Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Twelve

I had no choice all it a bad hit or something other than that but I knew I had to get back to my husband Ralph whether I liked it or not. Turning on the ignition to my car as I backed out and decided that it was best to leave Pedro behind me. He doesn't need to get involved with the deals of the Jimenez family. I know if I return back my life will continue to go on.

Being the loving and dutiful wife he made me out to be. Although, by all accounts to the outside world everyone looked from the outside in only to see we have the perfect life. I am Ralph's submissive in and out of the bedroom. He beats and roughs me up a bit just to rape me later on in the night.

A Whole Family Affair. Father,Uncle and Son would beat Petra so dearly. She would have black eyes and bruises all over her body,beating her as one of them would become so aroused by the thought of see Petra a mouse-spoken like woman be in pain. With blood coming from her nose and mouth as Daniel would wrap his hands around her neck and squeeze until she slips into unconsciousness.

They starved her and beat her beyond recognition. One day Daniel and Ralph had just came back from a party they had been having upstairs and as they walked down to the basement and seen Petra tied up and helpless. Neither of them took pity upon her as Daniel gripped her jaws and watched as her son beat her and knocked some of her teeth out. Petra moaned in agony as she hung her head low then looked at Ralph with such a motherly like gaze however within that moment. Deep down she knew her son had been gone far beyond convincing and with this Daniel grabbed a ten-inch blade and sliced her throat from ear to ear.

Both men through Petra body in a endless flowing river never to be seen or heard from again (or so they think.) Cleaning up their tracks and any evidence leading up to this point as they resumed their lives and whenever questioned about Petra disappeared no one spoke of her. It was almost like she been a distant dream and together all three Father,Son,and Uncle were bound together by blood.

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