Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Four

Waking up the next morning I felt like a new and liberated man. The way her dark brown hair falls so effortlessly covering her beautiful big doe-like eyes the sun shines so gracefully in her face as she turned in her sleep and placed a pillow to her chest.

Slowly but surely Raynella started to wake from her sleep the bed-sheets were the only thing that cover her from the cool-crisp breeze of the night air. She enjoyed the sight before her of the man that had given her pleasurable bliss and for this moment not a care in the world of what would happen later on.

Making her way down to Pedro's thighs as she looked at the strong calf muscles and biceps as something deep inside aroused her. While tracing her fingers to base of his cock as she felt him harden she stroked him from the base to the tip earning a groggy but sexy groan that escape from his Adam's apple. She took him deep inside her mouth as he groaned her name “Raynella.” she complied to his every sexual need while he happily accepted all of her naked glory.

Pedro's fingers made their way toward her nipples as he teased and taunted her hard nipples. Raynella couldn't resist the sensation his cock had been giving. Her nostrils filled with his need for her sexually appetizing. Whole fulfilling the needs of Pedro she couldn't just forget about the needs of her own while pleasing Pedro she felt her fingers gradually move down to her pussy her juices sent her mind on overdrive while she pumped fingers going in and out of her as Pedro smiling even participate as he interlocked his fingers with hers as both played and massaged her pussy as she moaned loudly.

Shortly thereafter coating each other's fingers with pussy juice as Pedro enjoyed the ever-so beautiful aroma while taking them into his mouth as he sucked on each finger hungrily and eagerly.

Raynella moaned as Pedro felt her tongue salivate his as they both engaged in an intense kiss. Pleasure coarsed throughout both of their bodies as Pedro placed his cock deep inside her. Snaking her legs around his waist as she felt his cock taking in each and every inch of thick,long sensation that sent their intense love-making similar to that of playing with fire no matter the costs of who will be burned in the crossfire.

They both yelled in high amounts of pleasurable waves that sent them on an orgasmic high. Raynella felt Pedro's hot-milk like cum spurt into her swollen vagina. Both bodies having sweat they both stayed in place holding each other as if for dear life as he slowly pulled out her Raynella moaned at his thickness and pleasure high she tried so desperately not to run from.

Making her way to all fours as she felt Pedro's cock run up and down her juicy-phat pussy. This moment couldn't be anymore joyful as she felt the small butterflies form inside the pit of her stomach as Pedro's cock made her buck against him while he placed himself inside her while pounding her deeply.

Pounding and grunting as Raynella,Pedro both swore curse words and felt their toes curl. Panting and moaning were all that could be heard as Raynella collapsed on the bed as Pedro started to pull out Raynella insisted that he stay inside her as the two fell asleep as if they didn't have a care in the world and time had forever been on their side little did they know someone very close had been watching them and wouldn't rest until they were completely demolished.

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