Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Twenty-One

I have no other choice but to tell her. "Raynella, I am leaving tomorrow." I rehearsed this in the bathroom as I sighed. Knowing this will be very difficult for me to convey to her. I am her lover, yes I know the role and it seems rather scandalous yet for good reason. While scrolling through my phone of emails and placing my brother Peter in charge of any executive decisions until I arrive in New Zealand. Raynella had just woken up from her beautiful slumber when she smiled with joy and stretched as far as her body could reach. This woman is beyond anyone's wildest dreams and I am truly amazed because she is truly beautiful and I honestly wouldn't change a single thing about her. "Good morning." she smiled as I walked over toward her and kissed her beautiful lips then began to rub her shoulders. Eyes closed as she felt the tension in her neck and shoulders decrease slowly. Her worries began to subside and little did I know within the matter of five words I would devastate her world to some degree for by me leaving this would send her in a world of emotions. Taking the course of it's very own and I could not stop her from whatever she wanted to do or say whether from sadness or disappointment one can only wonder at this point.

“Raye, Listen to me.” Pedro spoke as he held her hands and sat down along side her on the bed. I gulped and took a deep breath “I am going to be leaving tomorrow.” Raynella nodded in agreement as she stood up and watched as Pedro sat waiting for her reaction surely she can't blow this out of proportion. Who wouldn't if you have a spouse that beats you constantly and you have a secret child somewhere and for once you are just now as happy as you can be? “I understand.”,“That's it?” Pedro thought but how could be mad at the fact that Raynella took it so well and without conflict or protest. “I do want you to stay the night just this once and least thing I can do is take you to the airport.” She insisted while taking the omelette she made from last night out the fridge and heated it up in the microwave. Sitting down as Pedro watched her and smiled weakly taking her hand in his as he stated that he would love to. The two had been highly estatic as they both love being in the presence of one another fully devoted to each other.

“Babe I'm going to go to the store and I will be back shortly so please make sure you have everything together when I get home.” Raynella stated as she kissed him and then made her way to the closet as she placed her sneakers upon her feet. Then jacket upon her body along with keys and proceeded out the door. While starting up her car she didn't see anything as unlocked the doors then went inside. Once inside as she looked at her rearview mirror then made adjustments. She didn't notice the two people behind her one holding a gun and another so Cool,Calm and Narcissistic smug look upon their face. “Hello, Princess.” Ralph stated as he waved so calm and collected. This voice haunted her so severely.“You never thought I'd be able to find you it's lovely what you have done with the place considering lover boy.” Raynella sat there like a deer in headlights completely lost of words and dumbfounded. “How did he know?” Zenata clenched her teeth as she spoke through gritted teeth. “You filthy slut you're going to drive this dam car until we say otherwise. Don't make any other moves.” she pointed the gun to the back of her daughter's head.

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