Inner Demons

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La Cena

The five of them sat in silence, quietly eating and the odd sip of a drink.

"How does everyone like it?" Meredith spoke up breaking the silence as each set of eyes looked up at her. Almost offended that a human dare speak in their presence.

"It's okay." The one named Rin spoke.

"Not the worst." Madar spoke next.

"I've had better." Tyreel shrugged as Amon shot daggers at him.

"Meredith, it's delicious, where did you learn how to cook?" Amon asked, hoping to ease some tension.

"My grandmother taught me most of what I know, the rest was a learn on the go type of thing." She smile at Amon, appreciative of his interest.

"Nobody gives a shit about where you learned to cook bitch." Rin barely made out the sentence before a huge fist came flying into his jaw throwing him from his chair.

"That's enough Rin!" Amon was furious, itching for a fight with his partner.

"Jesus Christ man, okay!" Rin stood up rubbing his stubbled jaw.

"It's okay Amon, I understand that you guys are not keen on having me here, and I apologize for intruding. I should leave." Meredith stood and tried walking away when a hand grabbed her arm halting her from moving.

"You are not going anywhere, you have nowhere to go, you'll stay here, they can leave if they don't like it." Amon was serious, he would always choose her over anyone, and his parents will be angry. But he doesn't care, he will have his beloved, no matter how many demons he has to slaughter to keep her safe.

"Amon it's okay, I can go, thank you for your hospitality. You've done so much for me already." She pulled slightly and his grip loosened. He refused to force her to do anything that she didn't want to. Not after the previous night. She turned and left for her room to pack up whatever she may have had left.

She walked into her room seeing almost everything her car had had in it. Suitcases set on the floor, hygienic materials in the bathroom laid out for her, and her records, unscathed packed away nicely to the side.

She felt tears fighting to surface as she tried pushing them back, this is the nicest anyone had been to her in a few days.

"I brought as much as I could, there was quite a bit in your car." She whirled around seeing the handsome figure in the doorway.

"Oh Amon, why did you do this!? You shouldn't have!" She could no longer fight the tears, she began to cry helplessly. She felt hands on both her arms. They felt safe, and trusting, and she moved into them, feeling a warm embrace. Something she hasn't felt since childhood.

"Please stay." His voice whispered into her hair, she heard and felt him inhale deeply, she could have sworn he was smelling her hair, but she didn't care, she actually enjoyed it. She felt like someone finally truly cares about her.

"Okay, I'll stay, for you." She felt him smile atop her head and it made her smile to.

"Meredith?" He asked.

"Hmm?" She was too enthralled by his embrace, she couldn't get any words out.

"Can I kiss you?" His question shocked her, he wants to kiss her? Why?

"You want to kiss me?" She cocked her head, one eyebrow raised.

"Yes, I have since the moment I saw you, you have no clue as to what you do to me Meredith. I have grown fond of you, and wish that you would stay here permanently." She had no clue what to say to him, she hardly knew him, for all she knew, he had planned to keep her hostage and make her do awful things. Maybe he would let those barbaric men take advantage of her and do with her what they please.

"Meredith, I would never do any of that to you, I would never want you to do anything that you were uncomfortable with. That is why I asked you before kissing you."

This guy really was something, he was hospitable, handsome, no, beautiful, and they way he stands up for her to his friends, made her soaking wet in the core. She needed him, more than she would ever know.

"Yes." Was all she said, looking up to him yearning for his lips to connect with hers.

"Yes? I- I can kiss you?" He felt excited, he's had his share of human women, but they were nothing to him, they always threw themselves at his feet. Practically sucking his dick through his jeans. He hated them, they were disgusting, and smelled awful.

But this woman, this angel on Earth, lights a fire in his chest that he's never felt before. He has never been able to feel another presence unless it was a sinner. He felt closer to her than his own parents, and he has the honor to be able to kiss her, and god dammit he was not going to waste it.

His head went low to hers, he looked deep into her eyes as he let his lips meet hers. At first he could tell she was nervous, but as his kiss grew more intense, he felt another emotion. The one he hoped she was feeling. Excitement.

She melted into him letting his tongue into her mouth to dance with her own tongue. A battle to which there was no loser. His hand ran up into her hair while the other is placed at the low of her back, pushing her body into his. Meredith felt something push into her abdomen and knew what it was poking her, trying to get her attention, and it was on high alert.

"Oh! Umm, your uhh.. thing is umm."

"Hard?" He smirked at her knowing full and well that she had no idea what she was doing.

"Y-yes." She was blushing now, keeping her head down.

"Meredith, are you a virgin?" He gently grasped her chin with his thumb a forefinger, tilting her head back to look in his eyes.

"Umm well, uhh, yes.. I am." She looked away, embarassed of her new confession.

"Well that's okay, we'll take it as slowly as you are willing to go Meredith, and if at any point you want to stop, do not hesitate to tell me. Okay?"

"Okay, I will, now, kiss me Amon."

"It will be my pleasure Meredith."

His lips smashed into hers causing Meredith to let out a small moan into his mouth making his kiss go deeper. His tongue darting in and out, dancing around hers. Invading every inch of her small mouth.

Meredith pushed her own body into his as hard as she could, until there was no space left between them. He began to kiss her neck, while grabbing her ass, pulling her hips inward grinding against his now rock hard cock.

She let out a moan, louder this time as she gripped his hair and pulled it making him growl, loudly.

He then scooped her up off the ground via legs, as she subconsciously wraps them around his waist, squeezing them to hold herself upright.

Amon then carried Meredith to the bed, laying her down making sure not to be rough. That, he will have to save for another day, today is about learning to trust one another. Another part of the process in claiming your soulmate.

He looked down at her innocence laying before him, her long dark hair splayed around her, her perfectly round breasts sat proudly atop her chest, waiting for attention.

"Do you trust me?" He asked her. Her big doe eyes looked at him and she nodded slowly. He searched her for any doubt, but he couldn't find an ounce of it anywhere. She completely trusted him, he knew he was allowed to continue on his journey.

Once they began kissing again, she felt a hand grasp the bottom of her shirt, tugging at the loose fabric. Lifting it up over her head he looked down at two of the most beautiful bare breasts he had ever laid eyes on. They were big, he figured maybe a DD, with two pink round nipples, standing straight up into the air, begging for his mouth to wrap around them.

Amon leaned down, taking one nipple in his mouth, tonguing and nipping. She let out little cries and whimpers, she was soaking wet at this point. Her core begging for its master to plunge into her.

His other had placed on her other breast, taking a nipple and pinching it lightly. Meredith cried out, writhing under his touch.

"I want more Amon." She manages to breathe out before he pinches her nipple again, making her yelp.

"Tell me what you want Meredith." He said, still mouthing one breast.

"I- I can't.." he sensed that she was nervous about vocalizing what she wanted, but he knew exactly what she did want, and he wanted more than anything to give it to her.

"It's okay my beloved, I know what you want." He began pulling her pants below her waist and down her legs. Amon pulled her foot out of the remaining pant leg and tossed them across the room.

Looking down he noticed that she was also lacking a pair of underwear.

"I see you are not a fan of any undergarments whatsoever!" Meredith knew he was pleased, and that made her happy. She wanted nothing more than to please him. She had a need to satisfy him, and she was going to do just that.

"It pleases you?" She asked while rubbing her hands through his now very messy hair.

"Very much so, I could get used to a sight like this!" Amon's face was gleaming now. A smile ear to ear growing as fast as her embarrassment.

"Don't be embarrassed Meredith, you are a beautiful woman, with a stunning body. I am beyond privileged to be this close to you."

"Thank you. Amon, why me? You could have anyone you want, yet you chose a homeless virgin. Like, why?" She was in fact confused, she felt so plain next to him. Boring to the core, the only thing she felt she had going for her was her cooking, but even that felt mediocre some days.

"I couldn't tell you to be honest, something just feels right with you. The night I found you, it was no accident. Something brought me there, a feeling in my gut told me to go to the alley. Then when I came back from the grocery store I had it again. I know it's because of you, and it means a great deal to me."

She thought about what he said, it was a lot. It sounded like a love confession to her, and she thought about what it had been like with him today. When he wasn't around she felt lost and empty, but when he came back she felt safe and secure, like he was her protector.

"I know what you mean, I've felt so strange, like a loss when you're gone, but I feel at home when you're around." He smiled at her response, there was no doubt left in his mind that they were meant to be together.

He grabs her face and kisses her deeply, she moans allowing him to slip his tongue back into her sweet mouth to have yet another beautiful dance with her tongue. Taking his hand off her face, he slides it down to the paradise he has been dying to feel and taste. Taking his index and middle fingers he spreads her lips searching for her clit. After a slight adjustment of his fingers, he's holding her lips open with his index finger and ring finger. Amon takes his middle finger and gently flicks her clit.

Meredith gasps and her leg twitches, creamy fluid pooling between her legs as an explosion is boiling inside of her.

"Oh god!" She cries out!

"Cum for me Meredith. I know you want to." He whispered into her ear.

He took a finger and slipped it easily inside her cunt. She was pooling for him and it made the demon want to come out to play with his new love. He growled loudly making her moan and grind against his hand.

"Holy fuck you feel amazing." He leaned down to her ear and said, "I can't wait to slide my cock into you and make you cum all over it."

Meredith was on the verge of her very first orgasm and she was ready for it. His finger felt amazing! Then, another finger slid its way in making her wrap her arms around his neck tightly groaning into his neck.

His fingers pumped in and out of her gushing cunt, preparing for the orgasm she anxiously waited for. Suddenly his fingers were gone and she suddenly felt lost, her body searching for his hands to do what they were made to do.

He flipped her on her back and she dared to look at the specimen above her. Tattoos everywhere, beautiful face, those eyes, and she looked down and came face to face with a huge hard rod staring right at her. She couldn't remember him getting undressed at all. Wow he is talented! She thought to herself.

"Are you ready my beloved?" Knocking her out of her thoughts.

"I love it when you call me that. My beloved. It's wonderful, I am ready Amon, make love to me now."

"I'll take it slow, I know it's your first time." He lined his long member with her core, still glistening with wetness awaiting his arrival. Slowly pushing the tip in he watched her face, being sure not to hurt her.

She was in ecstasy, feeling him pushing it in and out felt amazing. She had always thought about what it felt like, but it was not like she had imagined at all. She wanted more of it, deeper, harder even.

"I-I want you to go deeper, and umm, faster." Amon was shocked as her question but did as she asked and pulled all the way out, and slammed in hard, all the way in.

"Ah!" She screamed out as he pumped in and out, harder every time he plunged back in.

"Oh God Amon! I can feel it!" Her eyes started rolling back and she tightened her legs around his buttocks pushing him even deeper.

"Oh fuck Meredith, cum for me, I need it!" He slammed in and out, not noticing he was now pulling her hair. However, she didn't mind, in fact, he felt that she loved it and gave her more. He slipped a hand around her throat and applied light pressure. It wasn't enough to notice really, but she did, and loved it. Her whole core began to tighten and she felt her orgasm wash over her, locking Amon's cock in place as he then followed with his orgasm. Shooting his seed deep inside of her glorious paradise.

They lay together in the bed, Amon on his side and Meredith tucked in front with her back pressed against his chest. She was already fast asleep, he was not surprised, an orgasm like that plus her first time? No wonder she fell asleep so quickly.

He thought about what he had just done and knew a lot of demons would be furious. Including his Father, but he didn't care, he had claimed his soulmate, and he was the happiest demon in the world.

Oh wow that was fun to write! Hope you enjoyed!!

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