The Beta's heartbreak

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Pain slammed into my chest, ripping my heart out, breaking and shattering it at the same time. Ella... My mate was dead I just knew it. That day when my other half was taken from me I lost my will to live, but I fought the dark thoughts for four years until it was time. I took off, leaving the people I loved behind to go to my mate. Running through the forest I found my destiny.

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1 Four years earlier

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Thank you for reading The Beta´s Heartbreak, it’s time for Gus and his story. This is the fourth book in the Alpha of the Alpha´s series. There is also a fifth ongoing story right now, Tempted by Death where Azrael is the main character. I recommend that you start to read them in order but this one and Tempted by death can be read at the same time.

1 The Black Moon
2The First Aplha´s son
3 Ivy Flame Marked
4 The Beta´s Heartbreak
5 Tempted By Death

I can honestly say that the first one is the hardest one to read not just because it contains a lot of information, but also because of my dyslexia. I have learned a lot along the way not only thanks to writing and the help of new programs, but also for all the help and support from all you readers and my amazing friends on Discord. I want to thank all of you for everything and for all the love you shower me with it is worth so much and you make me smile all day long.

Don’t be afraid to point out my mistakes or tell me your honest thoughts. I want all the bad and the good. I hope you will enjoy this story. Please don’t forget to leave reviews, like and share my story if you like it when you get further into it or end the story. Lots of love to all of you/Lex

GUS four years earlier

I was laughing and fooling around with the young wolves on the training ground when a foreboding feeling sent chills up my spine. I looked around trying to find the source of it when pain slammed into my chest, ripping my heart out, breaking and shattering it at the same time.

Falling to my knees I gasped for air and my wolf came through forcing me to half shift and a howl of pain and loss made everyone around me freeze on the spot.

More pain rippled my chest, making me fall to the ground to my side. Anger, pain, numbness and a strong will to end my own life took place inside of me. I saw my mates face flash before my eyes and I knew that I had lost her, I knew that she was gone. I knew that she was dead. Ella was dead.... the mother of our two pups was dead. Dion and Lila had lost their mother.

I heard Trey shouting to everyone to leave before he called Greyson over. They kneeled by my side talking to me, but I couldn’t hear them And I didn’t care what they had to say.

They knew what happened as an Alpha they can sense when a connection to a pack member is broken. They knew she was dead and they knew what was coming.

Present time

A part of me resent them for keeping me alive while the other one is thankful. I watch my kids and smile. I have only lived for them, but they are grown up now. I look at the forest and realize that it’s now time for me to leave, it is time for me to go to my own mate. Ivy is back home with her mate and his friend that don’t seem to be able to keep his hands off Ivy.

Suddenly the Angel in question, Azrael appears out of nowhere. I wish that they could stop doing that, it’s creepy as fuck that they can just appear out of nowhere. He places a hand on my shoulder and it’s like I can feel her. I can feel my mate and the love she has for me.

“She wants you to be happy, she is waiting for you but she doesn’t want you to do it”

He tells me and I shrug his hand away in anger. I stand up and glare at him. I know he suffered too from all kinds of shit, but coming here and judge my choices is not okay.

“I’m not judging I’m just saying that she doesn’t want you to do it. She wants you to live and be happy. We all want that.”

I like Azrael even though he is an asshole and I’m sure that he could have become a good friend, but fuck him!

“Then why didn’t you do anything?”

I hiss at him. I know it’s unfair and it’s not his fault, but the pain and anger are making my head spin and I want everyone to suffer like I do

“I can’t interfere in the free will. If I could have stopped that man from drinking and then driving I would have but I can’t do anything. It might sound harsh, but I’m happy that I can’t. I’m happy that none of us can because the world would not only be suffering it would be an awful place for everyone. ”

I know that he is right and I give him a sharp nod and leave. It doesn’t matter what he says I have made up my mind. I’m leaving and I am going to follow my mate because I can’t live another day without her.

I look over my shoulder when I reach the forest line and look back at the pack house and my friends. They will miss me, but they will be alright. I shift and take off into the darkening forest.

Twenty three years earlier

“I’m sure that you have room for one more man in your life.”

I say to Iphi with a wink and both Trey and Greyson growls at me.

“Keep your paws to yourself!”

Trey snarl and I laugh at him. I see Iphi holding back a smile and I give her another flirtatious wink. That woman is damn hot and a real cock tease and pregnant. That is just wow. I’m happy to be a free man and I hope that I don’t have to meet my mate anytime soon.

I glance at Iphi who is walking in front of me with a bright smile on her face. Shopping for baby stuff in Tennessee wasn’t exactly how I had planned to spend my weekend, but I’m happy to be a part of their life.

“Sweet stuff are you going to be okay with us leaving for a few hours?”

Trey asks her and I roll my eyes. There are so much fussy feelings in the air that I almost feel sick and roll my eyes at the two big dad Alpha´s that has a brain of goo this days.

“Trey I will be with Gus, everything will be fine. Just go and do what it is you are supposed to do”

More fussing takes place before Trey and Greyson with hesitating step leaves us there on the streets.

“So Miss Alpha lead the way”

“Don’t call me that, you know I hate it, ” she answers rolling her eyes

“I know that is why I do it”

I say and she shakes her head at me. We walk from store to store always coming out with something new. I’m carrying so many bags that it’s hard to walk. I groan when she bats her eyelashes and want to go to one more store.

“Fine, but this is the last one, I can’t carry more stuff"

“Thank you Gus”

She says and gives me a peck on the cheek before she spins around and hurries inside the store. The store is filled with soft pink and light blue baby stuff. Geez, can a baby really need all this stuff? I think and look around.

Something creeps up my spine and my wolf start pacing in my mind. He shakes his head and snarls with impatience and I narrow my eyes.

I turn around and almost drop everything in my hands. My wolf howls at the sight of her and my heart is beating so hard that I’m surprised it doesn’t jump out. Her black hair shines like the wings of a raven and her light green eyes shines with joy. She is breathtaking beautiful and almost as tall as me.

I feel our wolf reach out to each other’s saying hello. I take a step towards my mate and open my mouth to introduce myself when Iphi appears by my side holding a set of baby clothes and a matching men’s shirt infront of me

“Isn’t this one cute and see you can wear the shirt at the same time as the baby that would be even cuter”

I look down at Iphi in confusion. My mate lets out a whimper and I immediately turn my eyes back to her. She is staring at Iphi with a pained expression and shakes her head.

“No this is not...”

I start to say when I realize that she jumped to conclusions when she saw Iphi but she is out of the store so fast that she can’t have heard a word. I want to throw all the bags and run after her, but leaving my Alphas pregnant mate unprotected isn’t an option. As a Beta and friend it is my job to protect her. My wolf lets out a painful whining sound and I just stare at the door.

“Do you know that girl?”

Iphi asks and I shake my head

“No, I don’t”

But I am planning on getting to know her, but first I need to find her. When we make our way back to the car I search the streets for her, I sniff the air but I lost her scent almost immediately. My wolf lays down in defeat when we reach the car. I hardly notice that Trey take the many bags from me all I can think about is how am I supposed to find her again.

“Are you ready to go?”

Trey asks me and nudges my arm. I look at him, then past him

“No, you can go without me there is something I need to do:”

I say and start walking back the way we came. I hear them call my name but I don’t turn around. I have only one thought in mind, one goal. I need to find my mate and take her home with me.

Two days later I must have searched every corner around Tennessee at least that is how it feels like but there is no trace of her. I slump down in bed in the hotel room that I rented with an irritated growl.

My phone starts vibrate and just when I am about to answer it dies. Great it is out of battery, I sigh and toss the phone on the bedside table. I need to go back home... I have obligations and a work to do. My wolf growls at the thought of leaving without our mate. He is twitchy and anxious. I can sense her hurting, damn woman jumping into conclusions like that. Sure, I know what it looked like but, fuck!

I jump up from the bed and head outside again. What if she doesn’t even live here? I mean it’s not very usual that wolves’ lives in the city. I walk the streets up and down looking and sniffing the air but nothing. Then I walk back to the store where I first met her and walk inside and immediately feel her scent. It’s faint but she must have been here today and hope flares inside my chest

This is so sad, poor Gus. I hope he gets the chance to feel happy again.

So the first chapter is done, I hope that you will enjoy the rest of Gus journey even though it’s filled with heartbreak.

Lots of love to all of you 😘😘

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