Inner Demons

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The Boys

I've switched back to narration! I wanted to try POV to see if I prefer it, but haven't quite decided! You guys let me know in the comments or if you decide to give me a review.

Meredith looked at the three massive men standing in front of her. All of their eyes filled with anger, ready to kill the strange girl in their home.

"Guys, this is Meredith. She's staying here for a while so get used to her. Meredith, meet the boys; Madar, Rin, and Tyreel." They all looked at her like she was an alien, and began feeling very uncomfortable. Like a fawn alone in the forest night. Scared, vulnerable, and preyed upon by the three ginormous bears standing in front of her.

"Why is she here?" One of the men spoke, she couldn't tell who was who, and was terrified to ask.

"She was attacked last night, by a sinner Madar, and if you have an issue, then get the fuck out!"

"But she's a-" one of the others tried to speak, but an angry Amon stopped him.

"I will say it one more time! Anyone who has a problem with her, has a problem with me... So get the fuck out if you don't want to deal with it!" Meredith swore she saw a flash of red in Amon's eyes, but they were gone as fast as they came.

A group of grumbles sounded as all three left, with the one named Madar took a glance back at her and gave her a terrifying smile.

"I apologize for them... They have never been known to friendly greet newcomers." He knew exactly what they would say to him once she was gone, they would say that bringing a human here was reckless, it could destroy our mission. They were right to assume that, it was true, her being there could bring great dangers to them, and her. He made a mental note to keep a close eye on her, and watch the guys carefully. They would not hesitate to hurt her if given the chance, he filled with rage at a mere thought of one of them touching her. He would kill them.

"You called that guy a sinner, what is that?" He heard an angelic voice pull him from his thoughts.

"What?" Even though he heard her, he didn't actually know what she had said.

"A sinner, what is that?" He looked over at the beautiful wide eyes looking up at him, his dick twitched in response and a low grumble could be heard in his chest.

"People like the man who had attacked you, those are sinners. People who like to rape and hurt helpless women or children, those who steal from people who have nothing. Pretty much if you're a really shitty person, and you've done some really horrible things." Meredith was shocked, was he a prosecutor? A Reverend? Clearly he had something to do with a church, who else would call people "sinners"?

"So do you prosecute those people?" She wanted to know so much more, even if it scared her shitless.

"In a sense yes, more like, a vigilante." He smiled to himself, if only she knew.

"Oh, do you only go after bad people? Would you ever hurt me?"

He was dumbfounded, had she actually asked him that question?

"Meredith, I will tell you now, I will NEVER hurt you, and it angers me that after I saved your ass last night you think I would hurt you!" She winced and he instantly cooled, he never realized how innocent she really was, she probably hasn't even been yelled at before.

"I'm sorry." She hung her head and he could feel her, she felt scared, saddened, and confused. He could feel everything that she felt, he wanted to tell her, but he knew she would run, and he wouldn't stop her. For a demon to claim his soulmate, she, or he, needs to be willing, and vocalize how they feel.

"Let's finish dinner and get the guys in here so you can be properly introduced." He turned and left leaving her in the kitchen to finish her cooking. Which if he had to be honest, smelled heavenly.

Amon walked into the entertainment room fuming, how dare they speak to HIS woman like that! He wanted to rip their fucking heads off, he was thankful that the kitchen was across the floor so his beloved couldn't hear was he was about to say.

"You motherfuckers better give me a God damn good reason to that bullshit back there!" He felt his eyes go red and he was an ounce away from turning.

"Amon, you know what you did is forbidden, you can't just bring humans into our lives without some kind of warning, attacked by a sinner or not." Rin spoke up, he was the calm and collected one out of the bunch. He's the kind the gives zero shits unless it's regarding a mission.

The next one that spoke up was Tyreel. "Amon, Rin is right, regardless of your status, you can't just break forbidden rules. It's blasphemy in Hell."

"I don't fucking care, she has nowhere to go, she was almost raped, she would be dead in a ditch had it not been for me being there." He felt his true form wriggling to the surface, just waiting to attack the assholes in front of him.

"Why are you so fucking protective of a puny human? What is it about her? Your eyes are fucking red man, you look like you're going to turn." Madar spoke up sending Amon up in flames, they all jumped back as two massive black wings flowered out from his back, and two distinctive horns sprouted from the top of his head. Anymore anger would turn him completely.

"I said ENOUGH!" As he said that, fire erupted from all over his body, cobalt blue flames enveloped his entirety, and a giant black and blue demon forced it's way out of Amon and he had turned.

"Amon!? Dinner is ready!" He heard Meredith calling his name, and as quickly as it came, his demonic form was gone and he turned back into his original form.

"Let's go, she has prepared a dinner for us, and you will ALL be good to her, treat her as a guest, and if ANY of you try to lay one finger on her.. your dead you hear me?" He said has his finger pointed at each one of them. "I said, DO. YOU. HEAR. ME!?"

"Yes boss." They all said in unison.

"Good, now let's eat, it's Italian, and you better fucking like it."

With that, the four in unison left for the kitchen.
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