Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Eleven

Raynella kept a fake plastered smile upon her face for as long as she could. Pedro seen something wasn't right within her and he knew it anyone can tell Ralph had done something so heinous and despicable to break her mentally and emotionally. She turned her back as Pedro gripped her wrist slightly and took her outside away from prying eyes. “I love you Raynella, anything you say or do against it won't stand. You of all people should know this. Please Raye leave him before he does something worse to you!” Pedro exclaimed as he cradled her in his arms. Tears. Raynella started bawling in Pedro's arms as she remembered all that he had done and the best times in her life were filled with him giving her happiness.

Deny. Once you deny then it'll be alright. She thought “Pedro, you don't know what you are saying. Please just forget about me and everything that we've been through. If you love me I beg of you for both our sakes just forget me completely.” Pedro crashed his lips into hers as she wrapped her arms around his neck as he held onto her waist tightly. Neither of them wanted to let this moment cease they wanted to be together forever and throughout any obstacle or so it seemed. She pulled back from his gaze as she smacked him across the face turning to leave Pedro held onto her wrist longer.

He knew that it wasn't his fault for her taking out her anger upon him and yet they both know who the source of the problem had been. Tears ran down her face as he hugged her once more as tears wailed up in his eyes he wanted to take away her pain. Truly love her without the fear of a hand coming to hug her and trigger something Ralph had done by smacking her around.

“Listen to me Raynella everything will be okay.”,“How do you know?” Truly I didn't and wanted to convince her otherwise but I don't know how or what to say. “I'm leaving for Fairfield in a couple days for a business meeting.” Raynella's world had truly been upside down as she heard the words that she didn't want to hear. ‘How could he leave her after she's just confided in him telling her what Ralph had done!’

She loosened the grip while ran to her car crying then hit the steering wheel.

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