Inner Demons

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The First Date Part II

I hummed and hawed at the minimal selection of food in the pantry.

"It's like these boys don't eat!" I said to myself. I wasn't too bad of a cook, my grandmother taught me most of what I know, the rest is self taught.

Italian was one of the styles of cooking that I'm quite savvy with, given my grandmother was born in Italy. She was a short stout lady with short grey curly hair. She had a smile that could cheer up even the biggest of grumps.

I chuckled to myself imagining Amon meeting her. She would be determined to make him smile!

I heard a car pulling up to the garage and I got a little excited. Sure I'm in a large strange house, with someone I do not know at all, and he lives with three other men. I should be terrified looking for an escape, but instead I felt comfortable, and at home.

I heard the garage open, then close, I got butterflies, almost like I could sense his presence. Next, I heard the front door alarm, then he stepped inside.

I ran over and saw his arms loaded with groceries and helped by taking a bag and bringing it to the kitchen.

"How was the store?" I asked him, not expecting much of an answer since he was a quiet type.

"Good, I met a lady that helped me find everything you needed, without her you may not have gotten much." We laughed together as I began prepping the meat sauce and cheeses.

"I'm glad you're here Meredith." I was taken aback by his words, knowing nothing about him, who he is, or what he was doing in Toronto, but then I felt him right behind me, his hot breath on my neck making me freeze in place, my mind empty of thought.

His hands placed themselves on my waist curving in with the dip and up my arms.

"I want you, I need you, I feel as though you are meant to be here."

His words repeated themselves over and over in my head, I want you, I need you... I could smell the meat and garlic burning, but I couldn't seem able to move, then I heard the door open and three different voices with bellowing laughter woke me of my trance, and his hands were gone.

"Who the fuck is this!?"

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