Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Three

Call it insatiable Lust or Lust over Morality if you will. This infatuation between or sexual chemistry so strong and compelling me to do something before I lose the one ounce of reassurance left.Pedro so took my hand gently something I never expected not even from my husband. He reassured me and pulled me into a hug while holding him the pain started to subside and fear started to be surpressed. What if this feeling never existed? What if it didn't happen at all? I didn't want to prolong this feeling any long as I held onto Pedro's hand and took him inside the bakery.

Cassidy Lockland my co-worker had already left for the evening and I am having to close the bakery around 2:00 am. So within these scene a distraction is needed for this moment is something I can't let die and I refuse to let go off. We both walk inside as I kicked the door closed and locked it Pedro looked at me with such promise more promise than that of my husband Ralph. “Raynella,I don't want to get in the way of you and your husband.” I heard nothing for my mind could only focus on one thing is body against mine. The image of his salivated tongue caressing each and every morsal of my body from making my toes curl to the beams of sweat radiating from his body onto mine and vice versa. A moan escaped my mouth of satisfaction for How could my mind have such vivid and precise details of our bodies being contrasted in one another and all he's done is hold my hand.

Walking closer towards him as I stood in front of him I started to get the sense that Pedro is similar to that of child. A child not only looking for lost candy but for something that is deemed as forbidden and dam near exciting. As my lips crashed onto his I heard a low growl surface from Pedro's throat. He squeezed my waist ever so tightly as I moaned throughout the kiss while wrapping my arms around his neck as if I were going to either suffocate from the lack of oxygen within this kiss or the thoughts that had been corresponding so rapidly in my brain.

This was something Pedro considered foreign this lust taking over his body,soul and morality. His hand began to roam all over her curves and coming into contact with her Lavender V-neck shirt as she almost as if it had been telepathic pulled it over her head. Both of them were nervous for Raynella stood back and taken off all her clothing as Pedro's heart felt as if it had completely stopped. For sure he thought he would just pass out right then and there however Raynella had other plans.

Pedro had placed his hands upon her breasts as he felt like a virgin teenager completely taken by his crush for the first time. He squeezed her nipples within the silk fabric laced bra slightly as she pulled back from the kiss as they both gasped for air. Turning around as Pedro unhooked Raynella's bra from her chest he seen her breasts for the first time he wanted to do so many things. Luckily for him porn wouldn't suffice this appetite he had been craving since the bus ride earlier that day.

Pedro had pulled off his clothing standing there in all his naked glory. He could do nothing but grin from ear to ear as his eyes flared with Lust. Her breasts were plentiful,Ripe and beautiful. The moonlight only added more glory to Raynella's beautiful skin having Pedro Manifest in her beauty more. He placed slow and sensual kisses upon her chest and neck.

Raynella felt herself biting her lower lip as Pedro latched his tongue around her hard nipples she wrapped her legs around his waist he anticipated for the moment when they would taste every moment of each other.

Her breasts began to bounce as she sat upon Pedro's lap. She enjoyed being a tease as she stood up smiling. He tried to remain calm as he started to restrain himself from just placing his cock deep within her body and having them both embark on something great than themselves.

Taking her thong off as she looked back and seen Pedro bite his lip tightly as he felt blood upon his tongue as he seen Raynella's lips come into view along with her beautiful round shaped Mahogany ass in full view and on display. His eyes had been ravaging her body like a hawk as she felt a wave of intense desire travel toward her spine and ignite something so powerful.

Pedro looked in total astonishment as he seen Raynella lean his body back onto the table as she kissed his chest and traced his tattoos with her tongue it had been so intense and taken him back. She trailed from his navel up to his pecks as she sucked on them so intentionally as she bite his pecks while kissing him deeply.

She lowered herself down onto her knees as her beautiful Chestnut eyes looked at him from above Pedro felt his cock began to feel that tingly sensation again as the blood rushed toward his ever so eager cock. This feeling had been different than what Raynella's every experienced not the harsh and cruel treatment she endured from Ralph.

The bulging seemed to be quite evident as his eight inch cock stood at attention she looked at him and admired his eagerness.

Pedro couldn't control this feeling any longer as Raynella had been so captivated by this heavenly sight as she slid her tongue along the underside of his shaft from balls to tip while swirling her tongue. Plump lips around his head as she sucked and moaned tasting and savoring every bit of his pre-cum. “Fuck.” all Pedro had enough to say as he gripped her hair slightly. Raynella stroked his length while sucking on the head and swirled her tongue while looking upon Pedro's Angel like gaze.

Spit and drool surfaced all over Raynella's mouth as she bit her lip and took Pedro's cock into her mouth once more as she moaned while taking him whole and bobbing her head up and down. Once she had a pretty good precise method going she swallowed him down her throat as his pre-cum coated her throat.

“SHIT!!” Pedro shouted while groaning the pleasure had completely consumed him and within that moment just by her mouth. How would this feel once he's inside her yearning pussy? He knew one thing for sure that she was going to be death of him whether by sex or not he had been completely transfixed. The pleasure became too much for Pedro as thick and creamy semen pumped into her mouth as she savored every drop emptying himself into her mouth. This feeling started to make him question himself, Could this woman truly be the death of him and just by a blowjob?

Pedro tried to calm down as he picked Raynella up and placed her on the table as his lips found his way to her inner thighs. Starting from the right then left and back and forth until he seen her clean-shaven pussy. Teasing her as his finger played with her pearl. While being nose deep inside as she held his head having her eyes roll in the back of her head. His constant growls while inside her pussy sent Raynella over the edge as if he were a vibrator and just by his mouth.

Tongue moving faster as he lapped and licked savoring every moment of her juices. Raynella let out screams of pleasure as her back arched as her orgasm hit her almost as if by lightning. Hips beginning to buckle as she thrusted in this face while Pedro tongue and fingers began to work wonders that not even Ralph could fulfill.

She grabbed his hard throbbing cock and lead it to her wet yearning pussy. The wetness of her walls had consumed both of them as she tightly wrapped herself around him. This feeling had been insatiable something neither of them could shake off as they both moaned loudly being engulfed by the lust taking over.

Having to sit for a couple of minutes to adjust to his size as her tightness began to have Pedro in a daze he knew she needed him to meet her needs and stretch her out so lovingly. Both gazing into each other's eyes not wanting to let the moment cease. “Are you okay Raye?”,“Yes.” she reassured him as he started thrusting inside of her slowly. They both shared a passionate kiss as Pedro thrusted faster. He knew he was a man that wanted his needs to be met whether through rough hot sweaty sex. However he was willing to fulfill Raynella's most pleasurable desires.

Pedro placed both Raynella's wrists above her head as he thrusted harder into her. She felt so good almost as if the Angel's themselves made Raynella perfectly for him. She nibbled on his earlobe as she whispered in his ear teasing him and taunting him.

Holding onto Raynella's legs as he thrusted deeply inside of her tight small holes as she threw her head back screaming. He pounded her mercilessly as this sexual high began to mount. Within one quick movement he went down to indulge upon her sweet intoxicating juices as he inhaled them so graciously.

He soon placed kisses all over her body as he continued to thrust deep inside her as her pussy had been similar to that of a sunction cup as he continued to pound her body as she felt herself about to break as they both came in Earth shattering orgasms as they both laid there on that cool cashmere wood table both panting trying to catch their breathes. Pedro and Raynella knew this wouldn't be the first and the last time for there secret rendezvous. This had just been the beginning as sleep took over both of them and soon they were both wrapped up in each other's arms and sleep soon came over as the sexual bliss and aroma of sex filled the air.

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