Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Twenty-Three

I have my reasons for not liking this brat of a child that I had years ago. See she took something from me that I never even knew would haunt me to this day. She took my man this man parade himself in her face but we both knew the truth. Ralph smiled in the backseat with a smug look as he placed his hand upon my thigh and squeezed slightly. Ralph and I have been together for a lifetime and as messed up as that sounds a daughter's mother and her husband well hell then you must not understand the full story.

We met when he was sixteen and I had been thirty-two call it two wrongs never make a right. You can even call it the romance that went out up in flames and everyone will crash and burn. I honestly could care less she is completely blind to the fact that both Ralph and I are in an intimate relationship and have been for years.

She betrayed me long ago and this secret love affair is nothing compared to the devastations and torment she put me through emotionally. See we didn't start messing around as serious until Raynella had went to the hospital for her injuries in which Ralph inflicted upon her I remember it like it was yesterday.

Her beaten and bruised body laid up in the hospital bed with tubes and everything you can think of. She had a black eye upon both eyes,busted lip and eardrum,bruises all over body Reddish-Blue color. Ralph stood in the doorway and looked so calm and lack of affection. I stroked her hair so gracefully and wondered if she would ever give me a chance but he was the only one that knew the skeletons that haunted my closet and I couldn't let that happen. She couldn't know that would break her heart to pieces.

Trust and believe I am no saint but I just can't let my attraction go. Between Ralph and I we are like magnets attracted to one another for the better,worse, everything in between.

“Why did you do this Ralph? You know she will never forgive you.” I protested as he placed his walked closer towards me.

He wasn't listening as he grabbed my hand and told me that he just couldn't hold in his temper and she was being so suspicious he had to put her in her place.

Ralph reassured Zenata as he placed a kiss upon her cheek then told her that he loved her. He must be delusional or even crazy to say this in front of his wife whose laid up in bed comatose fighting for her life. Zenata could care less of her daughter's true well-being. Taking Ralph's hand in her as she smiled then stated that she loved him as well the two embraced and kissed. From that point on the rest had been history and they have been real down to earth about this affair yet when together their sadistic nature's both surface on overdrive.

Coming into reality as Zenata looked at Ralph and smiled he placed his lips her cheek.

She is naive and will never suspect a thing.

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