Slow Wine and Bass Line (Erotic Drama)

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Chapter Seven

Excruciating. Is the only word that comes to mind after last night. The bruising and scratching hair pulling, constant slamming of door and him forcing himself upon me. My heart and body couldn't take this type of treatment any longer. I held my ribs that I think are broken after last night while walking towards the bathroom as I leaned against the walls groaning in pain as my body needed the cold-cool wall for support.

My vision is blurred considering the black eyes consolation of my husband. I turned the knob of the bathroom door then went inside as I slammed the door. I chastised myself mentally let Ralph hear the door slam that had been the least of my concerns. Everytime we would begin and end in an altercation he makes the cruellest remarks stating that I didn't amount to anything and would never measure up to his expectations. How could he just belittle me like this after all I did and sacrificed for him? I gave up my livelihood for this man and worship the air that he breathes and walks upon.

“Clean your face you look absolutely despicable and atrocious!” His remarks hurt me like the knife he already placed in my heart and he twists it more and more.

While looking in the mirror, I didn't like what I saw staring back at me.

My Mother. Sister. Cousins that's all I could think about. When will this cycle end?

I'm tired of the constant bickering between Ralph and I. Degrading me each and every time.

"You miscreant! You never do anything right. Food overcooked, dishes not done. I slave away all day at this dam job and you try to kill me! I knew I should have never married you!!" He would slam my head into the door first then take off his belt and beat me with the buckle. That's what it took hurting more than anything else in this world as my body felt like it wasn't it's own as I fell onto the floor.

Holding my face as I turned towards my husband of six years and his demonic gaze never seemed to be more terrifying than the last. He his legs as he would kick my stomach as I counted and seeing as though blood would come down my mouth and nose while repeatedly stomping on my entire body until I become limp. Pouring the rubbing alcohol onto my bruises and wrapping gauze around my limbs made me realise that I have to be the wife I am supposed to be or it could cost me my life.

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