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β€œAll Mafioso men had that ego problem.” I shut my eyes at the pleasure that coursed through me, his tongue wiped my wet clit and his hands widened my legs, pushing them apart to give him more access and I did not mind one bit. Vincenzo D’Arezzo is practically death in a suit. Angela is a young and shy medical student who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Vince wants her and Vince always gets what he wants.

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Book 1

"What's your name, gattino?" his voice was husky and deep, it was even more captivating than his icy blue eyes. He smelled so good as he towered over me like a tall glass of overpriced wine.

"A-angela" I whispered, my voice shook with fear and at the same time i wanted to pull him closer to inhale the thick and musky scent of his cologne.

He hummed and I felt small as he looked down at me. The intensity of his gaze could almost burn the clothes off my brown skin and honestly, I wouldn't mind.

He shoved his hands into his pocket and I looked down at my basic black heels.

I wasn't this kind of person, but his presence demanded my submission. The thought of him dominating me crossed my mind and I shut my eyes, clenching my thighs together as I bit the edge of my lips.

"Don't do that" he warned, his voice was like a spell and I let go of my sore lip, trying not to use the words 'yes sir'.

I looked around for India, at least she could save me from this mess I found myself in.

"Come with me, Angel" he spun around, taking his time as he walked back to the VIP area, I was tempted to take my heels off and run away but he would find me.

Vincenzo D'Arezzo would find me. Everyone knew of the largest Mafia king. He owned the city, he owned the police. Everything was his.

I quickly followed behind him, trying to keep up with his steps as my heart hammered in my chest like it was ready to jump out. I was almost scared that everyone else would hear it.

He climbed up a flight of stairs, taking it two stairs at once while I still struggled to keep up with him. When we go to the top of the stairs, he sat down on a sofa that looked like it was made for a king and I felt the eyes of several men on me. I fiddled with my fingers as I stood in front of Vincenzo, ignoring the men who had women who were as naked as Eve.

He curved his fingers as if to say 'come here' but he had no expression on his face.

His muscles bulged under the suit and I looked down at my busy hands before looking back at him.

"I don't enjoy repeating myself, gattino" his voice was dangerous because I was wet between my thighs already.

His dominance was turning me on and I wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not.

I walked unsurely towards him, my heart racing miles faster the closer I got to him.

He patted his left thigh and I raised my eyebrow.

"W-what?" I asked and he clenched his jaw in pure frustration.

"Sit" I sat down with immediate effect he pulled me closer, I could feel the hardness between his legs, it was an obvious bulge on his black suit pants and I tried to move away but he wasn't having it.

β€œStop moving, kitten or I'll fuck you right here with no boundaries " he growled and I gulped down the air I held in my mouth, looking away from his hard and perfectly chiseled face.

"How old are you?" He asked, wrapping his arms around my waist, it wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be but I didn't feel comfortable. I almost felt better watching the other men fuck the escorts like they were sex toys.

It was entrancing to watch, how he thrust his full length into her with so much force, without any mercy.

She was probably screaming from the way her lips parted widely but I couldn't hear a thing over the heavy music.

He grabbed her free breasts, pinching her nipples wickedly and I found myself clenching my thighs. I could feel my panties getting soaked already.

Could he feel the wetness seep through panties?

"You like that?" His voice brought me out of my reverie and I looked away from the erotic scene, my eyes caught another couple in the corner and this time their display was more captivating and erotic.

He had a whip in his hand and she was tied to a pole I assumed was for strippers.

He whipped her and I think she moaned, the mark of the whip dancing on her fair ass.

My eyes widened when Vincenzo gripped my chin and turned me to look at him.

"You're mine" he growled and I nodded furiously, the pain in my jaw was a stinging pain.

"Say it" he growled and I nodded, hoping that he let go of my chin but he didn’t.

"Say it, Angel"

"I'm yours" he smirked devilishly and I hated how handsome he looked. He let go of my chin and ran his fingers through my straightened hair. It had taken me a while to straighten it.

"How old are you, baby girl?"

"Twenty one...sir" I quickly added as an afterthought and he stopped combing his hand through my hair for a while before he resumed again.

The bulge in his pants had hardened and I gulped before looking at my thighs.

Because of the way he pulled me, my dress hiked up.

"Hmm" he hummed and parted my legs with his knee. My body quivered and I sighed heavily in anticipation. There was a tingling ache in between my thighs and maybe he could help me get rid of it.

"Do you know who I am?" He asked again, he didn't sound as affected as I was.

He sounded like it was a normal day and it probably was –for him

"D-don Vincenzo" I answered and went back to biting my lips and fiddling with my fingers.

"So cute" he hummed and it almost felt like a complement.

A complement that I liked hearing from his lips.

I hated when other called me 'cute' but hearing the words from his lips made me feel so different.

"You're so wet" he whispered and my eyes widened in surprise.

"N-no, no I'm not" I tried to muster a little courage but he was already hiking my dress up, exposing my brown thighs.

"Look how beautifully thick your thighs are. I can already imagine myself feasting on my dinner in between them" I shut my eyes as his fingers left a trail of an unquenchable fire as he moved closer to the line of my panties that sat on my hips.

He placed kisses on the nape of my neck, kisses that had me shivering.

He suddenly stopped and pulled back, leaning back on the sofa.

"Look at me, kitten" I looked at him and he held my gaze with strictness.

"You're mine now. Mine to hold, mine to touch...only mine, Sì?" I nodded

"Words, Kitten. Use your words" he took a glass from the table with some drink in it and brought it to his pink thin lips.

"I'm yours, Sir" he shook his hear at my answer

"Wrong. Again, Kitten" he clenched his jaw and sipped some of the drink in his glass.

"I'm yours, only yours, Sir"

"Good" he looked away from me and looked around the room, various men had woman with them. Each man had at least one naked woman with then.

"Vincenzo?" I called and my eyes widened at the words that fell out on instinct.

He stopped for a few minutes and I covered my lips, chastising myself in my mind.

"What did you call me, Angel?" I turned to him to apologize but he looked as cool as a cucumber, the rim of the glass pressed to his lips.

"It was a mistake…I'm so-"

"You know I do not like to repeat myself, si?" I nodded and he looked at me, waiting for me to say what I said before.

"V-Vincenzo" I bit my lips and he chuckled lightly, he caressed my cheek with his knuckles, staring at me intently with those icy blue eyes of his.

" Dio. I love the way you say my name" he said and I looked away, the women were now leaving one by one, without wearing any clothes while the men dressed up.

He placed his glass on the table and hiked my dress up completely so that my wet red panties were obvious to the world.

"Red looks so good on you" he whispered from behind me and I was eager, I really wanted him to touch me.

Without thinking, I spread my legs and he pulled my panties down.

His thick calloused hands dived downwards, rubbing my swollen bud and I shut my eyes, biting my lips to hide my moan.

He stuck his hand inside me and I let it go, I moaned from his touch. The hairs on my skin rose and he pulled me closer to his chest.

"You like it?" I nodded furiously as he pumped one thick finger in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

"Words, Kitten" he answered and I couldn't bring myself to speak. I gasped as he quickened his pace, I glanced at his thick finger that disappeared into me and appeared again. I could feel the quick motion rattle my bones.

"You fucking teased me the minute you entered through those doors" he growled and I looked at him from the side of my eyes.

"Your perky boobs, those sexy eyes...your tight pussy" he pulled his finger out and stuck it in his mouth, holding my gaze and I think I got wetter.

I definitely did.

"Stand up" he commanded and I stood up, facing him. His eyes roamed my body and I enjoyed it, I liked it.

"Strip" he ordered again and my heart ran a marathon, it slammed against its cage and I slowly pulled down the zip of my dress from the back before pulling the whole dress down.

I looked at him and he looked entranced, I loved that I made him like that.

"You're fucking hot" he clenched his jaws and I unhooked my bra, letting it drop to the floor.

He sat there watching before he cupped the bulge in his pants.

I was about to take the heels off when he stopped me.

"Keep them on"

"Come here" I moved closer and he pulled me into his arms, lifting me like I weighed nothing.

He dropped me on a large couch that reminded me of a bed and he stood on the far end, looking at me like I would disappear any minute.

The room suddenly felt too hot, it felt like he was going too slowly.

"Patience is a virtue, kitten" I watched as he unbuttoned his shirt very slowly, exposing his hard abs, scarred body and muscles, leaving him a pair of suit pants and his shoes.

He pulled me closer to him by my ankles and I squealed a little.

"You're soaking wet already" He smirked and lowered himself, he slowly trailed butterfly kisses down my stomach, sending flutters up my chest, satisfaction flooded through me with every kiss with an underlying lust.

"How bad do you want this?" He asked as soon as his breath hit my thigh, on instinct, my legs spread like a textbook and he chuckled

"My very own little whore, spreading her legs for me like a Sunday gospel" his tone sent shivers down my spine. Pleasurable and spellbinding shivers.

"I'm gonna taste you, kitten" I nodded eagerly and just like I predicted he ripped my panties, giving him access to my throbbing clit, I could tell how proud he was that I was dripping wet all for him.

All Mafioso men had that ego problem.

I shut my eyes at the pleasure that coursed through me, his tongue wiped my wet clit and his hands widened my legs, pushing them apart to give him more access and I did not mind one bit.

"You taste so good, Angel" he commended and I shut my eyes as he continued, his tongue dove into me and I moaned, it felt like his fingers were driving into me but I knew better.

His tongue was lapping in between my folds, his mouth enclosed and he sucked hard.

"Oh Yes, yes Vic!" He lapped harder and my nails raked through his hair, unable to stop the pleasure and chills that shook through me.

I felt his teeth graze the most sensitive part of my folds and I groaned in pleasure.

"Eat me, Vincenzo! Fuck! Mhhhhnmm!" I moaned

He pulled back and I whimpered at the loss of contact, he appeared above me, my juice glistening all over his lips and growing stubble.

"Don't look so sad, Angel" he pressed his lips against mine and I hummed, tasting myself on his tongue. The thought of his lips being on mine right after he had eaten me thrilled me and caused me to try to stop the throbbing in my clit by pressing myself unto his large bulge.

"As much as I want you to cum right on my tongue -you taste amazing by the way, something between pineapples and cherries- I wanna fuck you senseless and I know you you don't have as much stamina as I do" he whispered and turned me around so my ass was up in the air.

His thick hands came in contact with my backside, rubbing my backside and squeezing it before he spanked me, releasing a warm moan from my lips

He kneaded the area around my shoulders and I groaned as his hands moved in circular motions around my back

"Oh God" I moaned as his hands drifted lower, massaging the area just above my butt, his hands tightening around my waist.

"Vic" I moaned and he chuckled

"I love the sounds you make, so pretty" he whispered, throwing the shirt that he pulled off somewhere in the room.

His thick hands roamed my butt and squeezed it, another moan escaped from me.

"My angel" he cooed and I felt my clit moisten.

"Please, Vic" I begged as I almost felt like the pleasure would engulf me. He chuckled, forcing me to turn around and face him.

"Its adorable that you think you have a choice." He said and pushed my legs apart and I spread it open for him, willingly.

"I’m getting so turned on right now, kitten. So hard" I choked on a gasp as one of his thick fingers slid into my pussy so easily.

"Oh My! Sir" I groaned and the desire in his eyes was almost tangible.

"That's not my name, angel" he added another finger and shoved it into me while I muffled a scream.

"Oh, Jesus!"

"What's my name?"

"It-its Vincenzo! Ahhh! Vincenzo!" I moaned

"Say my name!" He pumped faster into me, adding another finger filling me.

"Vic, please. Please fuck me vic!" I arched my back as his fingers disappeared in me

"Mmm, angel…do you like that?" I nodded eagerly and watched him smirk

"Use your words, angel" he tease and I almost barked at him

"Dio!" He pulled his fingers out of me and licked the shiny juice off his hand, walking off to the far corner.

"Tell me what you want kitten" he sat on a couch in the corner of the room and motioned for me to come over.

I stepped off the bed, ignoring my shaky legs that had somehow turned to putty.

"I love how you're looking at me right now that you’re turned on" he growled quickly unbuckling his pants and stripping till he was stark naked.

I enjoyed the view.

I sat in his laps, my knees on either side of his body as his militant cock pressed against my stomach.

His hands snaked around my body down to my ass, he groped them and I moaned.

"You have such a perfect ass, so fucking soft" he squeezed tighter and I smiled at him as I grinded against him. He took a nipple into his mouth and teased it, flicking his tongue back and forth.

"Oh Fuck! Yes baby! Yes" I ran my fingers through his hair as my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

"God! Vincenzo!" He let go of the nipple with a pop sound before wrapping his hand around my throat.

"I'm gonna fuck you" I nodded in anticipation, shaking in anticipation.

"Yes please" he tilted his head before chuckling

"Good girl" slowly he held his dick in his hand before pushing it into me.

I was no virgin mary, I’ve have had sex with two guys in my life time and I could only say that the second one wasn't as bad as the first.

The first guy basically had a shrimp dick and he came as soon as he buried his dick in me.

"Mhmmh! Yes! You're so big, Vincenzo!"

"You’re going to need crutches when I’m done fucking you" he growled as I rode him, his grip on my neck never wavering.

I liked the restriction, I wanted to please him. I was eager to.

"Fuck me hard! Oh yes!" He stood up with my legs around his waist before laying me unto the couch unmoving. I groaned when he pulled out of me and shoved his tongue down my throat.

"Tell me who owns this fucking pussy" I shivered

"You" I whispered feeling the need to be touched.

"Wrong answer, Kitten. Who owns this fucking pussy" his eyes hardened and it turned me on. I slid my hand down to my wet pussy, I really wanted to be touched but he wasnt doing anything about it.

"You, Vincenzo! You own this pussy!" I cried back and he chuckled darkly

"Then explain to me why you're touching my pussy, Angel" he pulled my hand away from my throbbing pussy and I whimpered.

"Please, Vick!" I grinded against him, sighing in relief as I felt his rock hard dick.

"I love it when you grind that little clit on me" he whispered against my neck and kissed down the valley between my breasts.

"How bad do you want this dick?" I nodded and he chuckled

"So bad, Vincenzo" I pouted and his expression softened a little before hardening

"Don’t make a sound until I tell you to and if you do? I’m going to pause and wait until you can be quiet again, like a good little girl, Si?" I nodded

He slid his cock into me slowly and I bit my lip, squeezing my eyes shut, feeling the sweat drip from the side of my face, down.

"You like that?" I hummed and he slid back out before diving back with full force.

"Mhhhm...oh ye-fuck!" I tried to whisper but i didn't care anymore.

"Ah! Baby!" He groaned and thrust into me with so much force and passion, I felt my walls clench around his length.

"Fuck! I can feel you squeeze your pussy around me, do it again" his voice was hoarse and I moaned, trying my best not to make any sound.

"Tell me what you want!" His thrusts had sped up and he was hitting the spot

"Fuck me, Vincenzo. Don’t stop!" I cried, scratching his chest and pulling him closer.

He nipped on my nipple and pinched the other, thrusting into me the whole time.

"I'll ruin you" he growled

"Yes! Ohhh! Vic!"

"Ruin my pussy!" I screamed, feeling my walls clench

"I-im gonna cum, Vicen-"

"Good girl. Cum for me" and I did, feeling the pent up pleasure release causing my legs to shake.

"Fuck!" He groaned and I smiled, he laid on me, breathing heavily.

"You're so fucking good, who do you belong to now?"

"You, Vincenzo" he hummed and I shut my eyes, suddenly feeling very sleepy when he laid beside me and pulled me unto his chest so that I was resting on him.

He raked his fingers through my hair and I fell asleep to the beating of his heart.

I woke up a few hours later to feel his touch, his hands were roaming over my body and I knew he was not done with me.

"Bend over on the sofa, Angela” his voice was hoarse but firm at the same time, like he was scared I would faint anytime soon.

I walked over to the side of the sofa and bent over, pressing my elbows against the arms while my ass was up in the air.

"I couldn't sleep, Angel. You plagued my nights with your moans, my dreams were of you, i dreamt of fucking you, your tight little cagna, your tight cherry, it feels like I'm taking your purity again and again" he growled as he walked closer to me, his palm landed a smack on my bottom and I moaned at his touch.

"You like that, Cara?" He groaned so wantonly, whispering into my ear and I felt his hard member on my ass, I pushed backwards, moaning when he pushed towards me.

"You're Vincenzo's fiorella, Vincenzo's little heaven aren't you?" He delivered another smack and rubbed my bottom affectionately

"Y-yes Vic?" He chuckled

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" He whispered like someone would hear us but as soon as I felt his hard member I knew that he knew exactly what he was doing.

"You teased me the whole night, touching my hard dick as you slept-" he smacked my bottom and I jumped, letting out a moan as two fingers played with my soaking clit.

"-sleeping naked, moaning in your sleep...whispering my name in your sleep-"

"Oh yes, Vincenzo! I- I've been a very bad girl. Please, fuck me" I begged, unable to take the pleasure that built up in my stomach.

"That's what I like to hear" he pulled away and soon enough I sighed at the contact my clit made with the tip of his militant dick.

"How much do you want this? How much do you want this dick, my innocent angel?" He pushed slower into me and I moaned, unable to speak.

"Tell me what you want Angel. Tell me and I'll Fuck you. I'll Fuck you hard" he teased the lips of my clit and I moaned at the loss and then the sudden contact.

"Tell me, Angela." He urged, gripping my neck tightly. Tight enough to almost make me cum.

"I want your dick inside me. Deep inside me. Fucking me hard and fast" I managed to whisper, almost feeling ashamed but he pulled me to him, and his hold on my shoulder tightened.

His lips eased my ear amd I moaned as his tongue toyed with with outer part of my ear.

" you know what I want, Angel?"

"I have a strong desire to know how much you can take" he whispered and rubbed my already soaking cunt.

"To take control" he whispered seductively

"To make you feel and not resist" he whispered in finality and my eyes didn't move from his.

He held my gaze, and looked downwards, I could feel his militant dick sliding into me and I moaned, my finger nails digging into his back.

"You like that, little girl? Huh. You like how I pinch your nipples and shovel into you?" I nodded furiously and I held his arms

Suddenly, he shoved his whole length into me and I screamed from the instantaneous pain.

"Fuck! Are you okay?" He asked, an urgency very obvious in his voice and I nodded before wrapping my legs around his waist urging him to move.

"It's okay. I’m okay" I whispered to him when he was reluctant to even move at all, I wanted him and he probably saw that. He had a crazed look in his eyes, something more than the desire, something more than the lust, something more than the darkness.

He pushed deep into me, grunting and I moaned.

"Fuck yes!” I screamed as he picked up his pace, our skins slapping against each other.

"What's my name?” he grunted, staring at me as he bent down and captured my lips in an expressive kiss. As kiss that caused my toes to curl

"Ohhh shit...ahhh" I moaned

"Fuck Baby! What's my name, cara?" He roared from extreme excitement

"It's-It's Vic. Vic, oh God! Vincenzo Fuck me harder" she moaned and he felt her hips buck.

"I'm gonna cum Vic... Vic!" I felt the tears at the corner of my eyes drop and I shut my eyes, the build up was too much to hold back

"No baby. No, you won't" he growled when he felt himself close.

"I'll fuck you till you fucking pass out” he growled like he couldn't wait anymore

"Vic!” I shut my eyes and enjoyed the moment as he quickened his pace and I knew right there and then that he was going to cum as i felt a tingle at the tip of my ears and my toes.

"Cum for me Baby. Fuck Baby, I’m cumming" He grunted and like a spell I reached orgasm, I felt his dick twitch inside her tight cunt, proof of our release

I shut my eyes again to catch some sleep but I didn't feel him beside me this time.

The rays of the sun woke me up and I blinked before sitting up, trying to look around for Vincenzo.

I saw him sitting in the familiar chair with a cigar in his mouth with his eyes solely on me.

"How was your night, Angela?" He cooed softly and I was hard to imagine a Mafia King speaking so softly.

"I-it was fine, Sir" he narrowed his eyes at me and blew smoke from his mouth.

"I thought I explained the use of my name to you, Kitten" I nodded and suddenly remembered that I was naked.

His eyes roamed my body and he cleared his throat.

"You can get dressed in the bathroom" I nodded and picked my bra and my dress since he had ripped my panties into shreds.

I practically ran off into the bathroom and dressed up, I washed my face and my hands before stepping back out.

This time, he was standing up completely and he turned to me.

"Its time for breakfast, let's go" he stretched his hand out and I shook my head, cursing Lacey mentally.

"I'm not hungry, Sir– I mean Vincenzo" he tilted his head and I pursed my lips.

"Did I ask you if you wanted to eat, Angel?" I quickly shook my head and walked towards him, he held my hand in his as we walks down the stairs. It just noticed that it wasn't a VIP area, it was more like his own special room, and the VIP room was on the other side.

"I'm taking you home after breakfast" I nodded furiously and unlike yesterday he didn't smile at all, he seemed like an entirely different person.

How could I forget, he's a Mafia king. They only use women and I was just another notch in his bell.

We took his car to one of the finest restaurants in town and he didn't even need a reservation, he kept smoking even while we sat.

He made sure that I sat beside him and even while I ate, he watched me closely.

"Come here, Angel" I glanced at him then dropped my fork, moving closer to him.

He showed me the fork in his hand and the dropped it underneath the table.

I heard the obviously expensive fork drop to the floor with a loud 'clang' and he motioned for me to pick it.

I held unto his knees as I dropped to my knees, my body hidden from the rest of the world.

The bulge in his pants made my heart swell with pride.

I unzipped his pants and his raging hard cock sprung to life. I trailed my finger along the veins that ran along his hard cock.

His hips jerked and I bit my lips to hide a smile. I licked the precumn off the slit and his hold on my hand tightened.

I held his militant member in my hand and pumped, up and down. I was driven to please him.

I slid my tongue over his balls, taking each one in my mouth as I pumped.

He thrust into my hand slowly and I could tell he was about to cum, I replaced my hand with my mouth.

I licked him like he was my last, my hands played with his heavy balls and I swallowed as he released in my mouth.

I looked up at him and found him breathing heavily, I showed him my empty mouth and his jaw tightened.

"That was so hot" he mouthed and wiped the corner of my mouth with his thumb.

I sat back in my seat and continued to eat, I could feel his eyes on me.

"Look at me, angel" I turned to him because his voice had turned somber

"Who do you belong to now?" For the first time since I've met him, I saw self doubt in his icy blue eyes

"I'm yours, Vincenzo" he hummed satisfied before picking another fork.

"What do you study?"

"Medicine" he smirked at me and my cheeks heated furiously, leaving me to wonder why he was smirking.

"Beauty and brains, Sì?" He said before chewing on his fancy spaghetti, his perfect jawlines clenched and unclenched with every motion.

"Eat your food, sweetheart" my cheeks burned and I continued to eat, feeling his eyes on me.

After breakfast he sat in the car with me as the driver drove me home.

In an hour, we reached my house and I stepped out of the car. I heard his door open and then close, I knew he was coming behind me.

I picked the extra key from under the mat and was about to open the door when he slammed me against it lightly.

"Oh" I groaned and moaned when I felt his hardness in between my ass.

"Do you feel what you do to me?" He asked, breathing heavily.

"No woman has ever had this effect on me" he confessed and I turned around to face him, he pressed his lips to mine and I moaned at the warm feel.

He shoved his tongue into my mouth and I pulled back to catch my breath.

"I'll be back in a few months, Cara" he caressed my cheek and I leaned into his touch.

"You're mine" his voice was a little shaky and I nodded

"I'm yours" he hummed before placing a kiss on my forehead

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