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Liam Baxter has lived a long time, a few hundred years to be exact, and he was tired of being alone. He's done it for so many years he just couldn't take it any longer. So he set out to find a woman who would help him solve his problems. But how could he bring anyone into his life, it was dangerous and not safe for any human. What will the price be, and is he willing to pay it? Lucy was just a girl who wanted to live in a small quite town and get far from the city, people always in hurry and busy, she wanted to slow down and live the life she could enjoy. But her friend Sky has other plans for her and I'm afraid its going to be a very dangerous adventure. Will Lucy let her friend make the decision or will Lucy find someone to save her and keep her safe? Julian is the CEO of his company and is use to getting everything he wants, even if he has to take it. He has minions to do his bidding, and just the snap of his finger he gets it all . But you can't get a girl to want you at the snap of your fingers, or can you? Lets go find out!!!

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Chapter 1


Liam was over a few hundred years old, and the most beautiful man you have ever seen. His hair was a dirty blonde and his sparkling blue eyes, he has the perfect body, abs for days, his back rippled all the way to his calves, and some would say you could just tell everything about him was big.

He has lived a long time, but not until a few days ago was he tempted with love for the first time. And not just any kind of love, the kind where it pulls you to each other, where you never want to be apart, kind of love. He thought he loved before, but he’s felt nothing like this in all his years of living.

He knew he could never let anyone get close to him for the fact that he never dies... If he lets anyone get close to him, he gets to watch them grow old and leave him repeatedly.

His heart couldn’t take it any longer, so he shut the world out, and became a very angry person. He hid away in his palace and did the same thing every day. He would wake up drink some whiskey, go for a run and end his day with some more whiskey. Liam was tired. Tired of his life always the same shit every day. Until one day he went into the city to pick up a few things for the palace, and he met her......

She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in all my years of living. I couldn’t look away I didn’t want to , I wanted time to stop so I could watch her bright bluest silver eyes shine into mine! The way her hair blew the shiny red curls away from her face, the way she was smiling at my soul. She was magnificent and I must have her I need her. ’She will be mine!!

No. No. No! She can’t be mine, I’m to fucked up and I don’t die. Ahh I just want someone who can live as long as I do, is that so much to ask? Well yeah, I guess I suppose it is, being immortal sucks sometimes. There’s not many of us left, and the ones who are left, are in hiding or don’t know they’re immortal, because it’s their first life and no one has told them about their gifts. Well maybe someone should tell her, even if she’s human I will find a way to keep her forever. Even if I must travel the world to do it...

I know my world is dangerous and bringing anyone into it could put them in harm’s way, and it would change their life forever. Would I risk her life and be selfish to bring her into my world...? But what if she’s different I mean them eyes hold so much promise that I could almost taste the magic as it flowed out of her, maybe I could find out and if she was just a human I could let her go. “But what if she isn’t?



I woke up today feeling like my life had no meaning anymore. My face was so pale, and my red hair just makes me look white as a ghost, my blue sliver eyes glowed bright as ever today, I’m short, I have curves in all the right places, yet why can’t I be happy? I’m not bad looking and on some days, I look damn good.

What’s missing in my life that makes me feel so empty. I need to get to work and run errands for my boss, great just another jerk to deal with on this crap day.

When I walked into my boss Julian’s office, the first thing he does is stare at my breast like come on I’m 20 years old and it’s inappropriate. I have on a tight black pin skirt with a white blouse, maybe I’m overreacting because it doesn’t seem to bother him how uncomfortable I am to be around him. Julian isn’t your normal looking boss or CEO, he is tall with dark hair and dark eyes and gorgeous, like you want to just stare at him all day gorgeous. But the thing about Julian is, he looks 30 but treats people like he’s 100, he is very demanding and straight to the point.
He pays good and is nice to look at, so I don’t mind working as his assistant.

Julian asked me to pick up a few things for the office, and we’ll I could use some fresh air after 30 minutes of awkwardness. New York is busy as ever, people always rude and always in a hurry. All I wanted to do was make enough money to move to a quiet place settle down and fall in love. I didn’t believe that love was just right around the corner until I seen him...

Whoa who is he and why do I feel so drawn to him. I see him looking at me as if his eyes are looking at my soul. I don’t dare move or even breathe for that matter.

He is gorgeous, with big blue eyes and lushest blonde hair. I just want to wrap my arms around his neck and run my fingers through his beautiful hair, wrap my legs around his waist and mold my body and soul to his!

What is wrong with me, I feel like there is a power force inside of me pulling me to him, and him to me. Maybe I’m just dreaming, and this isn’t happening right now and I’m just wishing things like this would happen. I blink he’s still there; I blink again and he’s still there, only one way to find out, I’ll just go to him and see if what I feel is real or if it’s wishful thinking. By the time I cross the street to where he was standing, he was gone. So, I was dreaming...

Just when you think you found your happiness, it gone in a flash... It’s time for me to call Sky I need a girl’s night and some long overdue boy talk.


What is taking Lucy so long, she’s never this late or gone this long. I hope she’s okay and nothing bad happen to her. Wait what I don’t care what happens to her.

I miss her smile and the way she gets nervous and steps from one foot to the other while I stare at her, she’s so cute when she blushes when she’s uncomfortable, I could look at her all day long. But I must keep sending her away and keep my distance we can never cross that line; they would have my head if that ever happened.

So, dream land she will stay, and that will have to be good enough. I just wish I could tell her... why I’m so demanding and evil, but she would never understand my life and why I must do the things I do. But maybe one day it will come out and we could be together, and she will except me for who I am!

Ha! Not ever going to happen in this lifetime bud. I need to figure out her inner circle and what she likes to do for fun, just find out more about who Lucy really is, then maybe something will pop up and take all these feelings and shit I have away. I could find her friends and become close to her inner circle and place myself around her all the time, I may be her boss but that has never stop me before, I get what I want even if I I have to take it.

They called me today and told me I only have a few weeks before our plan is in play, and I don’t have time to be dealing with Lucy and all things that comes with falling for a girl, maybe it’s better this way, she’s too good for me in every way human possible and well that and she’s a fucking bloody human. I guess for now we will wait...

I can’t wait, Lucy called and said she wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t return to work today. What am I’m supposed to do now? I always end my day looking into her beautiful eyes and it makes me clear my mind of all the bad things I have done in my life, now I won’t have a clear mind when I leave work today. Uhm this is so frustrating. Why do I need this silly girl in my life so badly, I can get any girl I choose so why is it I only want her...?

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