Inner Demons

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Amon's POV

I awoke to a soft scent filling my nose, and a warm body pressed against mine. Looking down I saw my beautiful bride-to-be. She slept soundly as I gingerly slipped out of bed to the shower. A few moments later I heard the bathroom door open and through the frosted glass I saw her silhouette, she was bare. Her bloodied clothes from my wounds are gone and she stepped in joining me.

"How did you sleep my love?" She asked now rinsing herself off.

"Wonderful, I love how you look in the morning, hair toussled, sleepy eyes. You are one tempting goddess." I bent down and kissed her deeply, I shot my tongue into her mouth as she moaned into me.

My hands searched down her body for that aching wet center and they have found it indeed. We had hardly began and her dripping cunt was already ready for my hardened member. I inserted one finger slowly and began to pump in and out as Meredith wrapped her small arms around my neck for support. I slipped in another finger, still pumping them, now going faster. One of her long fair legs now wrapped around my waist. Her moans became louder and her body began to shake.

"Oh god, Amon I'm going to-" before she could finish her sentence, she came all over my fingers. Sweet creamy liquid poured onto my hand. I pulled my fingers out and leaned down onto my knees and started lapping up her juices. She tasted delicious and I could tell Meredith enjoyed it as much as I did, she started to moan again and I took advantage of the opportunity to make her have yet another orgasm before fucking her into oblivion.

"Oh fuck Amon! I can't take another one!"

"Another what?" I asked muffled between her southern lips.

"Oh god, I can't cum again, ugh, oh, oh yes!" She came again all over my face, and before she could gain her balance, I stood up and spun her around facing the wall. Her beautifully rounded ass just begging for a spanking.

I gave it a hard loud smack and she squealed shooting upright. I pushed her head down and against the wall.

"You just stay right there sweetheart." Smack! She squealed again, but stayed where she was. I felt her with my fingers, soaking wet again and ready for me.

"You like it when I spank you don't you?" She tried to shake her head but I said "Baby, your body betrays your head. You like it, and you can't deny it."

"I do like it, I want you Amon." She was breathless now and begging for my cock.

"What do you want me to do Meredith, say it." I could feel she was shy, nervous, but excited.

"I can't."

"Say it Meredith, what do you want me-"

"Fuck me Amon, please fuck me hard!" She shrieked.

With one movement I slammed into her wet cunt. Fucking her as hard as I could, her head was banging off the shower wall but I cared none, it only excited me further.

"You like this don't you Meredith, you like me fucking you like this." I said with hunger in my eyes.

"Oh. Yes. Fuck. Me. Har. DER!" She said between each thrust. Within moments I felt her clench around my member and I knew she was within arm's reach on a third orgasm. As soon as she screamed my name I thrusted one more time as hard as I could and exploded my seed on ever inch of her gloriousness. She started to collapse when I caught her and began washing us both with soap. She couldn't stop planting tiny little kisses all over my face, neck, and chest.

"If you keep that up you mind find your mouth full of something delicious my lovely."

She looked up and without breaking eye contact she knelt down on her knees and put my half hard cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue all over me making me growl. Kissing up and down my shaft and licking from base to tip, stopping temporarily to lick my pre-cum off the end. She then slowly took me in her mouth and moved all the way down so that my whole cock was pushed to the back of her throat.

Without realizing what I was doing, I now had a fist full of her hair and controlled all her movements, pulling her head back and slamming myself into the back of her throat. I was face fucking her hard now, her mouth full of saliva helping me to move in and out with ease.

"Fuck Meredith, I'm cumming!" I shot my load down her throat and she started to lick me clean, making my legs shake with pleasure.

She stood up and we finished our shower and got dressed. Not a moment later I heard my father in my head.

"Son, throne room now!" Was all he said.

"Fuck, way to ruin a moment, my Father is calling us, we need to go see him and Mother in the throne room." I said as I pulled my socks on.

"Oh dear, you think he decided our punishment?" Her voice was soft and meek, I felt around for her emotions and she was terrified. Not of me, of my Father.

"Your scared. What are you scared of? Of me turning again?"

"No." She said shaking her head.

"Your Father, what if he kills me? Or you? I don't want to lose you."

"Whatever happens, we will be together okay? I won't let him hurt you. I promise." She smiled, but she was looking at her fidgeting hands.

"Come, let's get this over with." I took her hand and we head towards the throne room to accept our punishment. It's never an easy punishment, I knew we were going to be separated, but I couldn't tell Meredith that. She was already frightened enough. I just hope that she will be safe, no I KNOW she will be safe. I will never let anything happen to her.

After a few minutes of walking we came back to the giant corridor leading to the throne room we walked in and did our bow and curtsey and waited for my Father to start his speech.

"After some thinking, I decided what would be best suited for your punishment. Meredith, you will go back to Earth and forget this ever happened, the Queen will not allow me to block and memories, so do your damned best." She nodded.

"Amon, son, you will be staying here in Hell. You have temporarily lost your privelages on Earth, and to make sure you don't sneak off.. you will be staying down in the dungeon to torture sinner souls for a while. Until I feel you are ready, and by ready I mean until you forget about this puny human."

"Father I-"

"No, you do not get to negotiate with me, say your good-bye so I can send her back to Earth."

"Mother? Can't you say something? You can't possibly think this is a good idea!" She couldn't even look at me. She knew this was wrong, but there was nothing she could do.

"Amon honey, I wish I could change his mind, but he's the King, you can't go against his word, just take his punishment, and you and I can talk later." I knew she was right, but I was still angry with her, after what her and my Father had gone through, I thought they would both have some compassion.

"Your Majesty, your Highness? I thank you for everything." I heard Meredith speak, I turned to look at her and she was now facing me.

"Amon, you have been amazing, you are everything I could ever imagine you would be. I love you, and the real you, the massive demon that showed himself to me yesterday. You have saved my life and I am forever grateful for you. You have no idea what you have done for me. Thank you for everything, and even if we never see each other again. You will always be my King as I will always be your bride and Queen. I love you Amon."

Before I could even reach out to tough her, she was gone. Empty air sat in front of me with only a wisp of her scent left in the air.

"I despise you Father, after everything you and Mother went through, why won't you let us be together. Would you rather me hate you for eternity, if you had let her stay, nobody would be hurt. Now I've lost my soulmate."

A second later my true form erupted and I flashed into demon form, fires exploded around me and glass shattered in every window.

"Fuck you 'KING', fuck you! I will NEVER forgive you for this!"

I went to the dungeon and tortured every soul I could find, I even found the mother fucker that tried to rape my beloved, he recognized me and tried to run. All I did was lick my lips and decided his torture. I repeatedly fucked him up the ass with my massive demon cock, ripping him apart as he screamed into oblivion. Then I would eat him. I repeated this for hours, for him it was years. It never got boring, I loved watching scummy parasites like this one get what they deserve, I only enjoyed it further and continued his torment for 6 more months.

Hope you are enjoying this story so far, and if you have made it this far without getting bored, let me know what you think down below in the comments!!
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