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Chapter 5

“Please move that to the right, there perfect” Serafim said.

It’s been a month since Serafim accepted the stranger as her partner. At first, she was skeptical, she barely knew the man. When she got to know him more she accepted and gave him a chance. Now she had moved to his home, a castle. When Serafim found out who he was, she was so afraid; she had disappeared for some time.

The stranger begs her, and she accepted. How could she not when she found out they were destined to be together?

“Excuse me lady Serafim, Master is calling you.” A maid said.

Nodding her head, Serafim followed the maid. Leading her to a gigantic room, more like a library. The place was humongous, shelves and shelves full of different books. Some old and dusty. Serafim loved reading books. So she felt thrilled being in a place like this. As she walked around, she heard a noise. Following the source, she sees her beloved getting some books down.

“Hi,” Serafim said, “You called?”

“Yes, please come,” the stranger said, kissing her forehead.

Taking a seat, the stranger showed her a big old book. It smelled really old. Serafim looked at the man next to her. He was the epitome of sexiness. They haven’t touched sexually, even though she was eager to have a taste of his desires. She decided to wait.

“I need you to please fill this page with information about you,” The stranger said.

“Why?” Serafim asked curiously.

“Well, we are getting married soon, so all the family tree information, should be written down.” the stranger said.

Serafim just blushed. She had remembered when he proposed to her two weeks ago. She couldn’t believe her life was changing so fast. It was too much. Serafim hasn’t even told her mother about it, and she was worried about her reaction. Smiling, Serafim grabbed the big book and did as he asked. Leaving her alone she started writing about her and her family.

It was dinner time by the time Serafim was done. Walking towards the dining room. She felt a couple of eyes on her. There were guests invited. She was plainly dress and everyone would stare at her. Serafim felt uncomfortable but would have to learn to live with this, after all, she was marrying a great man.

As they had dinner, everyone started having small conversations. The stranger squeezed her hand. Serafim would just smile and eat. She wasn’t feeling in the mood to be around people.

Feeling strange, Serafim excused herself and walked to her bedroom. Washing her face she felt her powers a bit out of control. Worried to cause chaos, she told the maids she would go to sleep and to notify her lover she would be sleeping.

All was a lie, after a while of pretending to sleep, Serafim heard the grandfather clock struck midnight. Getting up she changes into a cloak, and getting out of her bedroom quietly she sneaks in the darkness of the night. There was someone she needed to visit.

After walking through the forest for at least two hours, Serafim finally reached a small cabin. The place was desolated, and eerily quiet. Opening the door quietly, she saw candles lightning the small cabin. There wasn’t much inside, a small table with four chairs, some plants, and some bookshelves.

“Where you followed?” someone said.

“No,” Serafim said, removing her cloak “Hi Mirela.”

“Hi, you look good,” Mirela said.

Serafim smiled. Taking a seat she waited for the other person to say something.

“Your power right?” Mirela said taking a seat and giving a cup of tea to Serafim.

“Indeed, been feeling strange. Do you think I need his help again?” Serafim asked.

“It would be best,” Mirela said taking a sip of her tea.

Serafim was worried her powers were getting out of control, she didn’t want to hurt anyone, she didn’t desire to hurt especially the one she loved. In the few couples of weeks, she had learned to love and it was a feeling she couldn’t explain.

“Your mother would be notified,” Mirela said.

“Yes…” whisper Serafim “I know.”

After talking for a while longer, Serafim decides to head back to the castle. She had a lot on her mind. She was excited about the wedding, but at the same time worried about her power. Serafim knew she had to be marked by him, her lover. The stranger had told her it wouldn’t hurt but she still felt worried. For her worries to be gone, she had asked for help, that’s why she came to speak with an old friend Mirela who was a witch.

In the shadows of the forest, someone followed Serafim. Oblivious of her surroundings she walked back to her home. The person just watched, disappearing in the dark of the night.

A week later…

“Why didn’t you tell me?” someone shouted.

“I’m sorry ok,” Serafim said, “I knew you wouldn’t be happy, mother.”

Serafim’s mother had arrived yesterday and it was a mess. She came to visit Serafim to her new home. When her mother the witch found out who she was marrying she wasn’t that worried about their relationship, but she was worried about her daughter’s safety.

“We will need to work in some things ok,” Serafim’s mother said, “Now go get changed, we shall meet with him.”

Once Serafim was ready, they left. The wedding was getting close and she needed to be safe, to feel safe. As they took a carriage and reached their destination, Serafim started feeling nervous. Walking with her mother she saw that the place they would meet was on the outskirts of the city. It was really quiet and no one could be seen in miles. Knocking at the door, they hear a voice say come in. The place was small from the outside but quite big from the inside. Serafim frowned, the place looked made of magic.

“You are late.” the men said.

“Well you chose a place quite far don’t you think?” Serafim’s mother said.

“Serafim?” the men asked.

“Hi…” Serafim said, eyeing him weirdly.

Her mother had told her that they have met a couple of times. Serafim knows this man had erased her memories a couple of times. He asks her to take a seat.

“Heard you are marrying him. Who would had expected you both to be mates.” the man said.

Serafim stayed quiet, ignoring the man. She didn’t want to talk about it, she preferred to keep her feelings to herself.

After a couple of hours they were done, the man bid them goodbye and they left. Once they reached the castle Serafim’s lover greeted them.

“How was the outing?” the stranger asked.

“Good,” Serafim said, smiling softly.

As night time came, Serafim was in her room getting changed a knock caught her attention letting the person come in, she was surprised to see her lover there.

“Hi, what are you doing here?” Serafim asked.

“I wanted to spend some time with you. I know I’ve been busy and haven’t been around that much. Please forgive me” the stranger said.

Serafim walked towards him. Smiling she hugged him. They stayed quiet for a while until he asked her a question she didn’t expect.

“Serafim… what are your real powers?”

Serafim snapped her head and looked at him. She didn’t mention too much of her power. She had told him she was a hybrid. About her powers she had magic. The vampire clans hated hybrids because they tended to be stronger and they would be afraid that war or kingdom could be destroyed by them.

Serafim pulled him to a chair, as they sat, she explained to him a bit of her power. She couldn’t tell him what was her source of power or what her powers truly were. So she lied to him. Serafim assured him that nothing bad would happen and that she wouldn’t use her powers unless it was required for her too.

“Very well,” the stranger said.

As Serafim stood up, she felt an arm around her waist. The stranger pressed his body against hers, she could feel his body heat as she made sure she felt him, his desire for her.

The stranger notices her pull away for a second, and his monster side appears due to the rejection. His eyes turn bloodshot red, for some reason he calms down instantly because she has his heart. He turns away from her as he felt ashamed and was ready to leave her room for the night. He feels a hand on his shoulder and turns around.

Serafim’s fearful eyes turned into a soft sad look, and she whispers “Don’t go, please stay”.

The stranger spins around to see those eyes, those beautiful sapphire eyes. He was drawn into them like a moth to a flame. He approaches her and places one arm around her waist and his other hand on her face and kisses her, savoring her plump soft lips.

As they were kissing, he never realized how his hunger for her had pushed her up against the wall and she was out of breath because his kiss tasted just as delicious. Her head tipped up looking into his eyes, then he seemed to shrink, and then his head was out of sight.

She felt a cool breeze under her dress as he knelt down and lifted and disappeared from view when she closes her eyes, as she felt him touch her. He opened her legs by making her step out to the side, but the dress wasn’t giving him access to her sweet sex that he is craving to taste with his tongue.

He places his hands on the outer side of both legs, raising her dress up as his hands leave a hot trail of lust that is making her body ache for his touch. Once he reaches her tummy with the dress he sees another sexy sight, her beautiful shape wrapped in panties. His monster wants her so bad, that he grabs her panties and rips them off instantly leaving her wet hot body to cool in the air for a second. Right away she feels his kisses all around her nether region making her legs shift with anticipation. The stranger lets out a loud sound of surprise when his tongue tastes a drop of her delicious wet nectar that dripped onto her leg.

“Simply exquisite my dear”, caressing her thighs with great care and love. Wanting more, he lifts her knee up and rests it on his shoulder giving him better access to her body. He gives her sex lips a kiss. Serafim inhales as she feels his touch, wanting more, she slips her fingers through his hair massaging his head and guiding him to the places that make her passion soar to the heavens.

His tongue slips out of his mouth and searches her wet sex for more taste of her love, her desire, and she welcomes him. He licks all around being careful to miss her orgasm button. Every time he comes close and avoids that spot, she moans and whimpers, wanting to be satisfied and not teased. This stranger is driving her crazy, making her feel sexy.

Her breathing is heavy, and her heart is pounding and her body is ready to explode with his tongue play. Moaning loudly she feels how close she is to her final destination. The stranger's tongue slips between her slit, making Serafim’s hips grind and her knees go weak. Moving her fingers from his hair, she holds herself upon his shoulders with her arms as her body is ready for a release.

“My… Love…” Serafim’s lips open up just enough before her eyes close and she shivers. This beautiful stranger, her future husband, makes her feel passion like no other man ever did. Hips her his riding his tongue, he quickly holds her body still and clamps onto her clit. Serafim loses her mind as she cries out loud as her body lets go, and her orgasm hits hard. She leans over his head holding on as her hips fight to break free of his grasp. The stranger milks her orgasm sucking her so tender, yet with great care to satisfy this woman who owns his heart.

Letting go of her body with his mouth, and holding her tight with his arms around her waist, Serafim rides her orgasm to a slow beautiful heartbeat with this stranger holding her steady as he shows great patience and restraint making sure she was relaxed from a very tense day.

Placing her leg firmly on the ground, the stranger kisses her thighs. Then he withdraws from under her dress and puts Serafim back together to save her dignity. Just in time as two servants burst in worried about Serafim due to hearing her moan as if she were having a nightmare.

Servant asks on their way in, “Are you all… sorry, sir, you told us to make sure she is ok, and we heard her from downstairs and rushed up as soon as we could, my apologies for my intrusion your highness”.

“As you were” the stranger waved and they shut the door behind them.

Serafim watched him as he stood tall, she kissed the stranger, getting a taste of what the stranger enjoyed just moments before. The stranger showed great restraint as he kissed her and stepped pack and asking her, “ How are you feeling My Love, better I hope”?

“Yes thank you very much dear” Serafim responded.

“Then I shall take my leave from you so that you may rest this night." The stranger said.

Wanting him to stay, but respecting his decision, she steps in front of him close and kissed him whispering, good night. He turns to leave and Serafim falls onto the bed with great love and respect as she smiles, because she truly knows how much he loves her.

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