Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Fifteen

I had been overjoyed to be out of that house because Raynella was going to start nagging and biting my head off constantly. She knew I had my ways and could never be underestimated at this point.

Shortly after,arriving in Miami I made my way to my beach house. Now I'm wrong for having something on the side but what the hell. Raynella doesn't even seem to put herself in the position to question me she would never.

Which has no resulted in being at this luxurious beach house. Candice is different in the sense we enjoy each other's time out at the beach house. She wraps her arms around my waist and kisses my shoulders slightly as I pulled her up off the ground and made my way to the bedroom.

She then she beings to trail kisses down his chest to my stomach. Beautiful thats the only thing to be said while continuing down my body as she stop looking at my hardness extending from my Calvin Klein satin shorts.

She reaches out and feels him twitch in response. Her hand wraps around the shaft and it feels like marble in her hands. Then,she strokes it softly and is gracious by more moans. He squirms, as she continues to stroke him, trying to get her to grasp tighter. She continues to stroke him as she watches his muscles pulse and listens to his moans. Faster and faster she strokes him as he begins to feel his climax. He tries to stop it. She then slips him into her mouth. Grunting so loudly as he fucked her by the mouth she beings to trail kisses down his chest to his stomach. She stops as she looks at his hardness extending from his boxer shorts. She takes it all then he feels it cum dripping out of her mouth onto his manhood.

She smiles as she looks up into his glazed eyes. He has no idea what is to happen next. In truth he was incapable of serious thought. He didn’t notice her moving up his body. He didn’t know why everything had gone black. He didn’t know what was so hot against his lips until she told him to lick it. He felt the legs on either side of his head as she began to grind against his nose. Mouth opened, tongue extended and taste savored. The flavor was so wonderful that it caused him to moan into her. She responded to the vibrations by grinding deeper. Her body was a slave to his tongue as she made music all by her self. More and more she felt the tongue, those lips, that mouth. She swallowed hard but knew that she couldn’t hold the dam back much longer.

Seeing the cliff that she was about to fall into but not willing to give up the pleasure that she was relishing. “More!” she cried. She looked back through glazed eyes to see that Ralph came back into reality.

“Yes!” they cried together. Not wanting to waste a single moment she begins to ride and bounce and rock herself into oblivion. Her eyes still hazy and her breathing ragged she loved her man and herself. He tried to assist her but she was giving him more than he could stand.

His mind and body were lost to the pleasure.

All he could do was watch and listen as he saw his woman take him. Faster and faster she worked herself up and down his body. They reached a fever pitch when she took one long and deep stroke and held it within her. Her face tightened, she took another stroke and then screamed out an orgasm. Her body rippled and twitched quickly, massaging the flesh held within her. Her body continued to pulse softly until she felt the body underneath her tense up and get harder within her. She moaned and took a deep breath as she felt the first twitch and then the warm thick cum exploded deep inside. Her body responded by pulsing faster. She was surprised by this and held onto Ralph tightly letting him empty inside her.

Candice wasn't going to let this moment go not for Raynella,Pedro, her unborn baby anyone for the cards had been in her favor.

Why would she want it any other way.

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