Inner Demons

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Too Late

I was heading in for my night shift at the restaurant. It had been six months since Amon and I parted ways and my feelings for him were stronger now than they ever had been. Like a constant withdrawal from the worst drug possible. I started at Gino's Cuisine about two months ago. It's an Italian restaurant, not completely authentic, but not bad considering what I grew up with.

"Hey Gino! Sorry I'm late, my Nonna needed a ride home from her eye appointment, those drops are a real pain sometimes!" I listened for a reply but the place was silent.

Usually the other girls and Gino would be here by now opening for dinner but it seems no one was here.

"Gino? Tabitha? Is anyone here?" I called out but no one responded. That's weird I thought, better go look around.

I checked everywhere and no one was around, the last room I checked was Gino's office, I have the only other key, even though I'm new, I knew how to run the place better than anyone else.

Opening the door to his office I found three mangled bodies on the floor. They had been ripped apart from head to toe.

"Oh my god!" I covered my mouth controlling the sickening feeling creeping up my throat. I ran to the sink to empty out my lunch from this afternoon.

"Feel better?" I shot up and recognized the voice behind me. It wasn't friendly at all. It was menacing and hungry for something else to rip apart.

"Why are you here?" I asked knowing exactly who I was talking to.

"I've been looking for you, it seems your little friend has been breaking the rules. He's been checking on you recently."

"I haven't talked to him in months, I haven't even seen him since we parted." I was shaking violently. Nausea creeping back up my throat.

I suddenly felt someone right behind me. His mouth in my ear.

"I'm going to enjoy this darling."

A hand grabbed a fistful of hair and my head was snapped sideways. He sniffed my hair and proceeded to lick my neck. Starting at my collarbone and up into my ear.

"Get the fuck off me you sicko!" I was bucking and punching as hard as I could, but it did nothing for the man making his way with me.

"Yes little one fight me, it only turns me on more. I've been wanting to fuck you since the day you walked through my door." Tyreel said fight me with such hunger. I was terrified and all I wanted was to have Amon here to rip him apart.

He dragged my fighting body to the kitchen and brought me to the massive cooktop stove. It had been turned on a while ago so it was scalding by now.

Pushing my face towards the burning elements, he began to threaten me.

"If you try to escape, you're body will be found in pieces. Understood?" His black eyes were back and more frightening than ever.

"F- fuck you!" He pressed my cheek against the element, and I began screaming and kicking as hard as I could. Snap!

"Aahhhh!!!" He kicked the side of my knee in and the snap of my bones could be heard from across the room, and I was limp.

"Submissive, much better. You are so much more sexy when you let me do what I want." He was dripping with evil intensions, I knew what he wanted and I knew I couldn't fight anymore.

He ripped my top open revealing my white lace bra, and in one motion he ripped my jeans off to reveal the matching white lace thong underneath.

He licked his lips as he gazed at my whole body, his hand went up and down my midsection as I squirmed trying to get out of his grasp.

Tyreel's hand slammed into my throat, threatening to snap my neck if I made another sound.

"Trust me sweetheart, you can let me fuck you now, or when you are dead. Alive or not, I am going to cum in that sweet cunt of yours, and maybe your ass too, depends how I feel. I'm usually an ass man."

I can no longer speak, the pain in my neck and knee were excruciating, and all I can do is cry.

He grew a nail out of his index finger upon will, it was eight inches long and sharp like a brand new knife. He placed it where my trachia would be and ran his claw down the center of my chest, then belly, and stopped at the waistband of my thong. One swipe and it was now in pieces around me. He sat up and said, "Flip over. Now."

"What? No, please no, please don't make me do this!" I was pleading now, which only spurred my attacker more.

He grabbed my arm and flipped me over effortlessly and I was now on my stomach.

He spanked my ass two, three, seven times before I lost count.

"Mmm yes, I'm going love fucking your ass." He shot three fingers in my core hard, and violently. I screamed out, only to have a giant hand cover my mouth. I felt wet but it wasn't a good kind, and almost as if on cue, he showed me his hand. My eyes widened at the sight of my own blood all over his hand, still crying he pumped harder, slamming my face into the floor. He exited, but returned with a huge member, slamming into me hard. I jumped forward, but his hands holding me in place stopped me from going anywhere.

"Oh fuck yes, I love this bloody pussy of yours. You're mine now bitch." He seethed between each thrust. He finally finished, but before I could catch my breath I felt a finger poking at another hole.

"No no please! I don't want-" I screamed as he pushed a finger up the forbidden area. I couldn't breathe from the pain as he pumped his finger in and out, spitting on me for lubrication.

Down in Hell-Amon's POV

I've been down in the dungeon for six months, torturing and tormenting sinner souls. Yesterday I had gotten caught for checking in on Meredith. I'm unsure as to how because Madar and I had it all covered. He would glamour into my form and take over for a few hours so I could sneak up to Earth. I have a feeling that it was Tyreel, he always had something against Meredith, and I could never figure out what it was.

My Father had me chained to the floor and ceiling, with Demon markings to prevent me from flashing to another place. My arms above my head and feet straight down with shackles on each wrist. I felt the irony of it because I looked just like Jesus himself.

A weird feeling washed over my gut and I got sick to my stomach. It happened again, then, I heard her voice in my head. Meredith was calling for me telepathically, and she's in danger. A fuck load of it too.

"Madar! Can you heard me!? I need you to get back to me now!" I yelled out into the air, and even spoke through our minds.

Not a moment later Madar came in rushing to me.

"What is it Amon?" Madar has been my partner, and best friend since the beginning of time. We always had each other's backs, so I knew I could trust him.

"It's Meredith, she's in trouble, she's calling me." My eyes said enough and Madar presented a set of old fashioned shackle keys.

"Go, I'll figure something out, and hey, I hope you get to you in time." With that I flashed back to Earth.

Back on Earth

I flashed outside of a restaurant, it was quiet, too quiet. I saw the open sign flashing with neon greens, yellows, blues, and reds. The schedule on the window said it should be open.

I burst into the restaurant and couldn't hear anything, panic set in as I searched for her. After discovering the four bodies in the office I walked into the kitchen to find a sight beyond anything I have ever imagined.

Blood was everywhere, I could smell food burning, and a limp body lay on the floor. Her clothes scattered around her, hair clumped together with blood, snot, and tears. Her lower half looks as if it were hit by a car, long scratches went up her leg and back. Blood dripping from her two areas that should only be owned by me. I wanted to kill anything and everything in my path. Until I heard a voice behind me, a soft gentle one.

"Son, we need to take her down to Hell. She won't live long if we don't do something now." It was my Mother.

"Who would do this? Don't tell me it was-" she cut me off.

"Tyreel, I can smell him all over the place here, come let's go son." She began picking up Meredith's clothes and I picked her up in a cradle.

"Mm, A-Am..." She tried to speak but she was too weak.

"Sshh, don't speak, I'm here baby, your safe, I'm sorry I was too late." Tears forced themselves into my eyes, I was going to kill Tyreel for this.

"Too late would have meant she was dead, to me, to her.. you were right on time. Don't beat yourself up, she's alive, and that's what matters." I love my Mother, even in the most dire situations, she still manages to be the coolest of all of us. Bless her human side.

"Thanks Mother, I hope she makes it." I kissed Meredith's forehead and the three of us flashed to Hell.

To those faint of heart, I apologize for offending, or triggering those who have suffered from sexual assault. You have been warned before reading this story.

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