Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Thirteen

Like a motion. Rotation that goes around and round never ending until something happens then stops and keeps going. That's what it was like being married to Ralph Jimenez sometimes excitement only for when someone has been taken away stripped from their family does he want to “celebrate”. I honestly don't mind this appealing however he seems to be so entwined with his fixations of death and sadistic pleasure.

The weeks go by like this always.

Sundays, we do our baths,heat the water over the stove because Ralph may have forgot to pay the bill. Mondays through Fridays cook,clean,sing,put on a good face,let Ralph have his way with me and repeat.

You may be wondering what happened between Petra well when you come home one night after a long day at work and find your husband sitting in the master bedroom with lit cigar in mouth. His demeanor seemed unhinged as I made one small remark about making dinner and that my heels from the bottom of my feet had been stinging.

Calmly he walked up to me as he gripped my jaws his fingernails pierced my face as he shouted. “Raynella! I don't give a dam if you don't even have a pot to piss in I said go make me dinner by the time I come up!”

I clenched my teeth as I held up a balled fist ready to strike as he snapped. He started kissing me and went to lower and lower and as he held my lower body and kissed between my folds I couldn't be mad. We had sex and it had been like a distant memory then it returned.

I am starting to think he just puts up with our relationship because of the makeup sex he would tell of details saying it had been amazing. However, within that aspect it was a one way street wouldn't be able to get a divorce. I have nothing many people would think that a prenup would solve everything.

You get half of everything as they say. An yet one drunken night and laced drink later there I was signing a paper that I have no recollection about other than he gets three-fourth of everything of his choosing and I get the rest.

Crazy somewhat twisted if you ask me.

I can't go back and think of the past anymore for something broke my train of thought as Ralph said,“ I'm going out of town for three weeks to Miami.”

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