Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Fourteen

Many don't believe me but I'm telling the truth. I do need to go to a business trip in Miami, FL for a couple of days.

Deep in the back of my mind I just need to convince this whore of one more lie then I'm home free. She had gotten up out of bed as I seen her get ready for work putting on her flats and apron. Sometimes I wonder why did I get so wrapped up in this woman. Hell I wouldn't even call her that she's like the piercing thorn in my sides just holding me down hook,line and sinker.

I mean give me a break I'm thirty seven years old and in my ultimate prime. We met when she was literally nothing I had been at a club called the Costantine weird name indeed. She had a remarkable physique and held herself with such posse being a waitress. I met her intense yet seductive gaze and she had been a ray of sunshine. Her personality showed for everyone loved her and adored her then soon after so did I.

Laughter and joy within that night as I asked her for a dance readily she agreed then took her hand in mind as we danced. Breaking the norms of who said a millionaire and waitress. However within class and started my mother would always for NOCD.( Not Our Class Dear) she came from Lawton,Oklahoma family full of broken dreams and disappointments. Raynella knew fastly how to woe me and had been very observant of how to play the role of Respectable and being Conformed.

Yet that faded away like a distant memory as time went on and eventually we had thoughts of children however she kept losing them one after the other. Before you know it were going through constant arguments and fight, then Candice. She had been so beautiful like a magnet her body feeling so amazing next to mine the rough sex and slapping around and constant knife pulling and intense gun shots. The sex had been so hot fueled by rage and further frustrations taken out upon each other who wouldn't feel that high.

“Alright Ralph. Do what you have to and come back to me.” Raynella walked caressed his face as she cupped his cheeks in her hands.

I couldn't stand it she knew I hated when she does that. Grabbing her hands as I threw them down away from my face and scoffed. “Don't act like you're trying to be so caring and concerned now!” my voice echoed throughout these mansion walls as I walked past her with suitcases packed and ready to go as I slammed the door.

Leaving Raynella looking lost and dumbfounded.

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