Inner Demons

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The Aftermath

Meredith's POV

"Hey! Go get Amon, she's waking up! NOW!"

"Mm A-.."

"Sshh sshh, don't speak darling, Amon is on his way now." Veluna? Where am I? I'm laying on something soft, this isn't the restaurant.

"Where is she? Meredith? Can you hear me? It's Amon, baby?" Amon? Am I hearing this right?

My eyes opened to Amon and Veluna staring down at me, I tried sitting up and succeeded with the help of both of them.

"Amon? Veluna?" I looked around remembering Amon's room from my last visit in Hell.

"How did I get here, how did you find me? Oh god where is he!?" I tried getting out of bed but, my legs, I can't feel them!

"My legs, why can't I feel them!" Panic sat in as I began to hyperventilate.

"Meredith calm down, we gave you an epidural.. your hip was fractured on one side." Veluna spoke, I could hear in her voice that she didn't have good news.

"Meredith, do you remember what happened?" She asked, I nodded in response.

"Amon, can you please excuse us? I think it's better that you are absent for this next question."

"No, I want to do exactly what happened. He is going to pay for this." He stood his ground firmly, going against his Mother, and Queen.

"Amon?" My voice was weak, and timid.
"It's okay, you should go, I'll be fine. I trust her completely."

He gave me a kiss and left myself and Veluna to have one Hell of an awkward conversation.

"Okay, now tell me what happened, I need to know as much as you can remember." Veluna's voice was soft and comforting. Having a fellow human to talk to felt nice, someone who can feel the empathy I needed right now.

"Oh it was awful, I have never felt pain like that before." I continued telling her everything up until I blacked out.

"Did you pass out before or after he left?" Her eyes filled with concern and tears. I just shook my head.

"Meredith, you need to tell me."

"Before." I began sobbing helplessly into Veluna's robes. Choking and sputtering, but she did not care. She stroked my head and held onto my tightly.

Not a moment later Killian burst through the door with Amon right behind him yelling.

"Why the fuck are you back here? I banished you!" He was furious, his eyes in demon form, a striking cobalt blue, I swear I saw lightning flash across them

"Killian that's enough, she's been through enough. Do you know what your 'soldier' has done to her? He has broken forbidden rules. You should deal with that FIRST before coming in here traumatizing this poor girl who has been raped. Her finger was waving and pointing in his face, had I not been so terrified I would have begun laughing.

"Father, we need to find where Tyreel is, there's no doubt that he's hiding. He needs to be judged for this."

"What's judging?" I asked. All three of them looked at me.

"To judge someone is what Earthlings would call court. The one being 'judged' stands before the King and explains what they did or why. You'll be called up Meredith, can you do that? You don't have to, but it would assist our chances of winning." Amon spoke up, I have to tell everyone in Hell what happened to me? That's a lot harder than I would think.

"I'll do it, if it means he'll get what he deserves then so be it." I felt confident that we would win, after all, they have proof of what happened.

"It's settled then, Killian, Amon, you will find Tyreel and put his ass in the dungeon when you do. Meredith and I need to go to the hospital and get all her tests done. Are you willing to do that Meredith?" I nodded, then it hit me.

"Nonna! She has to be so worried! I need to talk to her!"

"We will grab her and bring her to the hospital with us. You need a doctor to look at you." I nodded again. Veluna picked me up and we flashed to the outside of my Grandmother's house.

We walked up to the door and knocked. I heard some shuffling around thankful that she was home. She opened the door and dropped the coffee mug in her hand into the floor where it broke into pieces.

"Hello Judy, I'm Veluna, Amon's Mother, something happened to your daughter and we need to go to the hospital. We will explain everything on the way." Tears formed in Nonna's eyes as she grabbed her purse and keys to her Honda Civic.

"Oh Mere Mere, you scare the shit out of me some days." She said as we drove to the hospital. My hips were still numb from the epidural, but I know it will wear off soon. They said my hip was fractured, what did he do to me after I passed out?

At the hospital, I was registered and placed in a gown, it took Nonna, Veluna and one other nurse to help me change and get in and out of my temporary wheel chair. After multiple blood tests, a pelvic exam, and an x-ray, the doctor confirmed that I had been raped. My Nonna had to be escorted out of the hospital because she had lost her mind. Understandably so, so the security guards told her she could come back in if she was willing to stay calm.

"Hello Meredith, my name is Dr. Heeler, Dr. Chakowski informed me about what happened to you. I'm very sorry that you had to come here under such terrible circumstances. How are you feeling?" She smiled at me with kind eyes, she had blonde hair pulled tightly into a bun, she was petite in every way.

"I don't know how I'm feeling right now, I don't feel anything really, just numb, your name is well suited to your profession." She began to chuckle.

"Yes, I've been told that a time or two, I've heard my share of jokes if you couldn't believe it! What you are feeling is completely normal. You did the right thing by coming in today. Now let's take a look at your chart. Hmm, yes, okay. So it looks like you have a hip fracture, you've had vaginal and anal trauma, and your throat is severely bruised. Your mother in-law informed me that you had an epidural for pain management. We're you aware that you were pregnant?"

Pregnant!? No fucking way. That's impossible, how could I have been? I looked up and saw my Nonna and Veluna staring at me with their jaws hung to the floor.

"No, no I can't be, how far along am I?" I was dumbfounded, we didn't use condoms sure, but it's not like we fucked like rabbits.

"Well, Meredith.." she sighed, that can't be good.

"The trauma was severe, I'm afraid the baby didn't make it." Her head hung as I began to cry, I don't know why I cried. I had no clue that I was carrying a child, I had some weird nausea a few times, but I was under extreme stress, anyone would vomit from that.

"I need to talk to Amon, your Highness, would it be too much to ask of you to go get him? I need to tell him about this." Veluna wiped the tears out of my eyes and smiled.

"Of course, we will not be long darling." She flashed and was gone. My Nonna walked in right after they left.

"Nonna I-" before I could say anything, she came over and lay down on the bed with me and held me.

"Don't even think about apologizing, this was not your fault, I am here for you, for whatever you need. I'm not going anywhere. I'm just so fucking happy you are safe, and alive." We laid together until I heard the faint shuffle of clothing and knew my love was back.

"Meredith, oh you're okay, thank fuck." Amon strode over and wrapped his massive body around mine and took Nonna's place beside me.

"We should give them a minute, my son is not going to want an audience for what's about to be said." Veluna turned and walked out of the room with Nonna right behind her.

"Amon, there's something I need to tell you, and it's really hard for me to say. Mostly because I don't know how you will react." I waited for him to respond.

"Nothing you say will ever make me mad, whatever you need to tell me, you can trust that you have my attention." He kissed my ear sending goosebumps down my arms and back.

"Amon, I, I found out that I was pregnant." I waited for the explosion.

"You're pregnant!? Oh that's great news baby! I know it's soon but we will work- wait, were? So, you're not anymore?" I could feel his eyes on me, and I began to sweat, he's going to lose his mind about what I'm going to tell him next.

"The trauma, from Tyreel, it was too much for the baby, I'm sorry Amon." I began to cry again, how many times have I cried today!?

"Listen, don't apologize, how could you have known, you can't even tell that you were pregnant. I'm going to fucking kill him, he killed my baby... He WILL pay for this, but for now I have a job, and it's to be with you."

"Thank you Amon for being so amazing about this, most guys would take off if something like this happened. They run from the stigma attached." I nuzzled his neck and began to doze off.

"I'm not going anywhere Meredith, not this time."

Phew! What a chapter! What will happen to Meredith and Amon? Will they find and capture Tyreel? Keep reading to find out!
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