Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Ten

Pedro had given it two more weeks and he couldn't take it anymore as he started to think to himself. “Why are you avoiding me Raynella? Did I do something to hurt you? What more do you want?” Raynella had left him distantly in the cold and dust for she didn't even pick up the phone when he called. Once he walks inside the bakery shop he seen her angelic face once again. How could he be mad at a woman so beautiful?

She smiled weakly while trying to hide her blood vessel popped eye with her hair. “Hello! Welcome to Exquisite Tastes.” she exclaimed while trying to seem as though she had everything put together.

Pedro smiled as he asked for donuts,and Cupcakes. This was a start he kept his comment to himself as he thought of how Raynella had touched in so many ways no one else had.

Meanwhile with Candice she stood in the pantry of the bakery seething with rage and frustration while holding a gun from her apron pointing the angle directly in front of Raynella's back. The only thing that seperated them from both utter damnation had been the pantry door.

Her blood boiled so much so that she thought of How could this woman be so flirtatious with this imposter of a man? She clearly had everything that anyone could want? Why did she involve herself with that man?, and What would she do with that child?

A million thoughts of pros and cons rather throughout her mind as she mentally kicked herself. Kicking herself? For being involved in such a charming and charismatic man that she'd pledge and rededicate her life to.

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