Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Tears formed in my eyes as I turned on my blinkers then drove from the garage completely pissed and distraught only think of one word to form around my lips as they trembled while holding the steering wheel. I just kept going straight as I looked at Zenata and asked the word "Why?" Her reaction had been real defensive and somewhat cold. Why does she not love me? Did I do something so terribly wrong to make her leave me astray?her voice threw me off from my thoughts as she snapped. "Bitch don't start with that crying shit I taught you and Karla to never cry.” I thought to myself, Your my mother... How can I not?" While turning corners and going straight on the freeway.

Something had caught my attention the police car signaling me within the nearest exit. To pull over and I did as hold while telling them to remain calm. Then I grabbed my license and registration placed it outside the car in arms view. The police officer pulled over right behind me.

I looked at the police car that was had been behind me as I turned my blinkers on he motioned for other cars to keep going. to keep going. I stating that one of my tires was blown to the officer.

"May can you get out of the car,Ma'am."

I got out of the car slowly as I showed him my license and registration. Afterward, he ran the plates and pulled, me to the side as he called over.

I walked and felt my body go numb as I told him that I needed help ASAP! He told me to go wait and stay here as I did my mother and the officer had struggled as she pointed the gun he tried to detain her.

The gun went off...

The sigh of relief had been mixed with fear as I saw my mother rise up bloody from head to toe as she dragged me from the yback of my head as she threw me into the car.Hitting the dashboard as I cried mustering up enough energy to turn my head. Once I had stared my mother down she held the gun as if a symbolic way of without words stating she was in power.

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