Put Me In Coach

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What started out as a simple friendship started to become a secret affair. Read “Put Me In Coach” to find out how a football player started sleeping with his teammates girlfriend.

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The sounds of football pads crashing into each other as I watch my quarterback scramble behind his men to find an open target. He sets his eyes on Dom who’s wide open, cocks back his arm and shoots it forward like an arrow out of a bow! The ball spiraling high into the air, making its way down the field fooffoof fooffoof. Dom jumps for the catch and FLOP, right through his hands! The crowd is in shock the 3rd down play was incomplete. Full of anger Coach Will yells out to the field, “You gotta be fucking kidding me Dom! Get off the field! Kicking team let’s go!” I’ve been watching the defense from the sideline and noticed one area no one covers no matter what play our team ran. With the lightbulb shining bright in my head I run over to Coach Will and confidently say, “PUT ME IN COACH!” He looks at me like I’m crazy and frustratedly yells at me, “YOU’RE NOT ON THE KICKING TEAM PINO ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR DAMN MIND?” I yell at my quarterback who’s coming towards the sideline, “Mike stay on the field! We’re going for the 1st down!” Coach Will at this point is really confused as he hears one of his players calling the shots. I turn around to coach as I side step my way into the field, “Don’t worry coach I won’t let you down!” The kicking team even more confused than coach start making their way back to the sideline. In the huddle it was my time to shine and I couldn’t waste another minute. “Ok boys I need you to trust me on this one cause I’m really trusting you on this wild decision, but we’re gonna go for the touchdown.” Mike starts to get frustrated and chimes in, “Pino you said we’re going for the 1st down! It’s only 7 yards but now you wanna go for the touchdown?! You’re a mad man!” I smirk and start laughing, “Exactly Mike. Defense is gonna think we’re going for a long pass to get the touchdown so receivers, I need you to fake long routes and spread them across the field. My big boys up front, I need you to push their men towards the sideline and open up the middle for me.” Mike wants to beat my ass at this point and starts doubting the insane play I’m drawing the team, “Pino that’s 67 yards you have to cover for a touchdown and we only have 15 seconds left in the game! Let me just throw the ball!” I put my hand on his shoulder and destroyed all of his doubt with three words, “I’ve been watching.” The ref blows his whistle and the team has to decide. Everyone agreed to trust my decision and we broke huddle, “BREAK.” Both teams line up on the scrimmage, hearts beating fast, hoping this last play gets us the W. “BLACK 88! BLAAACK 88!” I noticed their defensive corners start backing up, making bigger spaces between my receivers. I smiled and consciously thanked my team for trusting me. “SET, HUT HUT!” More pads crash into each other as my men up front start pushing the defense to the side, the middle opens up a giant hole! Mike slams the ball into my gut and I turn on the jets and fly through the opening! “ITS A FAKE PASS! ITS A FAKE PASS GET THE RUNNING BACK!” Yelled the defense coach. Their corner backs start darting their eyes around looking for me but at that point it was too late. “WOW FOLKS LOOK AT THIS! OFFENSE FAKED A LONG PASS FOR A RUN GAME STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE AND IT LOOKS LIKE DEFENSE WON’T BE ABLE TO CATCH PINO. The crowd roars from the stands as I run as fast as I could towards victory. “PINO IS GAINING SOME SERIOUS GROUND AND EVERYONE IS EATING HIS DUST! THE 40, THE 30, THE 20, THE 10 AND HELLO TOUCHDOWN FOR THE EAGLES!” My whole team is celebrating down the sideline making their way to me, the crowd sounds like they’re going to break the stands as they stomp their feet, celebrating their teams victory! “PINO YOU CRAZY SON OF A BITCH YOU DID IT!” Yelled coach. “WAY TO BRING HOME THE W FOR US PINO!” Said Mike. We all celebrated and cheered for a moment before breaking off towards the locker room. I was the last one on the field being held up by moms and dads cheering me on and talking with the coaches. “Good job Pino we’re real proud of you son, now go take a shower you smelly bastard!” On my way to the locker room I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turn around and see Kayla standing there with a big smile on her face. “Look at you being the hero of the day!” I laughed and said, “the hero is your boyfriend Mike, he trusted my crazy ass and gave me a shot at that play.” She looked to the side when I said his name and brushed her long straight brown hair out of her face, revealing more of her bright green eyes and perky pink lips. Mike sure was a lucky guy and always had a great taste in women. She laughed flirtingly and pushed my shoulder. We both laughed and she grabbed my hand and froze my entire world. “You may think you only won something for your team tonight, but you also won something for yourself Pino.” She seductively smiled at me as she said that, kissed me with her eyes and bit her lip before walking off. I couldn’t believe she did that and I stood there for what seemed like forever trying to understand what she meant! Mike came out of the locker room and broke my thoughts, “Pino you still smell like someone’s asshole! Get in there and shower man! By the way, I’m proud of you buddy you did an awesome job tonight. I’ll see you in school Monday!” Still standing where Kayla left me I chuckled at Mike, “Thanks bro, yeah I’ll see you Monday.”

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