Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Eight

Ralph got inside his chrome plated BMW as he slammed the door and drank down. His last amounts of his whiskey then slamming the door. Running to the only place he considers to be safe rather than run into the arms into his wife he opted for a more pleasurable approach Candice.

Candice had been in the house all day and she had been thrilled that the bakery didn't work on Sundays. However this day of satisfaction and happiness due to her not being on her feet would be short lived as she heard a knock on the door. Placing her slippers on her feet then pausing her Netflix series as she walked to the door.

Ralph had been standing there full of raging testeotreone. His words slurred and he seemed to speak as if he had been incoherent in the morning he moved her aside. “Where's the bathroom baby?”,“Ralph seriously you come here drunk three days out of a week you need to go back home and go to your wife.” I tried to be sincere and not stir up even more trouble.

Ralph kicked off his shoes as he plopped down on the couch. “Get up and Go Home!” I shouted. He looked at me with such astonishment in his eyes. He never heard me raise my voice before and being quite honest it felt pretty good. He groaned in agony as I pulled him off my couch and to the door he went along with his hoes as I slammed the door.

That was close. Only words that came to mind as I went to the bathroom down the hall looked at myself in the mirror and sighed while staring at the very words that haunted me. Positive pregnancy test.

Meanwhile with Pedro he decided that he gave Raynella long enough distance and he wanted to make his way over to the bakery. The bakery had been pitch black with chairs stacked upon tables and each other. He started to question where could she have gone? Better yet What did Ralph Jimenez do?

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