Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Twenty

Early the next morning Raynella smiled as she felt the sun shinning brightly in her eyes as Pedro snored ever-so softly against her ears as the hairs of the back of her head tingled slightly. She knew this would be the day that their lives would change forever by this time everything would fall into place and her life with Pedro will begin. Grinning from ear to ear as she went to the bathroom did her daily routine and came out. He wasn't there 'Where did Pedro go so fast?' She contemplated on whether he had went outside to have a great view of the condo or simply went downstairs. As she continued walking down the long staircase she Pedro's physique approached her view as he stood making breakfast. "Do my eyes deceive me, Is Pedro Fuentes making breakfast?" He chuckled lightly as he wore a 'Kiss the Cook' apron. 'You are very funny Ms. Raynella Sanchez." She watched as Pedro placed down a fresh plate of pancakes, sausage, hashbrowns and eggs. She smiled while sitting down at the table as he poured her some orange juice and placed it alongside the whole hearty continental breakfast.

Smiling as Pedro sat down with her and they both engaged on laughter and great stories from their past leading up to the present. Both Pedro and Raynella learned things about each other they did not know months. Once finished with their breakfast and discarding everything either into the trash or simply the sink as Raynella made some dishwater and proceeded to clean the dishes Pedro insisted that he was still hungry.

Raynella smiled as she tried to explain to him that there had been more food in the fridge. His eyes were filled with such lust his body towered her as he lowered himself down and pulled down Raynella's panties and shorts.

“Pedro, Baby please stop.” she smiled as laughter escaped her lips.

He couldn't his persistence had been taken to new heights as they both heard the phone ring. Raynella sighed heavily as Pedro started to massage Raynella's plump lips while sucking on them. She had bit her lip so hard as she felt the salty yet sweet sensation of blood as he massaged her lips.

Giggling as Raynella answered the phone as Daisy spoke that she informed her of the altercation. She had seen someone who looked so strikingly familiar to that of her mother Zenata Sanchez and father Zion Sanchez.

Raynella felt her body let go as Pedro had eaten her out moaning. While fingering her as he had plunged three fingers deep inside her. She felt her heart stop as the immense pressures of physical pleasure and emotional pain took it's toll.

“Shit!,Daisy give me a minute.” she tried to reason with her as Pedro fearlessly attacked her pussy. Holding his head as she gripped a good amount of hair then tugged slightly. “Fuck! Pedro I'm going to cum!!” he held a smirk upon his face as he rose up and walked over to the bar stool as he wiped his bottom lip with her juices still upon his lips.

'How could he do this? Leave me in this heat and high intense passioned state.” She questioned herself as she unmuted the phone then placed it upon speaker as they both listened.

“Daizy, I'm back now tell me what did they look like?”,“They wanted to know where you were and if I had seen you at any point and time and to let them know when you come back. They wanted you back.”

Raynella sighed as she felt her heart race then looked down. Tears came down her face as she spoke with her voice trembling with concern. “ D-Did they have a mark upon their right hands?”,“Yeah why?”

“Daizy whatever you do don't pick up the phone after this call please promise me you won't.”,“Alright.”

The call dropped.

Pedro held onto Raynella as he looked confused. “Baby, Why are you concerned about those marks upon their bodies?”

Raynella had gone stiff as if a stone or statue like. Her breathing started to increase as she felt herself have a panic attack. Pedro calmed her down with deep breaths and drinks of water.

“Talk to me baby.”,“Those are my real biological parents.”

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