Inner Demons

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The First Date

So I have decided for the fifth and sixth chapters will be in POV mode. Just a warning to prevent confusion. Enjoy!!

I looked at the massive isle containing all the types of pasta. I had no idea what I was looking for except Italian.


"Sir do you need any help?" I looked around and saw a short stout woman with short curly hair. It was black but going grey due to age.

"I'm trying to find something for dinner, I mentioned Italian but now I don't know what to look for."

She started to laugh! I almost felt like snapping her in half but I thought it would be best not to do it in a grocery store.

"Here honey, I'll help you get everything you need!" She flashes a large smile and I swear it almost reaches her fucking ears.

After about a half hour of wandering around and my arms are now full of everything I need to make a lasagne.

I thank her as she rang my groceries and started my drive back to the house. I couldn't help the image of the beautiful Meredith creeping into my mind.

Her beautiful long dark hair spiraling down her body, hourglass curves and that dip in her waist. My dick twitched at the thought of my nails digging into her hips as she rode my hardened cock.

Giving my head a shake I pulled up to the house, and that feeling... The feeling I had the night I rescued Meredith from the attacker, it grew stronger the closer I got to the hundred car garage and I knew.

I knew the feeling wasn't just a gut thing, it was her. That angelic creature inside my house was my proclaimed soul mate. We all have one, as demons. We have one soul mate that we are meant to be with forever, but the problem was she was a human. It was forbidden for a demon to claim a human in that way, and has not been heard of in hundreds of thousands of years. I was in a fuck load of trouble, and all because of a human I saved, rather than letting her die as I should have.

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