Inner Demons

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Chapter 2

"Madar! You ready to fucking leave yet?" Amon paid the bill for the dinner, while he waited for his partner to get back from the bathroom.

"Yeah yeah I'm coming!" Madar practically fell out of the men's washroom with a tall slender red haired woman tumbling behind him. Clothes in disarray, and hair toussled, Amon shook his head knowing what his friend had just been up to.

"What the fuck took you both so long, you know what? I don't even want to know." Amon still shaking his head at the two who had just fucked like rabbits in a public restroom.

Madar was tucking his shirt into his pants while the still nameless redhead giggled like an annoying school girl. Amon could have snapped her neck right then and there. He despised easy humans who threw themselves at their feet. If only they knew his true form, then they would run for the hills.

"Come on let's go, we have work to do tonight." Amon said, trying not to kill the girl who was eye fucking his friend.

After Amon dropped Madar off at his lady friend's place to continue their sickening acts, he drove around the city of Toronto looking for his next jobs.

Passing by a dusty old bar named Tony's Bar, Amon couldn't help but feel a strange sensation, it started in his head, working down to the pit of his stomach. That he needed to get out and walk towards the alley behind the bowling arena and some sort of shady pot shop.

As he got closer to the alley the feeling in his stomach grew increasingly strong almost making him nauseous. As he snuck behind the corner to the alley he came into view of a tall muscular man wearing a hoodie and jeans, and what he saw boiled his blood until he only saw red.

He saw him trying to rape the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, and she was unconscious. Lying limp on the ground while this disgusting piece of shit parasite was going to try and fuck her.

"Oh yeah, you're about to die motherfucker!"

Hope you are liking it so far, welcome to friendly advice and perhaps tips to improve my writing style!

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