Inner Demons

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First Impressions

Meredith watched Amon closely, his strong hands were surprisingly gentle as he gingerly examined her. He was so focused on making sure he didn't hurt her more than she was already, she felt at peace. Almost like she felt right at home.

She looked around the first aid room and saw nothing unusual. The basics, ventilation masks, suture kits, an eye wash station. Most of your usual first aid things.

"So what's your name hero?" She nudged for some sort of conversation.

"Amon." Then continued to change what she thinks is last night's bandages.

"Did you grow up here in Toronto?" Nudge nudge.

"No, we only arrived here a few months ago." Still not much but she left him alone to finish examination her.

After several long, silent minutes he finally said; "So it looks like nothing major, a concussion, two fractured ribs, and a bruised femur. How are you feeling this morning?"

"Just sore, thank you so much for everything, you don't know what it means to me!" She felt genuine about this compliment, if he hadn't shown up she might be dead in an alley somewhere.

"Think nothing of it, I don't tolerate such abusive and disgusting acts... You deserve a place in hell for that." He looked down at her with hooded eyes, almost like he was memorizing her entirety as a whole.

Meredith looked down to her toes and blushed. Something about Amon seemed right, he was nothing like her scummy cheater of an ex, he was beautiful, sculpted, like he was made in heaven.

"Meredith? I asked you a question." Knocking her out of her day dream she noticed he had been waiting for an answer to a question she did not remember.

"I'm sorry pardon?"

"I asked if you needed a ride home."

"Oh.." Meredith suddenly remembered that she no longer has a home, she only had what she packed in her car, the rest was with Trevor.

"I don't really have anywhere to go so I'll just walk to my car back at the bar."

He thought to himself, is she insane? It's over 100 blocks to where he found her last night.

"No, you can stay here." He just couldn't imagine her sleeping in a car or on a bench, he may not be so lucky to catch her of there was another attack. He filled with rage as even a mere thought of another man touching her.

She was taken aback at his sudden offer, no it wasn't even an offer, it was more of a demand. "No no, I couldn't possibly-"

"It's final, you will be accommodated upstairs here. One of us will set you up."

One of us? She knew she heard other voices but she couldn't decipher how many to exact.

"How many of you live here?"

"Four, but the other three are almost never here. Come, I'll introduce you to everyone." He left the first aid room back down the stairs, Meredith kept close being sure not to fall behind. She thought for sure she would get lost if she didn't keep up to his swift pace.

Walking in the room where she could hear voices before was now empty, it was a massive room with an 85 inch tv mounted on the wall with two large black leather sofas set in front. A small workout station was set in the far corner of the room. She could see dumbbells, a treadmill, a bench press, and even a place to do chin-ups. On the other side of the room, across the tv, she could see a pool table, and an air hockey table.

"It seems as though we are alone." Meredith finally spoke. She then heard what sounded like a growl from her host.

"Let's get you settled." Then, with once swift move, he spun and exited the room back upstairs.

The room Amon gave to Meredith was nothing short of simple, plain queen size bed with a black headboard, a dresser, a vanity with a massive mirror, if you stood in front of it, you could see head to toe. A huge walk in closet filled with dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, everything she could imagine. From pumps, to thigh high go-go boots.

"Wow! It's beautiful, thank you! Oh I'm so sorry, my name is Meredith!"

He chuckled and said "I know, I checked your wallet for ID, I hope you don't mind."

"Well thank you Amon for everything, I'm going to go shower and wash up before dinner! Why don't you go grab some things from the store and I'll whip up dinner for you and the other guys tonight?" She was gleaming, this strange man has offered so much hospitality, she had to do SOMETHING to show her gratitude.

Amon saw how excited she was at such an opportunity that it almost caused a pang in his chest and the thought of her feelings being hurt.

"Sure, how about Italian?"

Her eyes lit up with joy and she shrieked with excitement, "Oh good!! I'll go get washed up!" With that she closed the door leaving Amon standing there clueless as to what he just agreed to. However, the smile that fought to creep up his face was too much to object to. He then left for the grocery store to try and come up with an idea for the beautiful woman in his house to cook for dinner, he couldn't believe it, but he was looking forward to it.

Thank you to anyone who is enjoying this story! I appreciate any support you have to offer!! 😊

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