Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Five

I know it seems little unorthodox for me to have a perspective considering after what I've just seen happen I have to inform someone. So let's put it like this walking to the bakery and seen no one there the doors were locked but no sign of Raynella. Being the curious person that I am I've decided to look for her that is until something had caught me completely but surprise.

The curtains were somewhat ajar you couldn't help but see what had been occurred. Hair pulling, moaning loudly and swearing to the max while I honestly think they didn't care.

A coldness bitter-twisted feeling that you never want to happen to not even your worst enemy. Well that had been the rage and evidently boiled over something snapped.

I turned on my heels while marching towards my car once inside I couldn't help but see the picture of Ralph and I. We both looked so happy,happiness and eternal bliss is what we had shared all before Raynella came along she ruined everything and just now tarnished the good Jimenez family name. Well hell what can I do or say other than within this moment I'm going to change that one way or another. Even if that means holding some things back from coming into the light then so-be-it.

Turning on the ignition while making my way to Ralph Jimenez's house. Once along the street I made my way to the door as I knocked.

Ralph he looked as handsome as he did before with his tall-muscular frame and dark jet black hair and gorgeous smooth skin that made her melt with every trance upon her fingertips. He welcomes her inside as she made her way inside she remembered every single nook and cranky that they fucked on. His groans and grunts,her moans and screams as he transfixed her just as mentally as he did physically. Walking up behind her as he kissed his way from her neck down to her chest. She couldn't resist Ralph's engaging gaze as she interrupted his intended goal. “I need to tell you something. I think Raynella's having an affair.” Ralph chuckled as his demeanor seemed relaxed and laid-back. “You mean My Raynella?” he asked with a smirkish-tone. “Yes!” I started to become highly upset for I needed him to believe me. Believe in us. “You must have seriously fell on your head. Candice you can't possibly be serious.” he joked as he shooed her out his home. Candice had screamed as she pounded on the door. She made her way home and prepares to exact revenge upon both Ralph and Raynella.

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