraws from her body as she smiles from the relief of him pounding her pussy into mush. With his strength, he drags her to the edge of the bed so that her feet are able to touch the floor. He flips her over onto her stomach so that her knees are on the floor, and grasps his rock hard cock and shoves it deep into her pussy, making her head tilt back next to his head. Fucking her he gets dirty with his words; “Huh bitch…is this… what… you came… here for, your pussy is tight … oh … fu… fuck… you are …just a… oh… shit… fucking whore… I’m gonna cum, but I… want that… tight little… ass.

Serafim was ripping the sheets with her long nail, face glistening with sweat, and she was loving this Host fucking her so dirty. Hearing that he wanted her ass, she knew he was close. So she instead puts one arm around his neck and starts to push back against his cock, taunting him to finish with words of; “Is this the best you can do? Come on other men in your kingdom can fuck me into a comma. Give it to me motherfucker, FUCK ME HARDER….OH FUCKING BITCH...

She let go of his neck, and he lifted himself up off her back, placed both hands on the meat of her ass cheeks and held on as he fucked Serafim with all he had. Her head drops to the bed and she screams into the mattress, muffling her screams. He claps flesh with her so hard, that it sounded like someone was applauding his performance. And right as his orgasm starts to build he takes her taunt to heart. Fucking so hard, that Serafim felt her orgasm run laps from her pussy up to her spine to her head and then started all over again.

Then the Host pulls out and turns and shoots his load onto the floor stroking his cock, making sure not to cover her as he grunts with each stroke of his cock, draining his balls of lust. Then he collapses onto her back and she starts to relax as her pussy sucks air from his wild hard fucking that left her with a smile. With 10 minutes left to meet her next lover, she pushes him off of her and goes to the restroom to clean herself up. Then comes out and negotiates her fee and steps out to go to her next lovers location.

Stepping out of the room, she walks fast down the hallway, turning at the corner, she bumps with someone. Hard chest hitting her directly on the face. She was in a hurry, no time to be mad. Giving a quick apology, she continued her way. She didn’t get a glimpse of who the stranger was, and she didn’t care.

The stranger just stood there looking back at the girl who he just bumped into. For some reason he felt like he knew her from somewhere, shaking his head he continued walking like nothing had happened.

Looking down at the next key number, it takes her to the basement into a room. When she enters she hears a voice she was not expecting what so ever.

It was an older man who was a very eccentric man. He was the kind that wanted it raw, hard, and fast. When she came in he walked up to her and spun her around saying; “You’ll have to do”. Serafim was a little insulted by his comment. Once he made eye contact, then he really became intrigued with her.

He looked deep into her eyes, never looking away. He unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. Not knowing what it looked like, Serafim was looking forward to getting it over with. The man reached down stroking his cock. He slipped his finger down pulling up her dress and slipped his finger inside, searching her body realizing that she was fresh out of another rendezvous, he smirked. Then he was relieved because he can get this over quicker himself.

He placed himself at her opening holding his cock in his hand, while searching around with the tip of his cock making sure he was able to push forward with no pausing. He lifted her leg up with her knee up to her breasts. The man smiles while staring into her eyes and comments; “Flexible, that is a plus”. Serafim was looking bored, rolled her eyes and waiting to get this over with. She felt the tip of his cock and looked away from his gaze until he plunged deep inside of her hot pussy.

Her mouth opened with a huge scream not expecting a massive thick cock that squeezed out every ounce of her mixed sex with the other man. One hand tried to push him away with urgency, while the other reached out next to them and grabbed the only object she could, a curtain. He loved to see women squirm when he shoves his beer can thick cock inside a woman. It excites him to reach orgasm very quickly.

He grabs her ass with one hand pulling her onto his cock while she moans into a sharp squeal. Her cries excite him, making him see her pussy stretching her to the point of great sensation. No sensitive part inside of her pussy was hidden from his monster. Serafim lets go of the curtain and latches on to his shoulder. Locking eyes with him, watching him watch her as he is fucking the shit out of her already well used pussy. Her pussy squirting out any ounce of her milky substance her body can produce.

Serafim orgasms quickly, biting her lips, drawing blood and letting it drip. The man quickly sees this delicious red wine dripping from her lip and sticks his tongue out to catch a few drops as he is ready to explode himself from her tight little pussy squeezing his redwood cock making him growl from first thrust. He grunts after tasting her few drops, lifting her up over and over again from his thrust, like she is jumping up and down.

Serafim shakes her head like she has had enough, screaming…. “please.. please fucking cum”. The man was so turned on from her reaction, that he slams her down on his cock hard and then erupts inside of her spewing his ocean of cum that is trapped by his cock, plugging her tight hole. He carries her over to the bed and lays her down on her back. Once he pulls out, he groans, dropping to his knees lifting her legs over his shoulder, diving in between them. The eccentric man quickly drops his head between her legs to slurp up his own cum. Licking her sore tight hole that is throbbing from her orgasm and extreme stretching that she was able to handle.

After he is done, he kisses her clit, sliding his tongue over it making her react with a jerk due to over stimulation. He stands up, and puts his monster away and lifts her hand up and places a huge wad of cash in her hand and says; “Congratulations dear, you exceeded my exceptions. If we ever meet again please join me for another night. He kisses her hand and walks out leaving her out of breath and with a well deserved orgasm in which she was happy, but not wanting to try again with him. Serafim got up and got dressed and left the room after she got payment from her second patron of the night.


Leaving the mansion, Serafim had a wonderful time being free and loving to fuck and suck her way through life so far.

Making it home, Serafim’s mom sat up worried wondering where she was tonight. she told her she was in and out of people all day. Smiling hard, Serafim knew her mom had no clue what she meant. After kissing her mom goodnight, Serafim took a bath and laid down in bed fresh and clean from another dirty night of fun.

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