Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Sixteen

I couldn't fight this feeling any longer I needed to see him before his flight. Feel him deep inside of me and that constant feeling of him not wanting to let me go. She picked up the phone and telephoned Pedro who had been packing.“Hello?”, “Hi”. That awkward silence started to consume me and that this point I was debated on why I called. “Do you-.”, “I need you to come over.” “Right now?”He questioned taking into consideration that she did leave him stranded. Yes please let me make it up to you before you go. Pedro hesitant at first then after a short pause he spoke, alright I'll be there in five minutes. I hung up and so did he.

Deep down inside I had been ecstatic and over the moon here I am willing to make amends with this guy who treats me so much like a Queen.

I called my other co-worker Daisy and asked if she would cover the bakery for today with James and would cover her shift whenever I can. She didn't hesitate or question because she knew like always I kept my word.

Hanging up the phone after having that settled I started to get ready mentally,physically and emotionally.

He knocked on the door. Eagerly I opened up the door and smiled waving for him to come in.

Pedro looked delicious like a good meal as he walked inside. “Come sit.” I patted the seat next to me on the couch as he took his jacket off then sat down.

“Want to talk about what happened the other day?”

My thoughts went cold I didn't want to talk about it so I just avoided the question as I told him to just sit and hold me.

Pedro kissed her. Neither of them said a word as he kissed her again. He moved down towards her breasts as he took her nipples into his mouth I hissed “Pedro.” while letting out a soft moan as he slipped his fingers into my panties and twirled them around as my pussy juices.

I my had been fixated on his thighs and all too eager cock between those luscious. My pussy was getting wet, tingling with needing a release. After stroking his thick cock as I stood up and heard him groan as i walked to the bedroom. Grabbing my box as I took out vanilla lube and nipple clamps. He had been completely taken aback as I stood before him and pulled my panties down as he looked at my folds while licking his fingers. His eyes were moving like a hawk he watched as I grabbed the vanilla scented lube and squeezed some into my hands while continuing to stroke his hard cock that needed a little Tender,Love and Care.

While he was sitting on the couch, I straddled him.I started to rub his penis up and down my folds teasingly until I felt it growing and getting hard. I was getting wet by the wonderful tip going over my pussy until I knew I had to have his throbbing rod inside me. I filled my vagina with his ever so addicting cock. I started riding him up and down then grinded back and forth. I could feel my pussy clench as if for dear life. I had such a powerful orgasm that completely made me see stars as Pedro took my breasts into his mouth then held onto me as he pounded in me with lititle to no mercy.

He wanted to give my breasts some love and attention,

They were so ready to have my Pedro's thick long streams of cum all over them. I slowly kissed him and the proceeded to put the Vanilla lube on his hard erect penis. I engulfed it in my mouth and licked up and down the shaft. Then, flicked my tongue over the paying attention to the underside.I did this I could fell his pleasure mounting. Then I used my hand to rub up and down just the way he likes it. His body pulsated and muscles tightened in his legs and feet until he said” Fuck Raye I'm fixing to cum! His thick semen squirted all over my mouth and breasts as he went to get a warm washcloth cleaning us both up as he held me in his arms. I started to think of a life with Pedro permanently.

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