Inner Demons

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Mommy and Daddy Dearest

Down in hell.

"Has anyone found my son yet!? It's been days since I've heard anything from him!"

"Your Highness! We've found him, he's... With a human."

"WHAT!? That's where he's been? Waltzing around with a human?"

"Honey calm down, we don't know everything."

"I know my son isn't doing his job, and instead is fucking around with a mortal!"

"Watch your mouth with me Killian, just because you're in a mood doesn't mean you need to get snappy with me. We'll just bring him down here and he can explain himself."

"Veluna, if you weren't such a wonderful wife, I'd snap you like a twig for speaking to me like that in front of my subjects."

"Trust me, I would do the same to you."

Back on Earth.

"Oh no." Amon looked at me with worry.

"What is it babe?" I touched his arm.

"My Father, he's summoning me, well he's summoning us." Shaking his head he yelled FUCK!

"It's okay, we can do this, how does he know about me?" My brows were furrowed trying to think of I told anyone else about Amon aside from Nonna.

"Probably the little demons that do all of his snooping around for him. Well are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be to meeting the King and Queen of Hell." I smiled, albeit a tad forced.

"Okay, hold onto me tightly, and you might get nauseous."

We flashed from Toronto to a massive black foyay with a long corridor leading to a ginormous pair of black doors. To our right was a stick skinny woman with thin blonde hair. She looked like a 50's house wife with a tight pinstripe skirt with a matching blazer, and a white with red polka dot blouse to match. She had red cat eye glasses and barely any makeup.

"His royal Highness will see you now Amon." She said his name with a copy 'I know you're in trouble' sort of tone.

"Thank you."

Amon held my arm and pulled me gently down the long corridor.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god." I was breathing heavily now, my heart was pacing rapidly. It felt like I was having a heart attack.

"Just relax, I'm not going to let anything happen to you, my Mother is more than likely there so you will not be harmed in any way. She's pretty nice actually, I think you're going to get along well with her."

We reached the big doors and they automatically opened, not like automatic doors at the grocery store, but it was ghostly, like someone moved them telepathically.

A huge throne room can be seen on the other side of the doors. I saw two figures, one for each throne. The man, looked furious, and he was watching me the whole time. He saw my arm in Amon's, and red flashed in his eyes. The woman beside him was stunning, she had long, straight black hair that went to her waist. She placed her hand on his thigh and he cooled.

We reached the front of the throne room and stopped in front of his parents. Amon bowed as I did a curtsy bow hoping not to enrage the King himself.

"Stand." Was all he said, we stood and waited for someone to say something.

"Oh my dear boy, how has Earth been treating you?" His mother stood and walked over and gave him a hug.

"I am enjoying it quite well Mother. There's someone I want you to meet. This is Meredith, I met her while driving to the house. I felt her Mother." He looked at her hoping she would catch his insinuation. She froze then looked at me.

"Meredith, it's lovely to meet you, I've been wondering who has been taking up so much of my son's time." She smiled softly at me as I just nodded, terrified to say anything.

"Enough! We need to decide how to punish these two."

"Punish? But darling they haven't done anything. Have you?" She asked looking back at us.

"Mother, Father there's something I need to tell you. We are to be wedded, we are in love and ask for your permission to wed. I proposed last night."

"What did you just say to me boy!? Do you have any idea what you just confessed to? There will be punishment for this! I can't just let it slide, it's been forbidden for thousands of years!" Amon's father was furious, and needless to say, I was terrified for my life.

"Your majesty, if I could-"

"And you! Thinking you can seduce my son and take him away? He is the future King of Hell, what could you possibly offer him?" He laughed at me! He was laughing at his own joke. It kind of pissed me off!

"Sir I don't want to take him from you, I want to rule beside him as his Queen."

"A mortal human? Rule Hell? AHAHAHA! You make me laugh small human, you can't possibly think-"

"Oh Killian like you are so humble yourself, you're forgetting how we met. I remember a man once saying the exact same thing to YOU when you were but a young man."

"Father?" Amon looked at him waiting for an explanation.

"Veluna, I told you I never wanted to tell him."

"Mother? Are you, human?"

"Enough! We are done here, human, you are going back to Earth, son, you are going to the dungeon to torture souls for a few millenia to make up for this foolishness. You don't love her, she is a seduction, a whore. She has nothing to give you except trashy pussy."

"You will not speak to my bride that way! I love her Father, and if you will not let us rule Hell together, then I'm not ruling Hell at all." In what felt like a second, the man standing next to me was no longer a man, but a demon.

His height grew at least three or four feet, his wings spread out, stretching to a fifteen foot span. His now black skin looked like an armour to protect himself, his hands and feet turned monstrous with claws the size of a tyrannosaurus tooth. He roared, a roar so loud that it knocked me off my feet. My jaw hung open as his Father turned next. He looked just like Amon, but taller, and a deep blood red. I felt a hand pulling on my own and I began to fight, not seeing who it was, I thought a demon was taking me.

"Come with me Meredith, it's not safe for you here." It was Veluna, she had no fear, her face was calm as if she's dealt with a hundred or so father-son fights.

She took me through hallways, up and down flights of stairs. I had no clue as to where she was taking me, but I had hoped it wasn't my future grave.

After several minutes of silence she said "those boys fight like cats and dogs I swear. They never get along, and that is because Amon's father is never understanding, he wants Amon to be a certain way. It seems that my son has taken after Killian quite well."

"Why does the King hate me? I've done nothing wrong." I haven't even noticed that I was crying. Today was a terrible day, and now I'm in Hell praying that I don't get murdered or eaten.

"He doesn't hate you, he doesn't want Amon to make the wrong choice, now they'll have their fight, then they can calm down and we will all talk about this like civilized people. Or demons!" She cracked up at her own joke which made me smile, Amon was right, she was a lovely woman.

After we made our way around what I am assuming is a castle at this point due to how large it is, Veluna brought me to a room that was similar to a hotel. It had a mini kitchen, a bed, a bathroom, a closet, and an office. I'm not sure what a demon needs with all this stuff, and it seems as though they don't have a lot of house guests.

"This is Amon's room." She said pulling me from my thoughts.

"Nobody cares to come in here, this might be Hell, but there are rules when it comes to the future ruler's quarters." She sat me on the bed and took a seat next to me.

"I apologize for the terrible hospitality, as a human, I forget that demons lack empathy. That's why I only allow them to take deserving souls. Killian wants all of the souls, but why bring innocents here? It never made sense.

"However, what you guys did is forbidden, as you've probably seen by now. Amon said bride, I take he has proposed already?"

I nodded.

"Well I thought I'd never see the day when my son has fallen for someone, let alone a mortal. You must be terrified right now."

"Honestly, I was only terrified until Amon turned, then I felt safe and protected." I didn't understand why, a sight like that is enough to make anyone go white with fear, but not her. She wanted to soothe the beast, to calm him.

"Oh dear, I was afraid of that, did he tell you anything about soulmates?" I shook my head, I couldn't remember if we talked about that, he told me a lot so I'm not shocked that some information slipped my mind.

"Every demon has a soulmate, one they are destined to be with for eternity, you don't pick your soulmate, they are chosen for you by Fate. It seems that Amon has found his, but since Killian and I, there hasn't been soulmates that are half demon and half human. It's been unheard of since. Did Amon tell you about Killian's Father?"

"No, he said his Father killed Satan and took his place on the throne." I had a feeling I knew what she was going to say.

"Satan was Killian's Father, he had to kill him, because Satan was going to kill me. He almost succeeded too if Killy had not shown up." Killy? What an adorable pet name for a demon, I smiled to myself at the thought.

"Wow, so the King had to kill his own Father? To save you?" She nodded in response.

"That's why he forbid it, he doesn't want anyone to have to do the same?" Veluna nodded again.

"Don't you worry your pretty little face, Amon, not I will let anything happen to you. I can see that you and Amon have a love that goes deep, he's never turned like that for anyone, he was ready to protect you even of it meant killing his Father, I give you my blessing child. Killian won't be so forgiving. You'll have to prove your worth to him, make him see what I see. He's a stubborn one."

In that moment, the doors burst open and Amon fell to the floor, he was covered in blood, and it looked like he had been through a lawn mower.

"Oh my god, Amon!" I ran over and tried picking him up, Veluna helped me as I placed him on his bed and got some supplies from the first aid station in the bathroom. I began cleaning his wounds delicately. Thankfully he was unconscious so he didn't feel anything.

"I'll leave you to it, I have a King to rip apart, someone will be by to bring you dinner. What do you like to eat darling?"

"I honestly need a fat cheeseburger with poutine and a milkshake." I wasn't hungry, but that sounded delicious after the day I had.

"Hmm, I heard earthlings like A&W, does that sound good?" She smiled and I returned the smile.

"That sounds wonderful! Thank you."

She left me to tend to Amon, who was still unconscious. I continued to clean and dress his wounds.

After about an hour someone knocks on the door, I am reluctant to answer, but I figured it was probably the food Veluna so kindly offered.

I answered the door to a short stocky man, he wore bottle cap glasses and his hair was nearly gone aside from the cul-de-sac forming on his head. He wore a tweed suit that was brown and tan, and a very obvious clip on tie.

He shoved two huge brown paper bags into my arms, followed by two tall cups, from the smell I knew they were milkshakes. Not saying a word he turned and left. I brought the bags to the mini kitchen and pulled out four cheddar bacon uncle burgers, two poutines, chicken tenders, two chicken burgers and the milkshakes. I sat down with a burger and started to devour it. I hadn't realized how hungry I was until I smelled the food and my stomach grumbled.

"That smells good, where's it from? How did you even get fast food down here?" I shot up and ran to Amon's side and helped him sit upright.

"Your Mom offered to get me some Earth food, you were right, she is a very nice lady." Smiling I hand him a burger with one of the milkshakes.

"Now I know why, she's from Earth." He said halfway through a bite of food.

"You had no idea?" He shook his head.

"I had my suspicions, but my Father always changed the subject when I asked about it. I don't even eat, but this burger is delicious! When we go back we have to go to wherever this is found." He ate his burger and started on the poutine devouring that in only two minutes.

"It's A&W, it's a Canadian fast food joint, the best fast food burger I've ever had!" We finished eating, not one morsel was left and I laid with him on the blood soaked bed. I didn't even care, I was just happy he made it back to me alive.

"Your Mother gave us her blessing, but she says that I have to prove myself to your Father." I shivered at the thought, how the shit am I going to do that!?

"Yeah it won't be easy, you're more than likely going to hate him, but if this is what you want, I know you can handle it." He adjusted himself and winced.

"Do you guys always fight like that?" He shook his head.

"No, I think this is the worst we've ever gone at it, he is displeased to say the least." He sighed, I felt bad for him, I didn't have anything to say so I just held him and let him talk as much as he needed to.

We fell asleep in each other's arm in bliss, not thinking about what lie ahead of us tomorrow, and what the King has in store for punishment.

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