Pleasured By Angels

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I have been pretending for years. I have never let others see how much pain I carry inside me, and I have never been able to express what I feel. I know that something is wrong with me. Then one day they came, the first time I saw them my world started to spin. I felt warm and excited, then it all turned into confusion, and later I became numb. But still, not one day has passed without them haunting my thoughts. Goosebumps prickle my skin, and the air grows thick like a thunderstorm is coming. Looking up, I see Remiel and Zerachiel. They are not for me. They don’t want a tiny weak girl that is only fair game, a tiny girl that is nothing but a toy to them. I know it, and even though they toy with me, my fascination for the two Angels grows stronger, and no matter what I tell myself, I still want them, both of them. Two Angels with all the qualities a girl needs to get her heart broken. Remiel and Zerachiel were sent here to help protect my pack that is facing a war. Dangers are lurking everywhere, magic more powerful than we knew is swirling around us, and a bright future seems far away. In all the darkness, perhaps the Sun can cast a light on this? But who is the Sun? Most importantly, who am I?

Erotica / Fantasy
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1 This has happened

Hi and welcome to Pleasured By Angels, Lila´s story. This is the sixth book in the series. I hope you will enjoy the read.

1 The Black Moon
2 The first Alpahs son
3 Ivy Flame Marked
4 The Betas Heartbreak
5 Tempted By Death


Two days after the attack against the pack and the end of Tempted By Death.

Lila pov

I slump down in the grass, breathing hard. Three hours of training, and I’m feeling more than spent. After the attack, my father and second best friend Maci have trained us with a whip in their hands. Okay, not with a whip, but it sure feels like it. Panting, I look at my dad and Maci as they step closer to each other so that they can talk so that no one hears.

The Beta in the pack is usually the one training everyone, and that is my dad. He might be an Alpha, but he’s too much of a clown to be a good leader. He would drive a pack insane with his craziness. But he is one of our best fighters if we don’t count Iphi and her children, who possess magic.

Trey and Greyson are strong too, equally strong as my dad. People might wonder why three Alphas, as strong as they are was born in the same pack. Iphi and her children are the answer.

Thousands of years ago, a war raged between supernaturals and humans. Back then, there were no Alphas. Lakshmi, the first she-wolf, a she Alpha, was the one who was supposed to bring peace back to earth. At the end of the war, she was killed. With Azrael’s help, her soul stayed in our world, and she was eventually reborn as Iphi, only stronger.

Iphi is one of the strongest wolves that has ever walked the earth, the Moon Goddess’s daughter, created by the Black Moon. For an Alpha with so much power and dominance, she doesn’t want to be an Alpha. You rarely notice that she’s an Alpha because of her soft approach and how she cares and spread love around her.

The pack respects her and her mates, but frankly, they respect Iphi more. Sure, Iphi can be a little crazy at times, but there’s not one mean bone in her body.

After the attack, Greyson, Iphi, and Trey gathered the whole pack to inform everyone about the situation. They told us that Nyx, Iphi’s son, would go into hard training to be ready to take over as the Alpha of the Alpha if something happens to one of them. Since Iphi, Trey and Greyson are mated, the risk is big that all die if one does, all because of the mate bond. The meeting threatened to be more of a disaster than helpful when the pack found out about the threatening war and a possible change of leaders.

Lucifer and Azrael were there too, which turned out to be more than a good thing when the pack started questioning Nyx’s skill to lead us. The pack believed that Ivy or Pim would take over the Alpha of The Alphas’ role because they are stronger than their mother, but they can’t. They are tied to another world than we are, and therefore they cannot be the Alpha of the Alphas. Lucifer calmed down all the questions and suspicions, and now everyone is working against the same goal.

Poor Nyx, I feel so bad for him. Like his mother, Nyx has no interest in becoming the Alpha, but accordingly to Azrael he is stronger than his mother. He’s a good fighter, but if it hadn’t been for Ivy, he would have lost his mate, and he would have died, so not many wolves around here believe he is as strong as his mother. I don’t doubt Nyx, but in a way, it is hard to see that the now calm Alpha who do everything for his mate and daughter would be able to do more than hold off rogues.

But as Azrael said to all of us, there hasn’t been a threat or a time for him to show us how strong he is. Azrael has assured us that when he becomes the new Alpha of The Alphas, he will be more than strong enough to lead us.

Azrael explained that Nyx’s father, a wolf named Barghest, called the monster wolf in the fairytales. The biggest wolf that has ever been seen or created, pitch black with razor-sharp teeth. The first Alpha, the first male wolf created by the Moon Goddess and Lucifer. He has no mother and father. He was created by the biggest moon surrounding the planet Pluto.

He is dead in our world but is still alive in The In Between, where he works for Azrael, which sounds more than crazy. Nyx is the child of the first two wolves, or as Azrael explained, Nyx is the two original Alpha of the Alphas son.

If Nyx had been born during Iphi’s first life, he would not possess as strong magic as he apparently has now. Nyx became stronger because Azrael tampered with life and death and then gave the whole Winters family a hint of Angel magic.

Then Nyx also gained the magic of the In Between because, as Azrael put it: Iphi spread her legs wide there. Poor Iphi’s cheeks were as red as a stoplight. All of these events have led to Nyx gaining magic he shouldn’t have had. So now Nyx is stronger than Iphi, and he will be our next Alpha of the Alphas.

They are training Nyx hard now, and his training is going well, but everyone knows that his wolf is suffering. He barely sees his daughter and mate because they are living in the Black Marble halls, which is all Angel’s home. Lia and Naida live there now because the shapeshifters are a threat against his daughter and mate. The pack cannot afford to lose them because if Lia dies, then Nyx dies.

The same goes for Pim and Ivy, and we will be needing Azrael and Lucifer. The angels won’t die if they lose their mates because they are immortal, but they cannot guarantee that it won’t affect their judgment or sanity.

But that is not enough. Nyx’s daughter, Naida, is apparently one of the Angel’s destined mate. Nyx wolf is having a hard time dealing with that. But everyone also knows that he struggles because he hates that he is forced into being the Alpha of the Alphas. Lucifer told us to focus on the presence, be careful and ready, and trust our Alphas and Nyx, so that is what the pack is doing.

Now, two days after the attack, we are all sweating and proud that our future Alpha are doing what he can do to help every pack member. Between his training, he talks to the pack so that we will get a chance to get to know him better. Nyx is one of our best fighters, so he has been leading some of our torture. Okay, it’s not torture, but close to it. Training sucks, if you ask me. But for a wolf, it can be what keeps you alive.

I see my best friend and father glance at me, probably thinking about what they should do with clumsy me. Maci has moved back to our pack to train as a Beta and share my father’s work since I now have two new siblings. Maci is Nick’s daughter, and Nick is Iphi’s best friend. Maci, Pim, and I are born the same year, so we early became friends, then Maci moved with her family to another pack when Nick got his Beta position there.

I’m happy that she is back. I have felt so alone since Ivy and Pim found their mates. I miss them like crazy. We can’t see each other right now because it’s too dangerous since they both are having pups.

With a heavy sigh, I stand up when Gus, my father, and Maci call out to the group that it’s time to start training again. I do what they tell me to do, I try hard, and still, I fail. I do it over and over again until my eyes are stinging from unshed frustrated tears.

“Sweetheart, it’s okay. You have improved so much.”

My dad says, and I glare at him.

“No, I haven’t, so stop saying that! We both know that I would be the first one to die if there was another attack now.”

I hiss and regret it when I see the pain in my father’s eyes.

“Lila, don’t say that. Sure, you aren’t our best fighter, but you are fast and strong. You need to believe in yourself.”

My dad says in a calm tone and pulls me in for a hug.

“I’m sorry dad, I’m just tired.”

I quickly say as the guilt seems to gnaw big holes inside me. After my mother died, my dad always asked both my brother and me how we are doing. Even though he was hurting so badly, that was his first and biggest concern. Once I told him how much it hurt to lose my mother, he stayed with me the whole night, holding me.

But early that morning, I woke up to a growling sound. Sitting up in bed, I saw my dad’s wolf pace my room, back and forth like a crazed animal. I tried to mindlink my dad, but it was clear that the animal had taken over.

I was so scared, not that he would hurt me, but from all the stories we had heard. If someone loses their mate, they die or go insane. My dad’s wolf looked insane as he paced my room. Dad had been sad but okay before I told him how I felt, so that was all my fault. Crying, I begged his wolf to stop.

When dad got back the control, he was devastated and apologized for his wolf’s behavior. I forgave him because it wasn’t his fault. My dad didn’t want to leave us like his wolf wanted to. From that day, I never talked about what I feel. It was my fault that my dad’s wolf took over that night. I almost killed my own father.

“I understand. It has been a hard day, take ten minutes, and then we try again.”

My dad tells me, and I give him my most fake cheerful smile.

“Thank you.”

I say and walk over to one of the benches and sit down and stare down at the ground. Goosebumps prickle my skin, and the air grows thick like a thunderstorm is coming. Looking up, I see Remiel and Zerachiel approach my dad. Since the two Angels are warriors, they have been helping out with the training.

I see my dad tense up when they stop in front of him. He doesn’t like them, which seems to amuse them. I watch them talk, and then both Remiel and Zerachiel turn to look at Maci, who is demonstrating some new fighting techniques on the other side of the training area.

They follow her movements with interest. Chewing on the inside of my cheek, I look at Maci. She moves with ease, and speed and her opponent fall to the ground in less than a minute.

“Maci, can you come here?”

I hear my dad call out to her, and she nods before she gives some instructions to the wolves around her. With a big smile, she walks over to my dad and the Angels. Remiel and Zerachiel look her up and down, and I look down at the ground. Maci is a woman who would be perfect for them. The thought makes my shoulders slump, and I sigh. I will end up alone for the rest of my life.

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