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Chapter 4

A month later…

“Here you go young lady,” the servant said.

Serafim is going and coming from different places all the time. After a hard decision, Serafim had decided to move to the main capital. She knew that earning money would be easier and without the witch worrying or asking her what she’s been up to, she could be herself.

Right now she had just gotten done with one of her clients, once she received her payment she headed back home. She had rented a house on the outskirts of the capital.

“I’m back, Kitty,” Serafim said, hanging her cloak on the entrance.

In her house she lived with a friend, her name was Kitty. They had decided to move in together and share the expenses.

“Kitty?” Serafim called, “strange is she not home?” wonder Serafim.

As she walked to the kitchen she noticed a small paper and money on the table.

“I left for a small trip I will be back in three days.” the letter said.

Sighing, Serafim headed to her bedroom, and as she walked in she saw there was an invitation for a gathering where a client of hers was in need of a partner. Looking at the clock, she had two hours still to get ready.

After a quick shower, and changing into a long black strapless dress with a long slit and a small crystal belt around her waist. Serafim felt sexy enough to attract attention. She wasn’t the type to wear jewelry, so she went with a small pair of simple earrings and minimal makeup. Looking at herself one last time in the mirror, she locked the door of her home and headed to the address.

It’s been two hours since she arrived, her client is nowhere to be found. Serafim decided to enjoy the party while she waited for her client. As she wanders around, she felt a pair of eyes on her. As a hybrid, she had strong power. Her mother never told her who her father was, and she didn’t ask. So she would be trained by her mother on how to control her powers, after all, she was gifted with sapphire eyes. So people or royalty would feel her powers, she didn’t like that attention, she could see their hate and how they would scowl when looking at her.

Taking a cup of wine from a servant she decided to go for a walkout to the gardens. As she walked around, a couple of men approached her. She loved being the center of attention especially if she knew what she would get in exchange.

Once she got their address, Serafim continues roaming the garden. The garden was humongous, it had a lot of different Roses, especially her favorite one’s white roses. Smiling softly she picked a rose, just to get pricked by it. Blood oozed out off her finger, as she turned a corner. She bumps into a stranger.

“Sorry,” she said, as she walked passed him.

The stranger immediately stopped her. Grabbing her arm, she turned around and looked at the man. Stunned by what she saw looking up, she noticed the man‘s surprised face as well. He was the most handsome and the tallest man she ever has seen. His red eyes, one that attracted her, made her body move towards him. He also looked entranced by her.

As she heard voices heading their way, she pulled her arm away from his grip. Turning around to leave, she felt the man grab her arm once again.

“Could you please let go!” Serafim said through gritted teeth.

“Who are you?” the stranger asked.

“None of your business, now let go,” Serafim said pulling her arm.

“You’re hurt,” the stranger said, as he got closer to her.

Serafim could smell his cologne it was intoxicating and his approach to her was making her feel things. She didn’t know who the stranger was, and she needed to go back and look for her partner. Pulling hard, she stumbles back almost falling.

As the stranger tried to help her she stopped him, and turning around she left running. Once back inside the place, she went to the restroom. She looked flush, she needed to compose herself. After looking herself in the mirror, she decided to go back to the party. Finally, she saw her partner a young duke she had agreed to join him tonight to be a simple partner tonight. So much for a calm night.

As the night went on Serafim enjoyed the evening with her partner without noticing someone else had his eyes on her already.

In one corner of the room stood the stranger, he had his eyes on the beauty he had encountered. For some reason, he found her familiar, but couldn’t remember from where. He never expected to meet a beauty like her in the garden during his walk, he felt lucky; hoping that he would bump into her once again.

As the night went on, his eyes never left her, he would follow her everywhere she went. He was intrigued, captivated by her. As the duke who was her partner left, he saw her take her to leave. He decided to follow her, quietly or so he thought.

“How long are you going to fucking follow me, you freak!” she said turning herself around and walking up to him.

Surprised by her sudden approach, he raised his hands and smiled at her. The stranger saw how he affected her.

“What do you want?” she asked, tapping her shoe and arms crossed over her chest.

The stranger’s eyes moved to her chest, he gulped hard. He couldn’t understand what this woman was doing to him. There was a need for him to be close to her, to touch her, to kiss her, and to claim her as his.

“I wasn’t following you,” the stranger said.

“Sure, freak!” she said.

This time he watched her walked away. He didn’t want to scare her, so he let her go. As she was about to get on a carriage he asked her what was her name. She didn’t answer back, she just took her hand out of the carriage window and gave him the middle finger.

It’s been two days since Serafim last encounter the stranger. She had been curious to know who he was, he looked high class. Serafim felt a strange attraction towards the stranger and she couldn’t understand what it was.

Clearing her mind, she continued walking, today she had three clients and an invitation to a party. The party wasn’t one where she would go with a partner, it was an invitation a friend of hers sent her. She felt skeptical about going, but something in her told her she needed to go.

It was afternoon and Serafim was tired. Arriving home she laid down in bed. It was a lot of work and she felt really exhausted, deciding to take a nap she dozed off. By the time she woke up, it was seven and she was late to the party. In a hurry, Serafim change into a blue dress that matched her eyes then did a light makeup and high ponytail. Running out of her house she called for a carriage, to take her to the address.

Serafim had arrived half an hour later, she didn’t expect the place she was going to be far away from the capital. She was a bit worried now. As she got down from the carriage and saw the place, she was in awe. It was like a mansion, to huge for her taste.

As she walked in all eyes fell on her immediately. Serafim felt hate, envy, jealousy coming from the people around her. She tried to ignore them, but the oppression was too much. She knew she was surrounded by Royalty. Walking away, she decides to head outside, take some fresh air. She hated being a hybrid, even though her mother always told her to love herself for who she was.

As Serafim lean against one of the poles she felt a presence behind her.

“You look lovely tonight” she heard a voice she recognizes tell her.

Turning around slowly she looked at the person. Her guess has been right, it was the same stranger.

“What are you doing here? Can’t you leave me alone” Serafim said.

“Would you believe if I say I was bored inside?” the stranger replied.

Raising her eyebrows Serafim scowl his way. The stranger just laughed and approached her more.

“So are you going to finally tell me your name?” the stranger asked.

“Why do you insist on knowing my name?” Serafim responded.

“Because I want to know,” said the stranger looking at her with a smile.

Turning around she walked down the stair and towards the garden. Serafim felt the stranger following her. Strangely she found it cute, there had never been a man who was interested in her just like he has in her. Every encounter they had he has done everything to approach her.

Taking a seat on a swing that hangs from a tree, she looked up at the sky, it was a full moon tonight. Serafim felt strangely weird. Feeling the stranger behind her, she saw his shadow over her head. Looking up they both stood quietly watching each other. There was an attraction, a pull that none of them could understand.

After a while, the stranger started pushing her slightly. Serafim smiled at the gesture. “Is this what you call to falling for someone?” she thought to herself.

As she swings her feet up and down, the stranger moved right in front of her. Serafim thought he looked dashing, too handsome, and for the first time she was desiring to be fucked endlessly by this stranger.

Clearing her throat Serafim suddenly stop swinging. The stranger just stood there looking at her with a smile. Standing up she tried to move away from him, but the stranger stopped her. His arm went around her waist, Serafim felt goosebumps all over her skin, what was happening?

Looking up Serafim saw the stranger looking at her with a look she couldn’t understand.

“Why do you look at me like that?” she whispered.

“Because I desire you,” the stranger said, as he kissed her.

It was a soft and sweet kiss. Serafim was surprised but she responded back after a few seconds. She felt his lips like heaven. The man was a good kisser, and for the first time, Serafim was swept off of her feet by a man she didn’t know anything about.

But there was one thing she couldn’t deny, and it was a strong desire to be with him as well. After a long and deep kiss, Serafim stepped back. Both where panting, trying to catch their breaths. The stranger smiled and looking at her he said “Please go out with me?”

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