Inner Demons

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Back On Earth

Meredith's POV

I blinked and he was gone, I was gone. I'm in the huge house in Amon's bedroom, the sadness I was suppressing had hit me like a bus.

I collapsed to the floor crying, I was hyperventilating and couldn't catch my breath. I couldn't feel his presence and I no longer felt comfortable. I heard several sets of footprints barreling up the stairs and Amon's door flew open and his three huge friends stood gaping at me.

"Where is he!?" One yelled, I think it was Madar.

"Where the fuck is Amon!?" Shouted Rin.

I was picked up and slammed into a wall and Tyreel stood before me with black eyes, I could see fangs peeking out of his mouth and he was seething with rage.

"Bitch I will fucking rip your head off if you don't start answering our questions." He was choking the life out of me and I could feel the pressure building in my face.

"Tyreel man, let her go! You're fucking killing her!" I heard Madar shouting and my vision went blurry. Tunnels ran in and out of my vision as I was clambering at the huge hands preventing me from breathing, then everything went black, and I was limp. I could faintly hear yelling then I was dropped to the floor. It should have hurt but I felt nothing. Then, I was out.

I could hear two voices, one sounded like Madar and the other, was familiar. No, I couldn't be, I tried to move, to open my eyes, but I couldn't. In my head I was screaming, calling out to him. I was finally able to open my eyes and when I did I saw only Madar, the other voice was gone there was no one left in the room.

When I tried to speak my voice was harsh and raspy. My throat was incredibly sore and my head was throbbing.

"Amon was here, he told me everything. I'm sorry about what Tyreel did to you, Amon ripped him a new one that's for sure." I was glaring at him, my arms crossed on my chest.

"Meredith, I've been told to bring you home with all of your belongings. Order of the King you know."

"I am aware." Is all I could make out with my strained throat.

"Is there anywhere you can go? Parents? Siblings?" He asked and I nodded.

"My grandmother." I squeaked out.

"I'll bring you to her then, she won't be happy about her granddaughter arriving in such a way."

No she won't, I thought to myself. She is going to be livid. Angry with Amon, with me, with the guy who choked the shit out of me. She's going to rampage.

We packed up the remainder of my bags and said goodbye to Rin and slapped Tyreel across the face.

"Don't ever touch me again!" I said and I turned and stepped into the car.

We started our drive to my Nonna's house and the drive was quiet. We both had little to nothing to say to each other. Finally Madar broke the silence.

"I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk more. I know you and Amon are fond of each other. And about Tyreel-" I cut him off.

"Don't apologize for him, you didn't do anything wrong, he's a prick, 'nuff said. So far you've been the most accepting. The other two hate me." I crossed my arm, and put one leg across another and watched the trees pass by, all the cute houses with kids playing in their yards. Dogs running around and parents snapping pictures. That could have been us Amon. I thought to myself.

"I know." A voice in my head spoke to me and I smiled knowing who it belonged to.

We pulled up to my Nonna's house and she was knitting a blanket in her rocking chair on the porch. Her cup of coffee beside her and she was fixated. Peering up at us I could see her squinting, and when she saw me she had a huge smile grow on her face. She stood up and met us in the driveway. I stepped out and as soon as she had a good look at me and saw my freshly bruised neck, her face darkened and she began telling at Madar.

"Who the fuck did this to her! Was it you you little fuck!? I'm gonna have your god damn head so fucking help me boy!" She was riddled with anger, just right pissed off!

"Nonna calm down! It wasn't him please just listen! I have something I need to tell you!" I held onto her and looked into her eyes.

"Nonna, I'm okay, what happened to me is a misunderstanding, Amon is gone and I didn't have a ride so Madar brought me home. We need to talk about some things that might be hard to hear, or hard to understand. I need you to calm down and trust me okay?" I gave her arm a rub and thanked Madar for bringing me here and we brought my bags into the house. He left the driveway leaving me alone with Nonna and I was preparing to have my ass ripped apart.

"Let's go inside, we have to talk about why you look like you had the shit beaten out of you." She turned and went inside.

After many cups of wine, I explained everything to her. Demons, Hell, being banished from marrying Amon. I was so overwhelmed with everything, I became nauseated. I suppressed my sickened stomach and I heard a long exhale from the other side of the kitchen table.

"If this is some sort of joke I'll have your ass young lady."

"I'm telling you the truth Nonna, I would never lie to you." She sighed once more and stood up.

"Meredith, stay here as long as you need to. We are going to find a way to get you and Amon back together. Regardless of what it takes to do that. You two belong together, and that man Killian is stupid if he thinks you guys don't belong together. Let's get some sleep and figure out our plan in the morning." She kissed the top of my head and put the bottle of wine and the glasses away. She helped me settle into my room and turned in for the night.

I lay on my bed thinking about him, how was I supposed to get him back? The only way to do it is go to Hell, and that would be very difficult.

"I miss you Amon." I whispered into the air.

"I miss you too my bride, my beloved." I smiled and fell asleep.

I dreamt of my future husband all night. We made love incredulously, and it was mind blowing.

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