Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Nineteen

The blood gurgled from Lloyd's neck as he held his neck and started seeing the light nothing fluorescent but indeed the light that he knew his time ha come. No one could pass judgement upon him for he was quick and savvy in an unobtrusive manner. No one would question it seems almost comical. to those looking from the outside looking in. The killings whether he took feelings and everything personal into account that had been between him and his maker. Tears fell from his eyes as he knew that his time had been running out. The coldness of the marble tile floors looked white and as beautiful as a Freshly-Polished swan. The beautiful tile is now being tainted with Lloyd's blood the tile corresponding so immensely one would guess the floor had been remodeled. Rigor Mortis had not yet set in as he heard foot steps he knew those shoes the shoes that made a "clickety clack." each time they proceeded a step further. Lloyd proceeded to move back as he used all of his strength from his one hand and lower body strength as he scooted using his legs and rear. He had made his way to the closet doorway before he started to slip in and out of consciousness. This must be a dream, Lloyd consider that much on this behave considering Ralph and Joaquin both hovered over his body as they eached raised their guns and spoke only three words, "Montrer aucune pitié." (Show No Mercy) as they emptied six rounds each into Lloyd's body.

'Montrer aucune pitié,' These were the words that had been Ensteeled in both Joaquin and Ralph by there friends and family alike. However at the time being at the tender ages of seven and nine they knew before-long that a real man shows no weakness. Real men conqueror everything even in the face of death. Both heard the stories and myths of The Almighty-Warrior Achillies. This had been their idol , an yet these boys had no clue or intention in even realising that by learning this Montra. These few simple words that this would forever be their own undoing and whateer the consequences then so be it. For both Joaquin and Ralph had been so careless and drunken with power that they did not see the pain and misery unfolding all around them and at their hands.

Ralph watched in sadistic glee as he smirked in a devilish tone while Joaquin had wrapped up the body and discarded it in a body of water called 'Beret's LaBlue.' this like is somewhat of a mystery. Body parts, treacherous waves and the forseeable unknown. The unknown haunted many residents within Florida so they deemed not dare provoke anyone or the waters for dangerous were too much and far to great.

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