Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Nine

Joaquin Mendoza, is Ralph's right hand man considered to be his best confidante and friend. He tells everything the way it is even if Ralph has to hear the bitter end of the Truth he holds his tongue and speaks when advices to.

Both Ralph and Joaquin have known of this rival for the longest time come over to existence in decades. They both knew the risk for going against the very person that taught Ralph the ropes as far as making people believe that you are considered to be the bigger man.

He had the All-American Dream of going to work allegedly and making a good financial living. Little did his family know that Daniel Jimenez, at the age of Thirty-one has the life everyone envied. Only very few people know of his dealings and how he ran with the Bootleggers and soon promoted to meet the infamous “ Montevic Gang.” They were heavy known for using testicle crushing,cement shoes, guns and even gruesome methods as well. Such as Judas Cradle, Blood Eagle, even Brazen Bull. These acts were painful and sadistic in nature as Ralph would be put into the center of these acts and sometimes participated.

Between both Daniel and Petra they had two children Ralph and another who had been taken away from them by the Greek Mafia. They considered this child would be better with them and they would take care of them. Petra never questioned what Daniel had been doing throughout the day as he stated to be at work.

As long as they received money for a financial living and keeping up with lifestyle then why would she question anything that he is doing.

These crimes committed between father and son made the Montevic Gang quite taken that both of them related could committed these horrific crimes then something snapped when Ralph met Raynella Sanchez.

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