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Erotic- to arouse sexual desire or excitement. When you’re in the mood for some heat... Rather, sweet heat or down right spicy, it’s here with DND. All stories in this book are a stand alone meant for “a shot” of pleasure. *There is strong sexual/mature content, explicit language, and mild violence mentioned in these titles. Please proceed with caution if these things make you uncomfortable. *Some stories are written in 1st person and some are written in 3rd person. *Rough Draft (There are grammatical/ punctuational errors.)

Erotica / Romance
Kaye Lovett
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On My Way Home


Here I go, back home to cook the same boring dinner, watch the same boring shows, take the same boring shower, and lay in the same boring bed. In a nutshell my life was boring. I woke up every morning around 7:30 so I can go work the same 9-5 job, shoveling through paperwork and answering calls. This was not what I had in mind when I moved to Atlanta.

Don't get me wrong, I love the job I have, the car I drive, and the condo I live in but I just feel like I'm lacking excitement. It was one of the reasons I moved from the small town in Mississippi. My life was too predictable, too boring...

"Good afternoon, Ms. Jacobs." The doorman greeted as he held the door open for me to enter the lobby of my building. He was used to seeing my face since I usually walked to work. My job was only a few blocks away and walking saved me a lot of time sitting in traffic. Plus, it gave me a daily dose of cardio.

"Thanks, Sam." I smiled at him as I cleared the door. Thanks to wealthy parents, I got to live in one of the best high rises in Atlanta that had the best staff and amenities.

"Hello, Ms. Jacobs. You have a package." The female desk attendant called out to me. It was probably one of my sex toys. I needed something beside my fingers to get me through those desperate times and lonely nights.

"Hey Sophia. I'll come back down and get it." I didn’t want to wait around for her to dig through the many packages in the back for it. I really just wanted to get upstairs and rest my feet.

"If you sign for it now I can have it brought up to you."

That sounded even better. I walked over to the desk and grabbed a pen to scribble my name down on her clipboard. "Thank you."

"You’re welcome." She smiled. I saw her look to the side of me with wide eyes but it was too late. I was already bumping into the strong body that was approaching the desk.

"I'm sorry." I rushed to apologize and I looked up to see the most tantalizing eyes staring down at me. He was so handsome with olive skin, black hair, and a strong jaw line that was slightly covered with a five o’clock shadow. "Sorry." I breathed out and ran for the elevators where I could breathe without his heavenly scent easing into my nostrils.

It took a few minutes before the elevator came down but when it did and the doors open, I rushed inside. Safe. If I couldn't handle a little bump into the sexiest man I ever saw then how would I handle real excitement?

As I thought that over and the doors were closing, a huge strong hand came in and caused the doors to pause. They reverse their directions to let the man I bumped into on the car of the elevator. He gave me a slight nod and my clit gave one deep throb that had my mouth opening in a small gasp. He didn't even say anything and I was ready to jump on him!

He reached to press a number and when he saw fifteen was already highlighted he looked over his shoulder and I swore he smirked before he pressed the close button instead. That left us alone on an elevator for fifteen floors. I pressed my lips together then my thighs. This man couldn't possibly live on my floor. I would have seen him before!

He had on a navy blue dress shirt that stretched over her muscular frame, and gray slacks that fit his bottom half quite nicely. I could tell everything was tailored to fit him perfectly. Black thick curls decorated his head and I could imagine the feel of his silky strands sliding through my fingers as he put his face between my legs.

When he turned around it caught me by surprise and I averted my eyes. Damn, I was caught checking him out but he had to know how good he looked even from behind.

He slowly took steps towards me and that's when I locked eyes with him. His stare was so damn intense but I couldn't look away. I took a step back and my back was against the wall and he gave me that killer smirk again.

My breathing was heavy as he stopped right in front of me leaving little to no space between us.

"What's your name?"

Oh my God! His voice was so deep and my panties were so wet. What is my fucking name!? "Emerson."

"You're very beautiful, Emerson." He reached out to stroke my cheek.

No, “beautiful for a...” remark. I was just simply beautiful to him and for that simple fact he could take me here and now.

The hand at my cheek slowly slid down to my neck then my chest until his knuckles brushed over the exposed skin of my breasts and his other hand came to join when I didn't protest.

“Do you mind?” He asked as he pushed away the fabric of my wrap shirt and exposed the see-through black lace bra.

He pulled in a breath as he saw my nipples through the material. “Just a little taste.” He didn't bother to pull the cups of my bra away from my breasts. He latched on to my needy nipple, lace and all.

Him drawing on my nipple damn near brought me to my knees but his thigh was there to hold me up. He pushed it between my legs and now my greedy clit was begging me to move over the hard flesh. I couldn't fight the nagging in my head so I slowly rolled my lace covered pussy over his thigh.

His right hand fondled my tit and he sucked harder on the left one and I gripped his head to make him stay there. I was so close to cumming from such simple foreplay. "Yess!" I hissed and when I thought I might fly into my climax the sound of the bell going off let us know we had made it to our floor. He slowly pulled back as I dropped my hands from his hair and started to fix my shirt.

"This is my-our floor." I whispered.

He shook his head and slapped his palm over the close button then the ground floor button. Before I could ask anything he cupped the back of my head and kissed my lips. His sexy, juicy lips against mine were almost my undoing.

Not only did he smell good but he tasted good. His tongue slipped in my mouth and I immediately latched on to it. He growled in my mouth and hoisted me up against the wall but it was short lived as the bell went off again but it was not the ground floor.

We pulled apart as the doors slid opened on the tenth floor and a middle aged couple came on the elevator chatting away. They hadn’t notice that I was damn near gasping for air.

My new friend moved behind me to make room for them. I should have known it was a trick but I knew now as he pulled me against him and my ass cushioned his erection and his right hand moved up my skirt. I grabbed his hand to hold it to my thigh.

"Emerson, you feel a little warm." He placed his other hand on my forehead as he moved the hand on my thigh to between my legs. I wasn't strong enough to keep it from happening so I had to play along.

"Probably from the heat outside."

"I'm the doctor here. Let me check." He slipped two fingers under the edge of my wet panties and rubbed his finger over my drenched pussy. My head fell to his shoulder and I snapped my legs closed, trapping his hand between my thick thighs.

"Open up for me, Em. That's an order." He pressed down on my clit and I tried not to scream. I slightly opened my legs and he moved a finger to my entrance. I gripped his pants for support as I looked to see what floor we were on. Five.... Four... He then swirled two fingers around my weeping hole then pushing in the slightest bit. Three...Two...One…

Ding. Ground floor...

He slammed his fingers inside of me and my toes curled in my shoes. My mouth dropped open and I forced myself to hold back the sound that tried to escape.

"Come on." I could hear the smile in his voice as he pulled his fingers from my aching pussy.

The couple smiled at us as they stepped out and we followed. He pulled me down the hall to the private elevators. "What's your name?" I asked. He could be a serial killer and here I was following him up to his penthouse. I was too far gone though. I was in the mood to fuck the doctor.


"Jesse Hughes." I told her my name as I pulled out my key to insert in the panel. I then entered the code so the elevator door could swish open.

"Dr. Jesse Hughes? Or are you not a real doctor?"

"I'm a real doctor." I smiled. "I can show you my credentials once we get to my place, if you like?" I pulled her into me. I loved the way her body felt against mine. I couldn’t help but kiss her plump lips. I wanted her in the worse way and I couldn't wait to be so deep inside of her.

As soon as the elevator doors opened into my home I walked her backwards until her back hit the floor to ceiling window in my living room. I untied the shirt that only seemed to wrap around her supple body and I pulled it from her arms. I went down to my knees and tugged the skirt down her shapely legs and she stepped away from the material but she didn't stop there, she kept stepping back and my gaze narrowed. Oh, she wanted to play? "Do you want to play, Emerson?"

I saw a shiver shoot through her body just from my words and I loved how I affected her. It let me know that she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her.

"No, I should freshen up. I just got off of work." She said shyly. She smelled fine to me but if it made her feel more comfortable then I was for it.

"Follow me." Even though my dick was screaming for attention I led her into my master suite and let her use my shower. I left her in the bathroom and moved to my nightstand and pulled out three condoms. We were going to need them. I moved back to the living room and sat the condoms on the arm of the couch before going to shower as well.

I showered before going into the office but I only went to check on a patient and sign some paper but what would another shower hurt? I did quickly in the guest bathroom and was back in the living room before she came out.

The sun was setting and the sky was beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. I dropped down on the couch and imagined the sunset behind Emerson as she climbed on top of me. I couldn't help but wrap my hand around my throbbing cock and give it a quick pump.

I closed my eyes and imagine her huge breast bouncing around as she rides me hard and fast. I couldn't stop myself from moving my hand faster over my aching flesh. The thought of her wet pussy gripping me caused me to curse. "Fuck…Fuck!" I roared stroking my dick harder as a warm mouth wrapped around the head causing an immediate eruption. I looked down at Emerson’s naked body between my legs drinking my cum and I fought to keep breathing.

I didn’t even hear her come in but that was even better then the image in my head. "Come here." I pulled at her arms.

"Where do you want me?" She tried to climb into my lap but I grabbed her hips to help her get where I wanted her to be.

"On my face."


I was afraid I was going to rip his couch to shreds from the way he was eating my pussy. "Jesse." I half moaned, half screamed his name when I felt him flicking his tongue over my clit then slip into my pussy. The feel of his tongue inside of me was mind-blowing. I moved my hips against his face and covered it with my juice but he didn't seem to mind. He was with me at every move I made and it only heightened the need for him.

"Please fuck me now." I needed to be filled. I needed him.

I felt his hand move away from my hips and I saw him pick up one of the condoms he had on the couch. He secured it on his massive member and then he was helping me lower unto him. The fat head of his dick sent tingles over my body and I started to shake. I was about to cum. I could feel it all over.

"You're so wet, Em." Jesse moaned. He lifted me up to were only the tip of the head was in but I craved more and lowered myself back down, taking him a little deeper. He then pulled me back up again and I was seconds from screaming out in frustration. The teasing was killing me.

"I wish you could see how good you look sliding up and down on my dick." He cupped one of my breasts and I knew when he put my nipple in his mouth I was going to cum. There was no doubt in my mind. My nipples were my hotspot and could make me cum with little effort.

He sucked my nipple into his mouth as he moved me up and down on the head of his dick and I was cumming. It felt like each pull of my nipple dragged another wave of wetness from my body and I couldn’t stop until he pulled his mouth away.

"Yesss." He said with an animalistic growl as my walls grew wetter around him as he slipped more inside of me and slowly pulled out. I was bathing his cock with cum and he was biting his lip against the sensation. “Baby, damn.”

I've never felt anything as amazing as Jesse easing inside of me. I lowered myself on him as our foreheads rested against each other’s and we held eye contact. I always considered that weird but with him I couldn't seem to close my eyes or look away. It was in that moment I knew I was his. Whenever, wherever he wanted me he could have me.

I cried out as another orgasm peaked and he knew I was close again. "Let it go, baby." He kissed up and down my chest. "You're going to be doing that all night."


I grabbed her hips and slammed into her completely. A new wave of wet heat wrapped around my dick and my own orgasm was sneaking up on me but it was no way I was going down that quick without a fight. I stood with her in my arms and she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs were tightened at my hips as she bounced on my hard dick.

"This dick feels so good." She moaned as I walked us over to the window as I rested her back against the glass.

"You feel even better, Em." I mumbled in her ear as I moved inside of her and she moved on me. We were in sync and it made the experience that much better. "Can I keep you, Emerson? Can I see you, fuck you anytime I want?"

"Yessss..." She cried as she rolled her hips harder against mine. I could feel her little wet clit gliding against my pelvis and my hands under her ass brought her tighter against me so she could fall apart. I knew she just need a little more pressure.

"Shit! I'm coming again, Jesse." She locked her legs at the ankles around my back as she shook. I rain kisses on her mouth and face as she calmed down but we weren't done. I lowered her legs from around my waist and her feet touched the floor. I helped her turn around to face the outside. She bent at the waist and looked at me as she bit her bottom lip.

"What a fucking view." I caressed her ass cheeks as my dick searched for its way home.

"I love it from the back." She moved her ass and it jiggled against me and I couldn't wait a second longer. I slipped into her slippery pussy and it felt even hotter and tighter than before. I gave her slow easy strokes but her greedy pussy wanted more. She moved against me, meeting me stroke for stroke, fucking me back. It was time to show her who the man was. It was time to break her down. I grabbed her hips and slammed into her as I pulled her hips towards me making sure I was going deep and now she was crying out.

"Baby... Bab-Jesse!" She screamed as her hand came back to slow me down by I grabbed that hand then the other and held them both in one of my hands.

"Take it, Em. Take all this dick."

"My spot!" Oh, I was on that fucking spot and I knew she was going to cum the hardest than she came thus far. "Cum, Em. Cum on this dick like a good girl, like my good girl." She tried to fight it because it was intense but I needed it. I craved her cumming around me.

"Oh fuck!" She yelled and that's when I released her arms and she braced them on the window. I reached around to work circles around her clit and she tried to grip the glass as her orgasm shot through her body. "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

I slowed my strokes after she told me she was going to pass out. I had a little sympathy for my sweet girl.

I smiled as she took shaky steps and I followed until she was flat against the window with me still deep inside her. I would pay millions of dollars to see the view from the outside of the window.

"Remember our agreement, baby." I whispered in her ear. I tugged at her hair so that her head came back. "What's our agreement?" The sound of her ass smacking against me mixed with the mewling was almost my undoing. I was so close. "Tell me, Em.”

"Whenever." She breathed out. "I'm yours." That was it. I was cumming and nothing could hold it back after those words. Mine!

"Emerson!" I came with her name falling from my lips, the taste of her pussy still on my tongue, the smell of her skin in my nose, and the reflection of her pleasure struck face in my eyes.


"Are you sure I can't convince you to stay?" Jesse asked me the next morning as he led me to the elevator.

"I have work. Plus, I'm sure you're tired of me by now."

"I don't think I could ever get tired of you Emerson Jacobs but if you have to go..." He leaned down and pressed a kiss to my lips and I was actually sad to be leaving.

"Goodbye, Jesse." I said once the elevator door opened.

"Goodbye, Em." He said right before the doors closed.

I rested my back against the wall and thought about our night. It was a night I would always cherish. I finally got the excitement I had been looking for. Too bad it was only for the night. We both said a lot of shit that we probably didn’t mean so I wasn’t looking for a repeat but I’m sure it would’ve been nice. Maybe I could think about it when I used my toys. Yeah, that’ll work.

I rode one of the main elevators to my floor and saw my package from yesterday outside my door. I took the box into my condo and snatched the note off that was taped to the outside. She unfolded the note and read it aloud...

"Hello, my name is Jesse and I'm the man you bumped into downstairs. I really think you're beautiful and would love to take you out sometime. If you're interested in getting to know me like I would love to get to know you, give me a call or text me at...”

I couldn't help but smile as I picked up my phone. My first call was to my job to tell them I couldn't make it because I wasn't feeling well, then my next call was to my doctor...

"Hello? Dr. Hughes. This is Emerson and I was wondering if you make house calls? I think my fever is back..."

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