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Chapter 6

Wedding day arrived, and the castle was a mess. People and servants running up and down preparing the last things for the wedding. The wedding was going to start in three hours.

Serafim had been preparing all morning. She has been pacing her room. Her friends and her mother advising her. But all she could think of was she was finally getting married. She felt all the emotions in her.

“Stay calm, daughter,” the witch said.

Serafim toyed with her hands. She was nervous, Serafim wished for everything to be perfect. Taking a seat on a stool, they finish helping her get ready.

It was time for the wedding. As she stood in the hall’s entrance she looked at her beloved up on the stairs. Standing tall and wearing a black suit with a long white and black cloak. Her beloved smiled softly. Serafim couldn’t believe it was time. Timer where she would be tied to that man forever.

Musicians started playing a romantic song. Walking slowly, Serafim held her head high. Serafim knew that from now on she would be in the eyes of everyone. Everyone would judge her, especially since she was a hybrid.

Her beloved looked at her with eyes full of love. A proud look on his face. He felt so happy to marry her.

Giggling, she smiled brightly. Serafim was beautiful. Her long black hair tied in a neat bun. Her makeup simple and she wore a long silk white dress. Simple, just like her. Serafim was never a person of extravagance.

Finally reaching the stairs. Her beloved helped her. As they stood hand in hand and all the guests went quiet, the bishop started the ceremony. Everything was going well. No interruptions, no one objected. Finally, the bishop said the words Serafim has been yearning to hear.

“You may now kiss the bride,” the bishop said, smiling.

Her beloved didn’t wait and pulling her towards him, he lean over and kissed her passionately. The guests applauded and cheer.

Serafim couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. She felt too happy.

The wedding was a success. The crowds have all gone home. Serafim was escorted to her now permanent bedroom. She has seen it before, but now realizing this is her new home was a dream come true. She found the love of her life. And he adored her, regardless of her past. He wanted to protect her, love her, and worship his queen like none other in history had been.

He walks up to his new bride and stands in front of her gazing into her eyes and says, “The world is your darling, only ask or command and I will see that whatever you desire happens.”

Tears form in her eyes, but held steady and not dropping. Serafim did not feel worthy of those words. Especially since she had lived a cruel and loose life. And her powers were another worry. This man who is standing before her only sees her true self, not her body, not her prestige, but her.

Serafim was happy for the first time in a long time.

He raises his hand to touch her face and asks, “May I kiss you, my love?”

Serafim releases a tear and nods her head to meet his hand.

“You never have to ask my love. I am always and forever yours,” Serafim whispered.

Her Beloved holds her face in his hand and uses the other hand to wipe the tear away. He tastes her tear and feels every ounce of emotion. From happiness to sadness, from fear to unworthiness.

“No matter what you go through, your fight is my fight, your pain is my pain, and your joy will forever be mine.” Her beloved said as he lifted her head and reassures her.

Serafim’s heart just melts, his touch has a magic to them she can’t describe. She has been touched by many men and women, but his touch reaches deep inside of her chest and creates a safe, warm feeling. He leans in and places his head beside her so they are cheek to cheek.

He kisses her cheek and then bends down and whispers, “I want you, my love.”

Serafim’s body grew wet. Her hard core just melts in his arms and responds to his voice with soaked panties that were meant just for him. He steps back and undresses. Serafim mirrors him with her clothes, letting them fall to the floor. Standing in front of each other naked and open gives Serafim chills. His eyes roam all over her body.

Watching the fire’s reflection dance on her skin makes him breathe deep. Her body is flawless, but his focus is on her eyes. Eyes are the window to a person’s soul. He wants to see everything. He steps forward so he can feel her body heat. She is as hot as the sun. He leans in and kisses her with tender lips, making her heart skip a beat. He wraps his arms around her waist and presses his body into hers. Her body molds to his hard shape, showing submission even though she is stronger by far. He floats in the air with her in his arms and lays her down gently on the bed so that she is comfortable.

Usually she would love to take charge or guide his head between her legs. But she laid back and let him take control. He nibbles her neck and kisses as much of her neck as he could while her heart raced. He lowers his body gently on top of her with his full weight, and in between her legs. He reaches down between her legs to feel how ready she is for him. His eyes water as well, thinking about this beautiful creature who had such a hard life. But now she is here with him tonight, in his arms as his wife. He realizes how lucky he truly is.

The fire is crackling from the fireplaces. His body is covering hers. The faint light dancing off of their skin share with the room what is happening.

She reaches down and grabs a hold of his rod of pleasure. She positions him at the entrance of her sex. Serafim places the tip of him inside of her body, loving the feeling of first penetration. That feeling of being stretched by a nice thick cock. Serafim gasps as he pushes just an inch or two and stops.

Loving the taste of her breath as she exhales. So he quickly claims her lips to enjoy her exhaled pleasure. Kissing her lips and pushing in deeper drives Serafim wild. Her eyes shut, and her face distorts as she feels the rest of her husband inside of her. His rigid loves feel so good, so right, and so delicious filling up her love tunnel.

Serafim places her hands on his strong ‘V’ shaped back, that hunches in to push himself yet deeper inside of her. She has always fucked before, but this was different. Her heart beat synced with his, her legs opened wide to him, and her eyes open to connect with his. He thrusts his hips forward, and her reaction speed up his pleasure. Serafim popped her fangs as a sign in deep pleasure. With each thrust of his hips, she dug her nails into his back. Scratching him and feeling his vein filled meat that is massing the inside of her with intense pleasure.

He pauses for a second while looking in her eyes as if to say, “Are you ready?”

She nods through the pleasure of a yes.

He sits up on his knees and moves to sit on his ass. He lifts her up off the bed and settles her down on his lap. Serafim feels so hot and wet, that she knows he won’t last long. She lowers herself down on his shiny tool that is covered in her love for him.

Her beloved wraps his hands around her waist and lifts her up and slams her down hard on his cock. Serafim felt everything on another level.

He speeds up his control of her body on his. Serafim is now moaning his name and is grinding forward as he slams her down.

He has had sex, but this was all new. He kisses her and their minds become one. He sees her thoughts, feels her heart, and sees that she wants it under control. He denies her that and rolls over so she is under him once more. He penetrates her body and soul at the same time. So he lifts her legs up and folds them over on her tummy. He gets up on his knees to get a better position. Feeling what she wants, he connects with her body once more. This time, with a bit of hunger. He leans in on her legs and pops his hips. Serafim moans and whimpers as he hits the spot just right. His long torso and his ripped body looks so sexy in the fire’s light. His face shows signs of losing restraint.

His love making turns to fucking. But Serafim wanted his pleasure more than her own. But she was also close to the edge as well. Now with force and authority, he dips his hips deep between her folds. Making him drill deeper and harder as he cries out between thrusts.

“I…. Love….You…. Baby…” repeatedly. She moans through her orgasm to his deep emotional raspy voice of love.

He thrusts so hard that her entire body just jerked, and her lady folds start to quiver like stiff lips. He feels her spasm sucking on his cock. Letting her legs loose, he lifts them up over his shoulder and grunts hard as he pours his undying affection into his new wife, sharing how he felt about her. He collapse on top of her in a sweaty heap of exhaustion.

Serafim to is out of breath. She relaxes a few seconds and wraps her arms around her husband thinking, If this is what making love feels like, then no otter man’s will touch will even come close to this.

That night, Serafim found out the difference between making love with your heart and making love with just your body. That night, the two lovers just held each other in bed cuddling, watching the fire dance as they both drifted off to sleep.

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