Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Eighteen

Two-Hundred miles , 2 hours 51 minutes. That's how long it took for us to make it to the Condo in which Ralph knows nothing about he has his secrets and I do too. Unfair. Yes 'However is it somewhat justified?' in some weird way it is. Enough of that as I made my way to park the car while 'The Weekend's song Might Not played' It's crazy to think that a song can resonate so well with someone's life. Shortly, after parking the car I tapped on Pedro's shoulder to wake him. He awoke so peacefully as if he had never really been asleep at all. Grabbing the a briefcase as Pedro grabbed the other as we walked the long concrete walk-way. He waited patiently as I unlocked the door and sanitized everything before he stepped inside. The cream-colored walls and king size bed with double bath and other basic necessities as didn't want to pry but who wouldn't. He smiled as I had my friend Devvon place Pedro's clothes from his apartment then othe other half thanks to Devvon being helpful.

Pedro smiled as he proceeded to hug Raynella she smiled, "Baby I love you but I need you to wash that Fragrant-Aroma." she laughed and I don't know this made me smile and wanted to see more of her smile. Her laughter and smile made me truly love her more by the day. Walking to the dresser as I grabbed a pair of briefs, velvet sweatpants ands shirt, then slippers. Raynella grabbed the briefcases as she put in the code and tit popped open.

I decided not to question as I went inside the bathroom took a shower then thirty minutes or so I finished. Clothing and slippers intact as I made my way to the bed. Seeing Raynella in the bed with her phone and gun at the end of the bed I knew what it meant or it could mean. Sighing as I made my way towards her then knelt down to her as she debated on whether going for what she knows or opting the other way out.

"What are you going to do?, You know what I have to do." Raynella grabbed her phone as she scrolled through her contacts as she seen a man by the name of Lloyd. She only used her for emergencies only which would be occasionally. "Hello, Nella long time and no speak.. I know Lloyd you know I wouldn't ask this of you unless I truly needed it. Fair enough. When do you need it done? Tomorrow you know clean, no witnesses and all." Lloyd shook his head knowing deep down this was going to be a risky job however money was no issue for either of them."Thank you Lloyd. No problem Nella just keep your head up and stay out of trouble. I will." With that they both hung up the phone as Pedro crawled into bed and held Raynella in his arms as she placed the gun on the nightstand. Pedro reassured me like he does always however this is the one time were I didn't feel so sure.

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