Inner Demons

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*Trigger Warning* contains scenes with sexual assault. By reading the book you are telling me that you understand what the book may hold. Read at own risk. If you can handle it, then I hope you enjoy!

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

At 11 pm Meredith decided, after her 8th shot, or 10th shot, or how ever many she may have had at this point, that it was time to go home. Her now ex-boyfriend was probably still fucking that blonde slut that she walked in on while she sat at the end of the now filling bar, as the night gets later, the crowds seem to get larger.

"Fucking bastard" is all she could get out at her inebriated state. She wasn't a heavy drinker so even this, is a lot for her.

Meredith and Trevor had only been going steady for 8 months or so, and she had grown fondly of the handsome blonde of 33 years old. Being 9 years older than herself, she thought he had been more mature than to sleep with someone else.

"Clearly not." She whispered to herself.

Finally stepping out of the old run-down bar, she walks out into the cool brisk night air. With it being October it was cool enough to now to see her breath as she exhaled deep and swift. Her surroundings were nothing to be proud of for a woman of her standard; dingy, run-down, and troubled. She was the opposite, she had innocence and purity as she has not yet had sex, she comes from a conservative home with strict rules, and parents that are as strict as they come. She was brought up their own way and was not allowed to speak out of turn.

She has never gone to a place like this before, but she had been pushed around for far too long by the now drunkenly forgotten Trevor back at her -what used to be her apartment-.

After a shiver and a "shit it's cold out" she began her walk to her parents' house, hoping them, or her older brother might be still awake.

The walk was only 4 blocks, but to her, it felt like 20!

Off to her left she heard a slight rustling in some bushes in front of a closed bank, and a chill ran down her spine. As she hurried around some corners she could hear what was now foot prints following only just behind her.

Meredith ducked around a corner hiding in an alley between two buildings she could not recognize and held her breath. She held on for what seemed like hours before finally exhaling. Meredith's heart pounding so fast that she would almost be certain a heart attack was coming on.

After a minute of waiting and listening she no long heard foot steps nor could she see anyone. She peeked out looking all around for any proof of life, but saw nothing. As Meredith slowly crept out, a large hand attached to an even larger torso slammed into her neck and she was thrown into the side of a building. Sharp stabs of pain radiated throughout her head, back, and ribs.

A man with dark features came into view, his eyes were dark, filled with evil intensions, a smile that had no sweetness behind it. He had short buzz cut hair and tattoos down his face and neck, there would probably be more had it not been for the black hoodie and loose fit jeans that hung loose on his hips.

He licked his lips, tempting himself to have a taste of her sweet fair skin.

"Now now now, what do we have here?" he clicked as he observed her from her dark loosely curled hair down her elegant facial features, to her well rounded breast.

Meredith, being too fear struck to answer, could only manage to choke out "what do you want with me?"

Chuckling to himself he finished mindfucking her body.

"Well, now that is a question I can answer. Have you ever heard of sex pretty lady?"

What? Is he for real? She had no idea how to begin responding to such an absurd question.

"I can see from the look on your face that you know what I am referring to." His tone dripped with false politeness, she knew that she was not leaving this man's grasp anytime soon.

Grabbing both petite arms and pinning them above Meredith's head, he brought his free hand up to palm one of her large breasts, licking his lips wishing to taste her supple skin.

Meredith tried to struggle with no prevail, she then tried to scream which only angered her attacker more.

Crack! Her cheek stung as a red hand print formed along her soft round cheeks.

"Bitch if you don't shut the fuck up right now you'll be dead BEFORE I fuck you senseless!"

Her eyes widened with horror and her attacker pursued with ripping off first her blouse, then proceeded to lift her skirt as she struggled and bucked trying to break free. There was no success due to his size and strength.

Meredith swung her head thrashing back and forth as the sick man started unbuckling his belt trying to achieve a despicable act. Her head flung back and darkness surrounded her vision as she slipped into an unwilling unconsciousness.

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