Inner Demons

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Meeting Nonna

Meredith POV

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed, all Amon and I did yesterday was go at it like bunnies! We were supposed to talk about several things yesterday, but we failed horribly.

Tonight is the dinner with Nonna and I am extremely nervous, the last time she met a guy I was seeing, she warned me he was no good, and she was right! He was an awful man, but Amon was completely different, not even human. What was my Grandmother going to say when she finds out I'm leaving!? I thought about backing out, it's not too late right? Who was I kidding, I fully agreed to this, I can't chicken out because of a simple dinner.. or because I saw his red eyes.

"Good morning my love." I heard Amon next to me. I admired his body as he stretched, revealing every dimple and muscle along his long torso. Looking even further I saw his soldier standing at attention, for me! I felt moisture gather between my legs and I bit my lower lip. I heard him growl and say.

"How are we supposed to get anything done today if you're going to look at me like that all the time?" I looked at his face, he was smiling hugely, and god did he ever look smoking like this. I am confident now that he's what I want forever, no more doubts, oh no! I forgot he could sense my thoughts, I hope he didn't notice.

"I noticed, you have some doubts, it's okay Meredith. We're going to take it as slowly as you need to. It's natural to get, oh what's it called, ahh yes, cold feet before committing to something like this."

"Can you read my mind too!?" He laughed with me and began telling me about these abilities he has.

"I can read your mind, I can feel your emotions, and a few other things, but that's not for right this moment." He smiled at me again and got up for the shower. God, I really do love that man.

"I love you too Meredith!" He yells from the bathroom, I couldn't help but crack up.

After throwing my hair up into a ponytail and getting dressed, I go downstairs to make some coffee. I walk into the kitchen to see Tyreel, Rin, and Madar all sitting at the ten foot mahogany bar. In unison they each looked at me, they were not pleased that I was still here.

"Good morning everyone!" I smiled at them and they each grumbled an incoherent response.

"I'm making some coffee, you guys want any?" Not one of them answered, I shrugged and continued to make coffee.

I heard two bodies get up and walk out, hearing the TV not even a moment later. I turned and saw the one named Madar watching me. Not taking his eyes off me once as I found my way around the kitchen.

"I don't get it, what could he possibly see in you?" I froze, almost hurt by his words.

"I don't know, maybe because I'm polite, more polite than the majority of people in this house." I was glaring at him now, I've been so nice to Amon's friends, and they all treat me like shit.. what's the deal!?

"Ahh you've got a smart mouth! I like that! But you should know some things about us if you plan on sticking around."

"I know Amon isn't human, because I saw his eyes. So that must mean the rest of yah aren't human as well. Do I have that correct?" My hands were propped up on my hips as I waited for what he had to say next.

"So how much do you know exactly?" He raised a brow at me and leaned forward, his arms were crossed on the bar.

"That's all I know actually, we didn't exactly have time to get into it yesterday." I smirked to myself. He has no clue!

"Yes, it was hard to drown out with the TV so we had to go to the basement." Shit, he knew.

"Oh umm, I apologize, I didn't realize we were so loud."

"Not we, just you darlin" my face blushed.

"Does that happen often? Amon bringing strange girls here?" I hated that I asked, but I wanted to know.

Shaking his head he said, "Nope, you're the only one he's ever brought here, let alone stay the night, so whatever he sees in you, is real. I've never seen him like this to be perfectly honest with you."

Once the coffee finished brewing Amon walked in, he was wearing a black dress shirt with black dress pants. His hair was still wet and wavy from his shower, and he froze when he saw myself and Madar talking.

"Is everything okay Meredith?" He looked so genuinely concerned that it made me smile, I've never had someone so worried about me.

"Oh we're fine, we were just chatting about you! In the good way of course love." I smiled reassuringly as he walked over and grabbed the cup I had made for him.

"I didn't know if you liked anything in your coffee so I made it black, and strong." Watching him as he sipped, he sighed with pleasure.

"It's perfect, thank you. Did you want some breakfast? You must be starving, you haven't eaten since dinner." Without waiting for me to answer, he began pulling out pans, a toaster, a spatula, and some ingredients and began to cook.

Twenty minutes later the house was filled with a delectable aroma of bacon, hash browns, sausage and even Belgian waffles. He can cook too I thought to myself, I think we'll get along famously.

He finished cooking and plating everything as I awed over the mountain of food he has just prepared.

"Dig in angel!" I did not argue as I loaded my plate with a little of everything, we ate and cleaned up the kitchen.

The guys did make an appearance, only to get their food and leave again.

"The don't like conversation much do they?" I asked.

"They're just not used to having someone like you here."

"You mean someone that's human?" He froze, and after a heavy sigh he took my hand and brought me back upstairs to what is now our room.

"We need to talk now Meredith, there's a lot you don't know about me, and I know you have questions. I will tell you everything you need to know. Starting with yes, they're unsure of you because you are a human." I thought about what I wanted to ask, then I figured it's better to just ask the question I've been thinking about since I saw his eyes.

"Okay, my first question is, what are you? You are not human, nobody's eyes just glow like that." I waited for his response.

"Well Meredith, -sigh- I'm a demon."

I blinked at him and couldn't control the eruption of laugher that exploded out of me.

"A demon!? You have to be kidding!" Still laughing I saw his stoned cold face, clearly he wasn't pleased about my laughing and I straightened myself out.

"You don't believe me, that's fair, it's hard to believe what you cannot see. But believe me, you don't want to be there when my true form comes out." He was serious, had it been anyone else I would have been reluctant to believe them, but this was Amon, and something told me to believe him.

"So say you are in fact, a demon, why haven't you tried to kill me? I thought demons were supposed to be evil, but you, you're nothing like what you read in the Lore."

"We don't just kill anyone for the fuck of it, we hunt specific kinds of people, people who are nothing like you." I thought about the man who had attacked me a few nights ago, and I thought if maybe he killed him.

"The man the other night?"

"He's a sinner, he deserved to die, what he tried to do to you is one among the top offences one can make, along with pedophiles, and murderers." He held my hands in his as he explained his whole life to me.

He is the son of the King and Queen of Hell, he is forty-six thousand years old and had been hunting for all of them, learning how to rule Hell when his father dies or steps down as King.

"So your Dad is not Satan?"

Laughing he said "No, my father killed him and took his place."

I looked at him with my jaw hung open, he was right when he said there is a lot to learn about him.

"So, would I- would I be Queen when you take over?" I winced at the word, being Queen sounded insane, unbelievable, IMPOSSIBLE! There is no way in... Hah! Hell I could be a Queen!

"Politically speaking, and if we were to be wedded, you would take place as Queen, fuck... My parents are NOT going to be pleased with me when we see them."

My eyes widened and I said. "Why won't they be happy!?"

"Well there's something else you need to know, what we have, what we did.. is a bit forbidden, and has not been heard of in hundreds of thousands of years."

I couldn't speak, I was completely dumbfounded that he had not thought to mention it before.

"What the actual fuck Amon!" He winced and I was happy about it.

"I can't believe you never thought to fucking tell me! Oh my god, I'm going to throw up, I'm going to die, literally, I am going to die!" Pacing the room I tried to control my reeling stomach, absorbing and trying to come to terms with my future death.

"Hey hey hey, you need to stop and breathe, you're not going to die Meredith. I promise to keep you safe, not one finger will touch you okay?" He was holding me tightly so I couldn't move, I tried to wriggle free but it was useless to his demonic strength.

"What's going to happen to us?" I had tears welling up in my eyes and I couldn't see through them and I looked up at him.

"I don't know, but it's going to be a rough ride for a while. My parents will be furious, and so will the rest of Hell, and I understand if you don't want to continue. What we are doing is unheard of." He then kissed me deeply, his tongue fought its way in my mouth and danced with my own tongue, he pulled away saying "I can't lose you now, not when I have finally found someone I love." His forehead pressed against mine as we stood in silence.

"You're not going to lose me, I'm not going anywhere, I would risk my life if it means we can be together. It's getting late now, we need to head to my Grandmother's." I began getting ready and felt him watch every movement I made. Every other minute I'd give my hips a little wiggle just to hear him growl again, I had to giggle every time.

We left for my Nonna's and arrived some time later, we talked and laughed the whole way there. It filled me with joy to hear his laughter and I knew I could never grow tired of it.

"Are you ready to meet her? She can be fairly bombarding at times."

"More than ready baby." He gleamed at me and we stepped out to greet the older lady on her porch.

"Mere Mere!! How are you my lovely darling!" She wrapped her short arms around me holding my closely.

"Oh Nonna how I've missed you! There's someone I would like for you to meet, Nonna, this is Amon, Amon this is my Nonna, Judy." Holding my arm out to introduce them, my grandmother was already wrapped around Amon squeezing the life out of him.

"Oh Amon is your name! How did that lasagne turn out?!" She asked him still hugging him.

"Do you two know each other?" I asked.

"Oh I helped this strapping young man in the grocery store to find what he needed for a dinner. Which now I see why he looked so stressed, cooking for a girl of your background." Judy was gleaming with pride at her granddaughter's ability to cook.

"Come let's all go inside, I have the pizza dough rising and the tomato and basil sauce simmering." She left for the house and we followed her inside.

We walked into a quaint little one level house. No basement or attic, just a single floor. You could see doilies on all the tables given that Nonna loved to knit and crochet. Pictures of her and I littered the walls and shelves with a single couch and chair placed in the middle of the living room.

White with green accent paint were on the majority of the walls and a TV stand with a small box tv sat across the couch. The kitchen was small, with just a stove, a dishwasher, and one counter that connected the sink around to the stove. All the floors were linoleum, making cleaning the floors a stitch to take care of. A small laundry area connects to the single bathroom with a tub/shower combination. The whole bathroom was white except for the smokey grey walls and stainless steel shower head.

"Would you two like a drink? Amon do you drink? A beer or something?" My grandmother called to us from the kitchen.

"Just water for me please Mrs.?" He gestured to know her last name.

"Ms. Russo darling, but you can just call me Judy!" She smiled handing him his water.

"Meredith darling, help me in the kitchen please?" She asked me, I got up and followed her into the kitchen.

"Well isn't he a nice tall drink of water! I see why you fancy him, he's a wonderful man." My Nonna has always been intuitive when it comes to people, knowing who is a good egg or a bad egg.

"He is lovely isn't he? I was looking forward to introducing you two, but it appears as though you both beat me to it!"

We chuckled together as we prepped the toppings.

"Amon honey, we're ready to put the pizzas together!" I called to him, hearing him get up and head towards the kitchen.

After we eat our pizzas, which consisted of a ton of cheese, hand picked meats that my Nonna personally chose, homemade sauce, and a delicious crispy dough. She was a whiz in the kitchen, women from Italy know how to cook and she was a damn fine one at that. We cleaned up the dishes and sat on the couch.

"So Mere Mere, what brings you here? I know you wanted to introduce us, but something tells me that there is more that you are not telling me."

I hung my head preparing for the storm that is about to roll through the living room and I was not excited about it.

"Judy, I was waiting until we got here to do this." He walked over to her and took her hand in his and knelt down beside her.

"You have raised a beautiful, smart, considerate young woman. She is amazing in every way. I would like to ask your permission to be able to take care of her for the rest of our lives." Oh shit what the hell was he doing!?

"I have never met anyone like her, she filled my black empty heart with happiness, a happiness I thought I would never get to experience again. I vow to protect her with my life, no matter the risk. I ask you Judy Russo, for your Granddaughter's hand in marriage." I was stunned, I couldn't believe what he had actually asked her. I know we were going to get married eventually, but not this fast!

"Hmm, I see, do you understand that my girl here has had a hard life, I'm the only person she has ever trusted, her parents are gone, she has no family anywhere. If I lose her, do you know what will happen to you?" He shook his head. "That's right, and nobody else will either young man." She was waving her finger at him and I couldn't help but laugh.

"I understand that Meredith has not had an easy upbringing, and I am willing to stand by her regardless of anything."

The two minutes of silence felt like days as she hummed and hawed over the pros and cons of letting me marry him. She was a hard woman to get trust from, so I was sure she would be against it from the longevity of our newly found love.

"Meredith, is this what you want? Will this make you happy?" All eyes were on me waiting for what I would say. I walked over and took her hands from Amon.

"Yes Nonna, I love this man, yes it has only been a few days, but I've never been so sure of anything in my life. This man saved my life, and my soul." I had tears in my eyes and she smiled at us with tears now in her eyes.

"Oh you kids, this reminds me of when I met your Nonno, so young, and so fast. Our parents were ticked off that's for sure, but we had never been happier, and I'm sure it would still be happening had he not left us so soon." A tear fell as she reminisced her late husband.

"I want you to do whatever makes you happy darling, and if that means marrying this man, then I want this for you."

"Are you giving me Meredith's hand?" He asked, practically ready to scoop me up and drag me to a chapel.

"Yes Amon, but if you harm her in any way.. you're dead young man!"

He took me over to the couch and sat me down, taking a hand.

"Meredith, will you do me the honor of being my wife, my bride, the mother to our children, and Queen of my world?"

"Yes Amon yes!!" I jumped on him knocking him over, I planted kisses all over his face like a little puppy meeting his owner for the first time.

"Thank you Nonna, thank you so much! I love you so much!" I was crying now, hugging and kissing her all over as she sat in her chair with her wine.

"Does this mean you're leaving child? I know you said when you got married you didn't want to stay in Toronto." I forgot that we were supposed to tell her we were leaving town.

I didn't want to tell her about Hell and the demons I would be ruling over, I looked at Amon trying to decide how to go about this. Nonna is a very religious person, something like that would probably kill her.

"Yes Nonna, we would be moving down south."

"Like Texas? That's pretty Southern!"

"Well, a little more south than that, we're moving south of the equator." Amon spoke up and I was trying to stifle my giggles.

"Very well, but I must come to the wedding, you both know that." She looked from myself to Amon, then back to me.

"Yes Judy, of course you'll be there, it won't matter where it will be, you will be there I promise. Meredith needs her family there, and if you're the only family she has, I could never deny that!"

"Well Amon, you are a sweet sweet man, any man she has ever brought here, were all no good, they couldn't give her a life that I know you could. Tell me, are you comfortable?"

"Nonna!" She actually asked him that? But before I could say anything, Amon spoke to her.

"If you're asking if I have money, I have a lot of it, it might be hard to believe, but I am of royal blood."

"Oh! Well your Highness!" She said erupting into a fit of laughter, we found it hard not to laugh with her.

Some time later after visiting, it was time to go home.

"Are you two sure you don't want to stay overnight? Your house is hundreds of kilometers from here!" Nonna asked while shoving bags of packed leftovers into Amon's arms.

"We would love to, but we have to get back, lots of planning to be done Nonna."

"Oh very well, be safe you two, and Amon, thank you for being the angel in her life. She needs you, I can see that in the way she looks at you." She smiled and gave us both q huge hug and a fat lipstick kiss on each of our cheeks.

"Thank you Judy, it means a lot to have your approval."

We left and headed back to the house.

"I can't believe we are getting married!" I squealed, unable to control it.

"Yes, I too am pleased, but we still have to talk to my parents, we shall do that tomorrow. Tonight we celebrate!"

Hope you are enjoying so far! I'm really enjoying writing it so I hope everyone is enjoying reading it!

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