Defining Destinies

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Although her friends don't think it is possible Braelynn is holding out for her mate. She knows the odds of finding him is small but she doesn't give up hope. But Being the Alphas daughter isn't easy especially as an only child. Although when her village is attacked by rogues who want to mark her as their own she is forced to make a decision that may change her life and the life of her pack forever. Will she hold out for what she believes the Moon Goddess has in store for her? Or will she do what it takes to save her pack?

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

“What do you mean you’ve never been kissed? Braelynn you’re twenty-two years old for fucks sakes what have you been doing?” Although Sydney was one of my closest friends, she could be a little judgmental. Hence why I hadn’t trusted her with my darkest secret sooner. I knew she would judge me, and I just couldn’t handle that shit. Not all of us threw ourselves at any wolf that looked our way. Although saying that may be a little harsh.

Sydney was the type of girl in love with the idea of falling in love. Not being in love falling in love. She thrived off the honeymoon stage where you want nothing more than to ravish each other and spend every waking moment together. However, as time went on and those emotions started to settle, she found herself bored and left.

The process was always the same. She’d put on those awful pink polka dot pajamas and cry while eating buckets and buckets of playdough ice cream. As if she really didn’t understand what went wrong. She expected things to stay lively the entire time and that’s just not how relationships work. Well unless you found your mate that is.

“I can help you with that if you want. It doesn’t even have to count. Call me your little experiment” Fletcher stated put his arm around my shoulders and pulling me closer to him.

Fletcher was my actual best friend. Yes, he was a man whore and he was constantly trying to get into my panties but he was harmless if you know which strings to pull. I’d either mess with his head and if that didn’t work simply point him in the direction of a short skirt and he would instantly forget any subject that was brought up.

“Oh, Fletcher you couldn’t possibly handle me. I’m a biter,” I say chomping my teeth as I got closer to his face.

“Mmmm I like a feisty girl. Keeps things interesting,” he stated wrapping his hand into my hair and pulling my face to his.

I looked into his amber eyes and smirked at him knowing he didn’t have the balls. He’d been playing this game with me since grade school and hadn’t gotten any closer than a kiss on the cheek in fifth grade after which I kicked his ass into the next week. He knew I was waiting for my mate, but he was always convinced that one day I would cave to him like ever other she wolf in our pack had.

“You sure about that tough guy? I promise my bite is a lot more threatening than my bark,” I state running my palm up his face and into his hair.

“Baby you have no idea what I can handle,” he stated in a low sexy tone.
I was reasonable enough to be able to admit I could see what women saw in him. His orange hair was a neon sign for his fierce personality and the stubble on his face was a sexy touch that made it impossible not to imagine how it would feel as he kissed you all over your body. But the hardest thing to ignore was is amber eyes. They were warm enough to melt you to your core and sensual enough to get you take off your panties without being asked. Well almost.

His touch was warm and comforting always making me feel wanted and safe. He was always there for me when I needed him even if he had been with another girl. He would drop everything and come to me no matter what. He was the one person I had always felt like I could turn to and count on. I didn’t have the easiest childhood, but all that stuff didn’t matter as long as Fletcher was in my corner.

At times it was only too easy to imagine what my life would be like if I opened up to give him a chance. We could get married and have the perfect wedding then run off into the sunset like we had discussed as kids. We’d tour the country staying close to forests when the full moon came, while taking off to tropic isles throughout the rest of the month. We’d eventually return to the pack to make our contribution having perfect little redheaded and brunette babies that would chase each other around listening to the same myths we’d grown up listening to. The only problem was he wasn’t my mate.

I quickly grabbed a hold of his pinky finger pulling it backwards and brining him to his knees. I almost felt bad for him as he yelped out in pain but honestly he knew what he was in for. We’d played this little game often enough he really should have seen it coming by now. He knew how I felt about finding my mate and I knew how he felt about me. It was strange how our relationship was able to last through all that.

“God damn it Brae I think you might have broken it this time,” he hissed.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby you knew it’ll heal soon enough,” I stated rolling my eyes and crossing my arms across my chest.

Sydney (who I had forgotten was still here) was laughing hysterically. She slipped out of the chair she was sitting in nearly falling to the ground. I had to admit it was pretty funny to see a big bad boy like Fletcher brought down by likes of little ole me. But I had Alpha blood running through my veins, so it was to be expected.

“Shut up Sydney your just mad that it wasn’t you I was trying to kiss,” Fletcher spat.

Sydney clamped her lips together and turned her attention towards a pack of guys slurping down beers in the corner. As much as she had tried to hide it we all knew about the crush she had on Fletcher. A lot of us actually wondered if that was part of the reason none of her relationships had ever lasted. She was like a sad puppy hit in the nose with a newspaper and I couldn’t help but go to her rescue.

“Awe did the tough guy get a boo boo? Come here baby boy I’ll kiss it better,” I cooed.

I got down on his level, as if he were a small child, and brought his hand to my mouth leaving a small peck on his bruised ego. I dropped it over his knee giving him a small pat and cocky smirk.

“One of these days you’re really going to want me to kiss you and by then it may be too late,” he murmured.

“Fletcher come on. When will you learn that’s not going to happen? I’m waiting for my mate you know that. We’ve only been over this a thousand times,” I groaned.

“And what if that never happens? Are you seriously going to risk growing old and alone hoping that one day this magical being is going to walk into your life and love you no matter what? That shit is a fairy tale our parents tell us to get us to wait to have sex,” he stated.

It was the same argument the had over and over again. This was about more than finding someone who would always be there fore me. This was about finding the one person who was literally made for me. I’m not an idiot. I know the odds of finding my mate weren’t great. There were thousands of werewolves spread across this planet and the odds of finding the one meant for me were very slim. In fact, I only knew of a handful of people who had actually found their mates. The rest of the pack partnered off and settled for less. But that wasn’t me.

Sure, Fletcher could be right and I very well could end up old and lonely waiting for a man to come that would never find his way to me. But I also couldn’t’ give into temptation this early in my life either. What would happen if I did marry Fletcher and my mate finally did decide to show his face? Could I really turn away the person who was literally meant to be with me just because I had decided to marry someone else?

“Come Fletch you’re ruining the mood can we talk about this later?” I asked holding my hand out to him to help him up.

“Yeah that’s what you always say that,” he grunted.

He pushed my hand out of the way and helped himself off the ground. He took a step towards me looking deeply into my eyes. I knew what he was looking for. That little spark that was the first sign of finding your mate. He was always hopeful always checking to see if things had changed only, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. As amazing as Fletcher was, he wasn’t made for me.

Yes, we were meant to find each other but just as friends. Just to get each other through to the next stage. We had gone through so much together and grown to love each other in way that I thought I could accept. But the more we had this same fight the more I thought maybe we were outgrowing each other. If he couldn’t understand and respect my hopes and dreams how could we still be friends?

“Okay mister grumpy puss let’s discuss this in front of all these people. Or you could suck down that beer and take a look at those young hot things in the corner over there slurping margaritas way too quickly,” I stated.

He looked at me then toward the group of girls as if there was a decision to be made. I just told him to go. It wasn’t the first time I had thrown him at girls, and it wouldn’t be the last either. One of these times he was bound to like one of them enough to keep them around. After all that was her only chance at keeping him in her life. If they continued on like they were their friendship wasn’t going to last.

“Go on already. Look that cute little blond one is checking you out. I’m sure she’d love to go home with a fine hunk like you,” I said.

He stalked towards me looking deeply into my eyes with hardened expression. He reached over snatching his beer chugging never breaking eye contact. He was a child in a mans body sulking about his withheld dessert. He slammed the empty bottle on the table before stalking towards the group of ladies placing his hands on the skinny blonds’ hips. As if that was supposed to make me jealous. I told him to do it for fucks sakes.

“Damn Braelynn you could throw him a bone for once,” Sydney said.

“Syd shut up and drink your beer. I know what I’m doing,” I stated.

What was up with all these people who think they knew what was best for me? I knew what I wanted and that was my mate. If one day it turned out that Fletcher really was my mate I’d run happily into his welcome arms. But that day hadn’t come, and I was pretty certain it wouldn’t either. My mate was coming for me and I was sure of it.

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