Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Seventeen

A Few hours later, we both couldn't sleep just sit there in silence as passion filled our minds. We wanted to have a better life but every time something seemed so promising and true. Someone had to intervene with their troubles and what they needed to from one or both of us to have a resolution. Both of us repeatedly started pacing around the foyer as we both sat and let our thoughts captivate us of this life we could both have. The peacefulness and just simpleness of our lives that could be if Ralph had been out the picture. I do have a sense that Candice doesn't seem to take my affections toward Raynella lightly however, I do sense the strong tensions and animosity between everyone. Which is why I have decided to take matters into mm and just go on a business trip for a couple of days. By me doing this I do feel as though this will air out atleast subside over until Raynella wants to make a decision. Honestly, I hated to put her in the predicament of having to choose yet whatever she decides I will try my best to make the good of the situation whether I like it or not.

Raynella looked at me with the same sparkle in her eyes as she did on the bus that day. Taking my hand in hers as she spoke almost as if we had been thinking in-sync or telepathically. "I love you too much to have anything happen to you." This is the first time I had ever seen her cry as tears formed in her eyes as she tried to hide her sense of vulnerability. 'How could someone honestly hide being vulnerable? I mean you are not going to be considered weak or anything less I held her in my arms and just as before her beautiful aroma made me captivated all over again.

Wiping her tears as I placed a kiss upon her neck she exhaled with closed eyes as the stress started to mount while she stood up. "I want to take you somewhere." I knew I could not protest as I placed my clothing back upon my body then grabbing my shoes and watch as I made my way to the door. Raynella took a shower as i heard the water running and looked around this house while thinking 'Does money truly buy you happiness?. What could be the consequences of having two damaged souls live this tumultuous lifestyle.

Putting on her cream blouse along with black business pants and matching shoes she truly looked amazing. I mean I am not one to talk about looks but she truly had changed in the good way of speaking rather than her average blue jeans, t-shirt, apon and sneakers with her hair pulled back. This time she has her hair in an afro. Her hair is completely beautiful the wig in which she would always wear had brought her beauy into light however seeing Raynella from the inside looking out she's completely something I couldn't take my mind or eyes off of. "I never show anyone not even Ralph knows, Why would you hide such a beautiful part of yourself from the him or better yet the rest of the world?" Raynella had reached and grabbed her keys from out her purse as I grabbed a Magnolia flower clip and placed it in her hair.

That sparkle she had in her eyes seemed to radiate while we walked to the car while she unlocked the door then placed two briefcases inside as she locked the front door. I got in on the passenger side and buckled up then started the ignition while placing my phone in the back-seat. Raynella made her way back to the car as she made herself comfortable then put the car in reverse as she backed up and held my hand then looked at me.

"Are you ready?"


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