Inner Demons

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Amon's POV

"Have you found anything yet Madar?"

"No Amon, not yet, but we have everyone looking for him. We'll find Tyreel, we are doing everything we can."

"Good, he has to pay for what he has done to my bride-to-be."

"Yes, he must. He has done unspeakable things in these recent events, even Killian is on the hunt for him."

He's right, my Father has been furious with him ever since he found out what happened. He has been quite fond of Meredith ever since the incident.

"Go, she is waking now and I need to tend to her." I turned and saw her looking around, and relieved herself when we locked eyes.

"Yes sir." He flashed and was gone a moment later.

"Hello my future bride, how are you feeling after your physiotherapy yesterday?"

It has been a week since we arrived at the hospital after the incident. Her physiotherapy is going great since her hip replacement surgery. There was a massive infection in her hips from Tyreel's abuse so they had to do an emergency surgery. This was her third session and the worst so far. She collapsed mid-session and she refused to get up again, so we called it quits for the night.

"Extremely sore, but I'm going to try again once I've had a bath." She winced as she adjusted herself and I felt a pang in my chest. I hated seeing her in pain, but that's one of the hardships of our relationship, she's a human and she feels pain. Something I'm going to have to get used to.

"I'm okay baby, don't worry, the doctor said I've already improved a lot in such a short time. We'll be out of here before we know it!" Meredith was always so positive and optimistic. One of the many things that I fell inlove with when I met her.

Madar burst through our room frantic. He ran over yelling about a warehouse in Vancouver.

"Amon, we've found him! He's in Vancouver, one of our intels spotted him going into a warehouse!" You could tell he was proud of himself, he always did right by me. Never let me down." I grinned and clapped him on the back.

"Fuck buddy you're a work of damned art boy!" We started hootin' and hollerin' and I looked back at my beautiful woman. My love, I'm going to avenge what he did to you, I swear on my life.

"I have to let her know, go pack the right shit, you know what we need, I'm going to see her before we go find him, make sure they keep all eyes on him wherever he goes understood?" He was gone and I turned and went inside our room.

"Meredith, good news! They've found him, we're going to retrieve him and take him down to Hell for Judgement!" She was gleaming at me news but soon frowned.

"You have to go to?" Oh, my love.

"I would stay my love, but this is personal, something I HAVE to do. Unless you really want me to stay, you'd be safe. With my parents, and Madar, you're in safe hands." I gave her soft eyes and she sighed heavily and quirked one eyebrow at me.

"Fine, if you must, but if you go and get killed... I'm gonna be pissed." Her arms crossed at me and I couldn't help but laugh. I crawled in next to her and spooned her backside, my dick hardening from the pressure of her beautiful round ass.

"Stop it Amon, you know we can't be intimate for a few more months."

"Mmm yes but you smell and feel so amazing, you make it hard for me to resist, at least I get to kiss you as much as I want." I hate Tyreel for doing this to her, I couldn't wait to rip him apart in Judgement, Madar was going to be here soon with our bags, then I would have to leave her to hunt down that motherfucker.

Almost as if he heard my thoughts, Madar started banging on our door.

"Yeah man come in, my love I must go, please be safe, once my Mother gets here I will go." I felt her sharp inhale and I knew she began to cry. She acts tough on the outside, but I know she is a very vulnerable woman, she's innocent, and that fuck tainted her.

"Amon? Are you ready?" My mother.

"Yes, I love you Meredith." I whispered into her ear. She turned and kissed me deeply, her tongue fought its way into my mouth and my mouth was receptive and welcomed her to invade.

She pulled away and looked deep into my eyes with tears falling out of hers.

"Come back to me Amon, don't leave me." She whispered.

"I will, I'm not going to leave you." I whispered back and we kissed once more.

Madar and I flashed to Vancouver outside of the warehouse where my intel was located.

"Psst, over here!" It was Rin, he was behind a pair of dumpsters, he was wearing all dark clothes and was with four others.

We approached the group and knelt down.

"So what's the plan boys?" I asked the group, they were smart boys, they knew the ins and outs of every city and country on Earth. They could tap into any satellite they wanted, pure genuis'.

"Balls deep sir, we all know what this means to you, we are going to take everyone. Leaving him for you to find yourself. We're just going to make sure we cover you." One man spoke, he was young, and new. Good chance he'll die tonight, but I enjoy his enthusiasm.

"That's what I like to hear, well, let's go then. We don't leave without Tyreel!

Bursting through the doors to the warehouse we held our swords at the ready. Hundreds of black, red, purple, and blue eyes stared gaping at us.

"Where's Tyreel! By orders of the King he is being charged for committing unforgivable crimes! Anyone who is harboring him will be slain in the name of the King!" I shouted, my voice, I'm sure could be heard throughout the whole warehouse.

"Killian is no longer our King, Tyreel is, he's going to take the throne right out from underneath that smug little prick." One demon replied, and a murmur of voices followed his betrayal to my Father.

"Is that so? Well, looks like my boys and I are going to have quite a bit of fun! CHARGE!"

At once the four of us ran forward screaming and hollering at the top of our lungs. Just then a swarm of men came following us behind, I turned to Madar and a grin stretched across his face.

"I figured we could use the help, I gathered as many men as I could for you sir."

"Fucking Madar, you never cease to amaze me!"

We fought Tyreel's men with everything we had, I managed toake it to the stairs and began climbing. We overheard some men saying not to let us to the top floor, which is exactly where I planned to go.

Screams and laughter -from my men no doubt- could be heard underneath me as I reached the top floor. I saw a large steel door at the end of a hall and I could smell that son-of-a-bitch.

I kicked down the door and I saw him, all black suit with a red tie, hair slicked back, and his wings were out. They looked like tattered parachute, like bat wings with two sharp claws, one for each tip of the wing.

"There you are you sick fuck! Do you find it funny hurting innocent women like that? Especially MY woman? Are you stupid Tyreel?" I felt my eyes turn and my wings stretching against the skin of my back, desperately trying to break free. I was going to rip him apart of I didn't get him to Hell soon.

"Oh Amon, you poor naive bastard, don't you see? This, this is wrong of you. I'm just trying to help you see that." He just simply shrugged, I was going to fucking kill him.

"You're dead Tyreel, once you go through Just, you're dead." I lunged, fangs bared and ready to kill.

He hissed and lunged back, landing on the wall and climbing up to the ceiling, in that moment we both turned at once, to our true form and our fight began.

We clawed gashes down each other's chests, I had broken his leg at one point and he took flight, hovering above the ground. Taking my chance I ran forth and superman dove taking him out and we flew through the large window behind him. We fell about a hundred feet slamming into the concrete making everyone on the bottom floor freeze.

We both lie on the ground motionless and I heard Madar yell out my name. I tried to sit up but every inch of my body was screaming at me not to move. I knew every bone I'm my body was broken.

"Madar, leave me and get him down to Hell, take him while he's unable to move."

"But Amon.."

"GO! Agh, I'll be, ungh, I'll be fine! Just go!" He gave me a final look and scooped Tyreel up and flashed to Hell.

"Sir, what can we do?" The young one from before was still alive, impressive.

"Get me out of here, take me to my quarters then go to retrieve my Father. The go and check on Meredith, and if you touch her I swear to fucking God.."

"No one will harm your future Queen sir, believe me!" I was now in human form and he threw me over his shoulder and we flashed to my room.

"Oh my god! What happened to him?!" Meredith? Oh fuck...

"Don't worry Meredith, he'll be fine, just needs to rest, I must go find the King, he needs you right now."

"Thank you Jeremy." That's his name, not very demonic I'll admit, but he's a tough kid.

We were left alone and I heard her sigh heavily and I heard footsteps as she approached my motionless body.

"You asshole, I told you not to get yourself killed." She began to clean my wounds gingerly, her delicate touch felt nice on my wounded body. I felt no pain.

"I didn't die, nearly yes, but it takes a lot more than that fuck head to kill me." I tried to laugh but it was too painful and I ended up wincing instead.

"Don't move, how long does something like this take to recover?" She asked with reluctance, I could tell she was pissed off at me for almost killing myself, but if it meant I get her justice, then so be it.

"Couple of days, tomorrow the broken bones should be healed, I will just be really sore." Even though I smiled to reassure her but she did not return it.

"Amon, you could have died back there, he's not worth dying over." I saw a tear stream down her face and it broke my heart. I never wanted to hurt her.

"You are though, I would die for you any day Meredith, but, I am sorry for scaring you. One thing you must remember, I'm a demon, we are extremely difficult to kill. Almost impossible, we spring back swiftly. I hope that can ease your racing mind." I could now move my arm and I cupped her cheek and pulled her lips to mine. We got lost in our kiss for several minutes, our tongues dancing in perfect harmony, our hands knowing exactly what to do. Until..

"Son! Shit you look rough, I heard what happened, I'm proud of what you've done today Son. I'll be proud the day you take the throne." He really was proud, a grin stretched across his face to both ears.

"Thanks Father, when's Judgement?" I could now sit up, broken bones have never healed this quickly before. It must be her, she gives me this sense of power that I have never felt before. A power than I can survive anything the universe can throw at me. I should have died back in that warehouse, but I think she saved my life, without knowing it.

"As soon as you can walk Son, he's in the dungeon until you are ready." He gave me a nod and left me to my love.

"Now where were we?" I asked her, she gave me a wink and straddled me. Leaned down and started to kiss me all over, starting on my face, and moving down my neck and chest. My cock was now rock hard and begging for her sweet wetness. She lifted the gown she was wearing, to reveal she wasn't wearing any panties.

She slowly lowered herself into me, gliding down with ease, her warmth enveloped me with liquid pooling all around my cock.

"Mmm Amon, you feel so good inside of me." Her head rolled back as she slowly lifted herself and lowered back down. She went slowly, being sure not to cause me any pain.

"Faster, go faster Meredith." I was begging to cum inside of that beautiful core.

"I don't want to hurt you." I breathed, still lost in ecstasy.

I grabbed her hips and lifted her up and began to thrust, I pushed through the pain and thrust hard, and swift, making her groans louder, her nails digging into my skin.

I was fucking her as hard as I could, I flipped her over and spun her onto her stomach and thrust my cock deep into her pussy, harder and harder until that wonderful climax approached. She clenched down hard around my member and let out a huge cry as we both entered a glorious orgasm. She collapsed atop me and we both caught our breath.

"You ready to do this baby?" I asked her as I stroked my fingers up and down her back and arms.

"Yes, let's put this fucker down." She said and got up and got dressed.

We head for the throne room hand in hand, freshly fucked, and ready to end this bullshit with Tyreel. We head inside and found a room full of all sorts of demons, monsters, and the King and Queen at the front of the room also hand in hand.

Approaching my Mother and Father, we bowed and took our seat next to them.

"Bring in the Judged!" My father shouted at one of the demons and he left, he returned almost instantly with Tyreel, he was shackled and strapped down in special demon wear that kept us restrained. It leaves you like a human, weak and powerless, it's a form of humiliation for the Judged.

After Tyreel was seated my Father stood up and approached him.

"Tyreel, you are being Judged for committing several forbidden crimes. The first, betraying your King, and the rest of Hell. The second, conspiring against and to steal the Throne. The third and final charge, rape of an innocent. How do you plea?" Tyreel looked around at the room staring at him. He began to laugh hysterically, everyone's jaw hit the floor including my own.

"Well I don't know about the first two, but I would be glad to fuck that sweet little pussy of Amon's again." What!? I lunged at him and flew him into a wall and started ripping him apart.

"Amon enough! Take your fucking seat!" My father yanked me off of Tyreel and threw me backward to my chair.

"I've heard everything I need to hear, you're done Tyreel, take him downstairs to the dungeon and take him out. His sentence is DEATH!" My father slammed his gavel and the whole room roared with cheers, as they escorted Tyreel down to the dungeon.

"Father." I spoke leaning toward him.

"I wish to speak with him before he dies."

"Is that a good idea Son?" He cocked an eyebrow at me and I nodded.

"Okay, let's go, quickly, it won't take long before they finish him off." We left and Meredith tagged along. I tried to change her mind but she was adamant. Sue wanted to personally punch him in the nuts.

We arrived at his room and Meredith pulled my arm back.

"Are you okay? You don't have to do this, you know that right?" I spoke softly to her, feeling her emotions, she was terrified, and didn't want to go inside.

"No, I need to do this, let's go." I nodded and told her hand as I opened the door.

We walked into, an empty room? Where was he?

"Where is Tyreel? He's supposed to be here!" I shouted at omen outside.

Five men walked in with sword drawn, they scoured the room top to bottom. One of them began to shout.

"Sound the alarm, he's escaped! Now now now!" Instantly a loud siren began to sound.

"Amon... Come look at this." Meredith was where Tyreel should have been tied up. She was holding a piece of paper with a note.

Amon, Meredith,

Looks like you lost this time, when I see you again, it will be when I plunge a sword through your chest, and the last thing you see will be my cock buried deep in your wife's throat.

The war has only just begun.


I looked at Meredith, she was crying, it wasn't over. It had only just begun.

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