Inner Demons

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Meredith awoke the next morning, feeling her head pounding from the hangover that took place. Shutting her eyes instantly from the new morning sun.

Finally gaining courage, Meredith tried sitting up only to fall back with a sharp yelp leaving her soft pouty mouth.

Feeling a warm presence she looked over beside her, and what she saw only confused her. Then a flood of memories from the night before came rushing back. The man who tried to have sex with her was gone, she was also in a house, one that wasn't familiar to her. The room she was in was almost bare, with just a bed, a dresser with a vary large mirror, and a closet.

Sneaking out of the bed careful not to disturb the sleeping giant of a man whom she did not know, and crept down a set of stairs that went down in a kind of half spiral, and the more she saw of the house, the bigger it actually was.

She could hear laughing and voices coming from a room down the stairs, Meredith tried sneaking hoping to leave before anyone saw her. An arm grabbed her and yanked her backward almost toppling the extremely hungover Meredith.

"Before you scream, you are safe here. Nobody with hurt you." A gruff strong voice whispered to her.

"I need you to come with me to get your injuries looked at, do you remember what happened?" He asked with what seemed like worry.

Meredith turned and looked at a beautiful tall muscular man, he had long shoulder length brown hair that curled ever so slightly. His eyes were a striking shade of purple that could entrance any woman lucky enough to fall into his arms. His arms had full sleeve tattoos, full of pictures and words that didn't make any sense to her. He was wearing grey sweatpants with no shirt. Meredith awed over every toned muscle and by the time she realized, she heard a deep growl, and noticed she had been stroking his chest with her index finger.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me!" She looked down embarrassed that she had willingly touched this man. Who seemed to have saved her.

"What happened last night? Why am I here?" Remembering the last moment she was awake, the evil man tried unbuckling his belt then she fainted.

"Come, let's go upstairs and talk in quiet." Was all Amon said before turning to go back up the stairs. She had to admit, even though the circumstances are not the greatest, her savior had one hell of an ass.

I know it's a short chapter, but it felt right to leave the chapter's end here!

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