Inner Demons

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Morning Coffee

The next morning Meredith woke up to the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. Amon was asleep, long hair fallen in front of his face. She giggled as she moved his hair from his eyes. A hand quickly grabbed her wrist and before she knew what happened, she was on her back, Amon above her, with a knife to her throat.

"Holy Hell Amon!" She shrieked.

"Jesus Meredith you scared the fuck out of me, I could have killed you!" Withdrawing his knife he moved over allowing Meredith to sit up.

"Do you always say good morning like this?" Meredith smirked as she rubbed the area where she could still feel the cold steel of his blade. She saw a small amount of blood on her fingers and noticed she actually felt aroused. Not him causing the injury, but the danger she felt from him, what he was capable of. She loved his strength, so much that her body actually responds positively to it.

"I am so sorry Meredith, I've never had a woman sleep in my bed before, had I known, I would have NEVER pulled my blade out on you." Amon looked down in guilt. Meredith tilted her head, and smiled, she knew how to cheer him up. She had never done this before, but she knew that men always looked happy whilst the woman does it.

She crawled in front of him and climbed in his lap. Meredith kissed his neck making him groan with pleasure. Gently pushing, she laid him down flat on his back, smiling she began kissing his chest and down his abdomen. Meredith scooched down the bed pulling the blanket that was covering his massive member off with her.

Her eyes widened as the already rock hard glorious cock sprang free from the blanket. Meredith's core pooling as she drooled over his long thickness awaiting her mouth.

Licking her lips she slowly lowered her head, taking in the head, then the shaft. He was huge! She thought to herself. She heard a sharp breath in as she took in as much as she could. Her mouth was full but there was more! Taking her hand making a soft grip around his base, her head began bobbing up and down.

"Meredith you don't have to do this." He hissed, head back, and his hands tangled in her hair.

"Mmmmm" was all she said, the vibrations of her voice making him growl.

"Fuck Meredith I'm gonna cum, oh fuck yeah keep going!" He grabbed a handful of hair and shoved her head all the way down as hard as he could and shot his seed right down her throat.

She licked him clean and crawled up to lay beside him.

"Do YOU always say good morning like this!?" Amon was breathing heavily from his morning treat.

"I could, if you want, I don't mind. I actually enjoyed it!" She smiled up at him and was now playing with the hair on his chest.

"I want you to move in, permanently Meredith." Meredith didn't look at him but could feel him watching her.

Looking up she said "Move in? Here?"

"Yes, but before you answer, there are some things I want you to know about me, and I want to know if you are willing to commit to my lifestyle." Amon waited for her to answer.

"Is it about why I can sense your presence?"

"Partly, but there is so much more you need to know before we can continue our relationship." He sounded so professional now to her.

"Well, I haven't even considered it, given how long we have known each other!" She couldn't help but laugh!

"But, I do know that I feel as if we've spent a lifetime together, and it feels so right. I want to know everything about you!" Her eyes were twinkling and Amon felt joyful, he had never been this close to a woman, let alone a human. His parents, along with the rest of Hell, was not going to be pleased about it.

"So, you would be willing to leave this world for me? To leave everything behind?"

Meredith thought about this, what would it be like if she left her entire life behind to start a new one. Her Grandmother was the only person left in her life. She emancipated her biological parents and adopted her Grandmother as her Mom, so they were of no issue. She had no job, no schooling, there wasn't anything left for her to hold on to in Toronto. Where would he take them? Perhaps out of the country?

"Before anything else happens, I want you to meet my grandmother, I want to talk to her first. She is the only family I have left and I would hate to leave her behind on such short notice." She was sad at that thought.

"Of course, you should call her while I get everything ready for us. You should know, it will be horrifying. I will shower while you speak with her and arrange a dinner." Amon left for the shower leaving Meredith to absorb everything Amon said to her.

She picked up her phone and hit speed dial.

"Hello darling! I haven't heard from you in days it feels like!" Meredith smiled at the warm tender voice on the phone, she loved her Grandmother and was anxious to tell her everything that happened.

"Hello Nonna! I hope you are well, yes I have been busy. I've met someone." Silence responded, followed by a loud shriek.

"Oh! Well I must meet him! Come over for dinner tomorrow, I'm cooking! Be here for 4!"

"Yes Grandmother we'll be there! I love you Nonna!"

"I love you too baby girl."

They hung up and she went to join Amon in the shower

"Tomorrow at 4:00 for dinner babe." Babe? She didn't even notice it slip out, he didn't seem phased.

"Okay, does she want us to bring anything?"

"Nope, just ourselves!" Meredith slipped into the huge marble tiled shower.

"Wow! This shower is stunning!" She stared at the marble black and white tiles going up about 7 feet. Three stainless steel shower heads on each wall, all with multiple settings. There were two built in benches and a long stainless steel bar along the longest wall across the entrance to the shower.

Amon grabbed one shower head and began rinsing Meredith off starting on her head and moving down between her breasts. Stopping on each nipple using the pressure of the water to stimulate her.

Continuing down her abdomen and to her core. He lifted one of her long legs up and rested her foot on the steel bar.

"Gain your balance my love, you're in for a bumpy ride." Her balanced stabilized and she said "I'm ready."

Moans escaped her mouth as he worked the shower head along her clit, the pressure was perfect, just hard enough to assist her in reaching a swift orgasm, but not enough to hurt.

"Oh god, Amon, this feels amazing!" She was grinding against the shower head with her arms wrapped around his neck as if she were clutching onto him for dear life.

Not even moments later she came, and at that moment Amon's dropped the shower head, picked Meredith up wrapping her legs around his waist. He lined up his erection with her pooling cunt and slammed her down on it as hard as he could, forcing a scream of her mouth that she couldn't control.

He pressed her against the wall above the bar without withdrawing from her. Holding onto the bar, he slowly started pumping in and out, gradually getting harder each time he plunges in. Meredith would be pulled away from the wall only to be slammed into it again, grunts and growls erupting from deep within Amon's chest.

Grabbing his face, Meredith coaxes Amon into looking into her eyes, when he looks at her she saw two large demonic red eyes staring straight into her soul. They weren't just red as if he had gotten soap in them. No they were glowing!

"Amon, you're eyes.. they're..." She trailed off, unable to finish her sentence, at the verge of an orgasm she learns that the love of her life is not even human.

"You want me to leave don't you?" He started to withdraw, until her legs tightened, pulling him even deeper until he was pushed up against her.

"You're not going anywhere, now fuck me Amon, as hard as you can. And don't hide your eyes."

He couldn't believe it, not only did she not run, but she actually encouraged his demonic form. When feeling her emotions, he actually found that it aroused her, her walls began to tighten and he knew he did not have much time before he missed her climax.

"I love you Meredith." Was all he said before fucking her into oblivion, hitting that sweet spot inside. Amon didn't know how, but he managed to climax with her, both of them slipping onto the floor to spoon before getting prepared for the big discussion that they were about to have.

"I love you too Amon, and I look forward to everything you're about to teach me of who you are. Come, let's get some food and talk."

Meredith got up and left for her clothes as Amon followed closely behind with a half hardened cock from watching her naked body roam freely.

"Not before I bend you over the bed and fuck you like a dog." He bent her over the closest piece of furniture which happened to be a desk, slapped her ass and hissing MINE into her ear and made love once more to the beautiful grace of nature before him.

Let me know what you think! I love hearing feedback on what I could do to improve my writing! I might do the next few chapters in POV to see what you guys think!!

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