Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Six

I knew this bliss would cease for a moment and I would have to face the reality that I do not like my husbands infidelities and phalandering ways that do nothing but disgrace the good Jimenez name. As Pedro had taken a shower I knew I had to leave make an escape something so fierce yet deep down within the pit of my stomach I knew I wanted to stay wrapped up in his arms and let whatever happen just happen. However that would be my fantasy and this is reality and within this moment Ralph would probably be awake with our servants Mr and Mrs. Renaldo awaiting him for breakfast and his right hand man by the name of Joaquin Petilono wanting to discuss business. They treat me as if I'm blind don't know any better or oblivious to the fact that they are known as Συμμορίτες (Mobsters). I grabbed everything as fast as I possibly could allow my hands to grab as I rushed down the stairs with clothes halfway on my body while going out the door and waved down a taxi.

“Where to Madam?” the taxi driver stated as they finished the very last of there water while the ignition kept running. “Take me to Ralph Jimenez on Creston Wall Lane 38th Street, 38452.” “Say no more.” the Taxi driver pulled off and all I could think about and my mind kept wandering over to was both Ralph and Pedro. “What might I say to Ralph,Will he do something if I confront him with the truth?” my mind had been running the entire ride as the taxi driver turned corners going closer and closer to the gold-marble white exterior as my stomach formed knots while hands began to feel clammy and heart starting to race.

I want to get out and run just go as far as my feets can carry me. Run until my feet are bare and heart almost leaping out of my chest this crazy feeling that I am feeling is unlike any other. The need to run and start a new life be free fully spread my wings and just let the take me wherever the wind blows. Maybe then Ralph will understand the lack of affection within our marriage.

“Were here Madam.” the Taxi driver stated it wasn't until I exited the car that I realised their name had been Maurice Collier. “Thank you so much Maurice.” I replied my smile so weak and full of such sadness. “You're welcome.” he tipped his hate and drove off .

My knees buckled and heart began to race as one step after the other as I twisted the knob upon the door. Ralph had been sitting in his chair similar to that of a throne. He had been sitting listening to his beloved instrumentals and having a Cuban cigar on the right side of his mouth while having a one leg across the other with newspaper in his hand.

“You're home.” Ralph stated with a smile as he smacked his knee and placed the newspaper down on his chair while standing up to hug me. As I felt his embrace something felt cold lagging almost as if we had been going through the motions. “Yes dear I am home.” I replied dryly while taking my coat off and kicking my shoes off then going in the room as I turned the light on something seemed different but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

The air was different seemed somewhat dull and eerie almost as if the walls could speak and floors would just creak with what lied here. All I could do at this moment was brush it off while going to closet and grabbing my satin PJs and slippers when making my way to the shower I grabbed my phone to play some tunes to drown out this eerie feeling.

As the I turned the water on and let the water heat up just a tad bit. My mind started to reminisce back when I had been in the company of Pedro. He made me feel some type of way that Ralph couldn't unexplained moreso. Stripping myself bare as I stepped inside the shower and let the water consume my thoughts as the intensity of the hot water from the shower.

While the water ran I let my Cocoa butter body wash speak volumes as I lathered my body with this beautifully scented soap and used even ample amount for my hair. I didn't know. How could I have known Ralph stood up so close behind me with that knife in his left hand and handgun in the other. Placing them down by the sink as he held the knife so tightly his grip made blood drip down onto the marble tile floors.

Ralph walked up towards my body as I turned around the coldness and steel of the blade took me completely by surprise when feeling the knife against my neck as he gripped my hands behind my back and covered my mouth telling me not to make a single movement or scream.

Comply. Just comply and this will all be over with and done never to be spoken of again. I thought of this for a minute as his whiskey breathe filled my ear and nostrils as he struggled to make his threats. “You know I missed you so much Raynella. Candice said the most craziest thing today that you my bland,dumb-witted wife had been having an affair.” he placed the knife lower and lower as my heart raced fast as anticipation mounted. “Ralph, you can't possibly believe Candice, You're right but if she's right even in the slightest of circumstances Raynella you know what I will do and my threats are Band-Aids compared to my bite.” Ralph spoke as he pressed the knife into my stomach shouting as I pushed him up off me as he smacked me across the face.

Holding my cheek as I turned the water off completely then wrapping a towel around my waist as I walked out the bathroom I didn't see it coming. Ralph gripped the back of my head as he slammed my head into the headboard and smirked while handcuffing me to the bed as he took his dark tendencies upon me and this beaten and broke my self-esteem to the max that what this man puts me through is utter hell.

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